The Wolf And Seven Little Goats Story In English For Kids

The wolf and seven little goats story in English is a popular fairy tale. It teaches through the characters the wolf and seven little goats how doing bad to others will result in bad for one’s own self. Let us read the story now.

Once there lived a Mama goat with her seven little goats. The goats were of all sizes, from the tiniest to the eldest one. The Mama goat and her babies lived in a mountainous forest amidst beautiful surroundings. Every day, the goats would play in the meadow, drink the water from the rivulet passing by and play till it went dark.

But one day, a cunning wolf entered the forest. It saw the little goats playing happily with her mom in the meadows. The cunning wolf planned to eat the little goats when the Mama goat is away. It kept waiting for the chance.

Mama goat goes out

One day, mama goat had to go to the market to bring fruits and groceries. She alerted her little goats about the bad wolf in the forest. Mama goat strictly advised her babies not to open the door if anyone else knocks on it when she is away. She explained how to recognize the wolf by its coarse voice and black feet. Making sure that her little ones understood, she made them lock the doors from the inside and went to the market.

The bad wolf was watching this from afar. Without making any delay, the wolf ran to the goats’ house and knocked on the door, and shouted to open it. Check the Alligator and the Jackal story

wolf and seven young goats

Hearing the knock, the little goat thought her mother came back. But the eldest one warned of the wolf and rushed to the door.

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“Go back you bad wolf, we know that you are the bad wolf from your voice,”, it shouted.

The wolf cursed itself for her voice and rushed to the town. He ate a box of chalk to smooth his voice and came back again.

“Open the door,” the wolf shouted in a sweet voice. But, the elder goat saw the wolf’s feet from under the door. It shouted back, “Go away, you bad wolf! You are not my mom. Your feet are black,” it said.

The wolf again rushed to the town and took a big box of flour. It dusted his whole body with flour to appear white. He then again came to the goat’s house and knocked, “Open the door, I am back,” the wolf said in a sweet voice.

The eldest goat looked at the feet and thought, “It must be our Mom, the feet are white and the voice is sweet.”

Thinking so, the goats opened the door.

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Wolf enters the home

Soon enough, the wolf entered the house. Looking at the wolf, the little goats rushed to the corners to hide.

Some goats hid in the racks, while some hid under the cot. The youngest goat hid in the clock as it was the tiniest.

The wolf did not show any mercy. It ran to the corners of the house, looked everywhere, and ate off all 6 goats. Thinking that he ate all goats, he burped as his stomach is full and came out.

He slept under a tree nearby as he ate his heart.

After some time, the Mama goat returned from the market. She was shocked to see the house doors open. Immediately, she rushed into the home. The whole house was upside down with all things scattered here and there. She understood what might have happened.

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Meanwhile, the youngest goat who hid in the clock came out looking at his mother. He explained everything about the wolf and how he ate all his brothers.

Mama goat becomes the Hero

Without making any delay, the Mama goat came out and started looking for the wolf. She found the wolf sleeping under the tree. She came into the house, took a large needle, scissors, and thread, and came to the wolf. The Goldilocks three bears story

The Mama goat teared up the wolf’s stomach and took out her little goats. The wolf was sleeping so deeply that he didn’t even wake up.

After taking out all her little goats, the Mama goat filled the wolf’s tummy with stones nearby. Then she stitched his tummy and went back home with all her seven young goats.

After some time, the wolf felt thirsty and woke up. He went to a nearby river and wanted to drink water. His tummy is so full, he dragged himself to the river.

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As he was drinking the water, the river speed increased. The wolf could not swim as he was very heavy. He got dragged by the stream of the river to somewhere far from the goats’ house.

The Mama goat and seven young goats lived happily ever after.

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