The Cracked Pot Story in English

The cracked pot story is a short moral story for children. It teaches us that even though we are imperfect, we all have a reason and purpose for our lives. Read the story of the cracked pot below.

Once there lived a gardener for a big villa. He resided in the small outhouse in the villa. His job was to bring the water from the lake nearby with two pots and then water the plants in the garden.

However, between the two pots in the cracked pot story, one was a broken pot. It had a slight crack on it. So, whenever the gardener carried the water in the broken pot, the water used to leak. By the time he reached the garden, the cracked pot could only carry half of its total capacity.

The cracked pot used to feel sorry about this. However, it remained silent and did not tell anything to the gardener.

Days passed by like this. Days turned into months and months into years. After 3 years, on one hot day, the gardener was as usual carrying water from the lake to the garden.

Then, the broken pot broke its silence and started talking to the gardener.

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“Hey gardener, I have been observing your dedication in taking care of the garden all these years. I am really proud that I am serving a man like you. However, I feel sad to tell you that all these days you have been carrying only half the water in me, because I have a crack. I wasted your time and effort. I am really sorry for that.”

Listening to the cracked pot talk in such a thankful and sad tone, the gardener felt very sad. He said, “Oh dear cracked pot, I am aware that you have a crack in you. But do you know what? Let me show you something.”

Saying so, the gardener walked back to the lake and along the path he showed a line of plants blooming with flowers. That was the side where he used to carry the broken pot back and forth to the lake from the garden.

However, the broken pot could not understand. Then the gardener said, “Oh dear cracked pot, I knew that you have a crack. However, I used that minor shortcoming for an advantage. I used to make sure that the water leaking from you are watering the flowers along this path everyday. The result is this, the blooming path we are seeing now!”

The cracked pot was overwhelmed. It realized that even his shortcoming was helpful to the world in some way. From that day onwards, it never felt bad for his crack.

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Moral of the cracked pot story in English:

The cracked pot story teaches us that we may have a shortcoming. None of us is perfect. However, we can use our shortcomings in some helpful way to make a positive change in the world. Instead of worrying about what we cannot do, we must focus on what we can do.

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