Stone Soup Story in English for Kids

Dear Children, have you heard of the stone soup story? The real story of stone soup dates back to European culture. Today, there are various variants of the stone soup story but with the same moral.

The story of stone soup is an interesting moral story for children. Here is what the story is about:

Stone soup story

Once upon a time, there were four travelers who were traveling from one place to another. One night, they came across a village and decided to take a rest there for that night. 


However, the travelers were feeling very hungry. They requested the villagers to give them some food. 

Some villages did not come forward to give them food as they were travelers and could not decide if they can trust them or not. Some other villagers were really poor and could not afford to give them anything. 

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Thus, the travelers did not find any food. However, they were good and intelligent. They did not feel disappointed. They thought of a nice plan.

One of the travelers announced to the villagers, “okay villagers, thanks for giving us the place in your village for the night. In the return, we will make you a delicious stone soup. We are sure you never tasted it before and I promise you will relish every drop!”

Hearing this the villagers were astonished! “How can one make soup out of stone!”, they wondered. They got curious and decided to see and learn how to make stone soup.

One of the travelers gathered stones and wood and prepared a fire. He then put a large vessel on it and put a stone in it.

He requested water from a villager, took it and poured it into the vessel, and let the water boil. As the cooking was going on, one of the villagers asked, “Is the stone enough to make a delicious soup?”

The traveler answered, “If we have an onion and a tomato, it will be more delicious.”

Hearing this, the villager rushed into his home and brought an onion and a tomato and gave them to the traveler. The traveler chopped them and added them to the boiling stone soup.

Another villager asked, “don’t we need salt for this soup?” The traveler replied, “ a little will be enough. Actually, we add milk and turnips too but today we don’t have them here.”

That villager replied, “ I got them in my home, let me bring them for you.” He rushed into his house and brought salt, turnips, and milk.

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Another woman who was watching this said, “ I have only one carrot at home, let’s add that too. It will however be wasted if I don’t use by tomorrow.” She gave that carrot to them.

Like this, every villager came forward slowly after seeing all this and gave whatever they can contribute to the soup. Soon, the soup became full of chicken, broth, vegetables, pepper, salt, and butter.

The smell of boiling ingredients of the soup filled the whole place around with a lip-smacking aroma. The soup was ready within no time! 

The traveler finally removed the stone from the soup! He emptied the soup into bowls that villagers brought from their homes and distributed it to everyone.

The villagers thanked them for making such a delicious stone soup. The travelers also had stomachs full of soup, thanks to the contribution of the villagers. 

All of them spent the night in a memorable way by talking, dancing, and exchanging stories. They then realized the real moral of the stone soup: “True happiness comes with sharing and caring!”

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Story of stone soup variations

The stone used in this stone soup is the only non-edible item. Other versions of the stone soup story use an axe, nails, and wood in the place of stone. However, the storyline is the same. In every version of the story, the travelers cook with something inedible and encourage the villagers to contribute any soup ingredient. 

What else does the stone soup story teach us?

Creativity: If we are creative, we can make any situation better. Our creativity will help us in many testing times. 

Togetherness: Every villager was poor or had little to eat. But when they joined their hands by bringing whatever they had at home, they could make a wholesome soup that was both nutritious and delicious. Thus, when we are together, we can achieve more. 

Think positive and calm about the situation: The villagers did not trust the travelers first. However, the travelers understood this and spoke and behaved in such a way to earn their trust.

Thus, it is important to gain the trust of others with our good behavior. If someone does not believe you, you should not treat them as enemies.

But, you must give them some time and think about how you can make them trust you more. You must do good actions and speak kind words to show them that you are a good person. Eventually, they will understand you and become your friends. 

Stone soup story moral

Children, have you understood what the stone soup story is trying to teach us?

At first, the travelers had nothing to eat. Even the villagers did not trust them. (Children, it is good not to trust travelers, but sometimes we should help others in need.)

However, the travelers were not sad. They thought in a positive way and came up with a good plan. That means we should not be disappointed with rejections. Instead, we should think about how to make the situation turn in our favor.

Another moral we can learn from the stone soup story is sharing. Each villager shared whatever little they had with them.

Together, they made a huge contribution to the soup. Similarly, we may not be able to make a huge difference to society. But together when we join hands, the difference and the good we can do is huge. 

Here is another moral we can learn from the stone soup story: Help others in whatever you have and God will give you more in return. The woman had only a single carrot at home yet she gave it to them. In return, she enjoyed a nutritious and lip-smacking soup.

So children, did you enjoy this stone soup story? Share this story with your sisters, brothers, and friends, and have fun! Keep reading more from our fun stories for children.

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