Write For Us

Looking for “write for us” or “Guest Post”?

We invite bloggers and exceptional writers who can create compelling value-adding content for our readers. You can send your article to us if they adhere to every guideline mentioned below:

  • Topics should range from anything related to children and parenting – stories from Indian epics, moral tales, science and learning, health and education for children and parents.
  • Strictly no plagiarised/ rephrased and copied content.
  • Factual error-free and grammatically 100% correct.
  • Word length should be above 1500 words.
  • The story should be creative, compelling, and value-adding to readers.
  • You should not publish it on your blog/website, nor on your LinkedIn, Quora or Medium, or any other content platform, either digital or hard print.
  • Content neatly and meaningfully formatted and segregated into subheadings, bullets, and short paragraphs.
  • Visual content can include infographics and copyright-free & original images.
  • Include relevant studies and reports that support the facts and statements in the content.
  • We do not pay for guest articles or portfolio creation articles.

Write for us: What’s in it for you?

  • Give a place to your article among the multiple top-ranking articles on our website.
  • You can include your profile with a bio and photograph.
  • We give a do-follow link to your website if you pay for the same.
  • We share your article on our social media that has hundreds of followers.

We do accept promotional articles related to our niche provided they meet our quality and ethical preferences. For details, please reach us at indomoraltales@gmail.com

Due to the high volume of emails, we may take around 15-20 days to respond to you. If you do not hear even after a month from us, you can safely assume that it does not fit our criteria and use it elsewhere.

We reserve the right to decide the acceptance of the article. We do not entertain any communication in case of rejected articles.

Got more questions? To write for us, don’t hesitate to drop us a mail at indomoraltales@gmail.com to submit your pitches.