The Selfish Giant Story In English

The selfish giant story happens in a lovely village. What made the village more beautiful was the captivating garden in its center. The village also had many innocent and beautiful school-going little children.

Every day after their school, the little ones used to come to the garden. They enjoyed the flowers, grass, and trees full of fruits. Their little minds used to marvel at the beauty of the garden and the charming gifts of nature.


Little did they know that the garden belonged to a giant. The giant was out of town for many years. So, the garden was left open which attracted the little children who enjoyed playing and spending time in the garden every day.


Here comes the giant!

But the children did not know that their happiness was about to come to an end. The giant returned that evening from his town. He saw the garden and wondered at its beauty. Check the Alligator and the Jackal story


“Oh my beautiful garden! Look how you are. I take pride in you. You are mine and only mine. I won’t allow others to enter into the garden and enjoy it.” Thinking so, the giant created a fence around the garden and put up a board saying NO TRESPASSING.

No trespassing

Children, what does this say about the giant? Isn’t he a selfish giant? Of course, he is. Read on to know what happened next in this selfish giant story.

The children who used to play daily in the garden came in the evening after school. But, guess what? They were shocked and disappointed looking at the fence and the no trespassing board.

With their long faces, they returned homes.

But their love for the garden never ended. Daily they would come to the garden, stand outside its wall, and recollect how they used to play and enjoy inside it.

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Nature shows its anger on giant

Days passed and seasons changed. Soon, spring came into the whole of the village. Surprisingly, not into the garden. Inside the garden, it was still winter!

Village winter

Birds sand and flowers blossomed in the whole village but not in the garden. A thick blanket of snow covered the whole grass in the garden. Not even a bird sang and a flower bloomed. The selfish giant was under the assumption that it was still winter all over.

Soon, winter ended, and came autumn. Again, not in the selfish giant garden. It remained snowy and winter. The selfish giant who is not aware of what was happening continues thinking that the season is winter. He just wished that the winter ends soon.

The snow in the selfish giant garden invited the North wind and the hail to join it. The climate still worsened in the garden which left the selfish giant more worrying!

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A boy makes giant realize his mistake

Suddenly, one morning when it was sunrise, the selfish giant heard a beautiful singing of a bird. He wondered, “why could not I hear the such melodious song all these days? Sure, the spring is here and what is more beautiful!”

The giant came out to see that beautiful day in his garden. What he saw was a couple of children playing in his garden. They seemed to have scrolled through below the old garden wall.

Immediately, the selfish giant who never liked others stepping into his garden sent them away. Only one boy was left over who was walking slowly. The giant rushed to him and put him on a tree with anger.

Immediately, the tree blossomed! Birds started coming towards the tree and started singing.

It was then that the giant realized that the change in his garden is due to the entry of the children into it and not otherwise. He realized his mistake of being selfish.

Immediately, he took a large hammer and broke the garden wall, and crushed the no trespassing board.

The children who were anxiously standing nearby the garden witnessed all these changes. The giant looked at them and called them sweetly inside the garden. The children were so happy to see this change in him.

Soon, the garden turned beautiful like spring just stepped in. The flowers bloomed, grass shone and the trees gave the sweetest fruits and the birds sang every day.

The giant would see all these beautiful changes from his window. He felt blessed with the smiles of the children and their playing and enjoying.

Days passed and years passed. However, one thing that surprised the giant was he never again saw the little boy whom he forcibly made sit on the tree. He enquired about the boy with the children but was of no help.

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Giant and the little boy

On a fine morning, the giant was relaxing in the shade of the tree enjoying its fresh breeze. All of a sudden, he saw that little boy whom he kept thinking of. The boy was standing in the corner of the garden with a sweet little smile.

The giant went to him and kissed him on his cheek. After all, it was the boy who made him realize that happiness lies in sharing. The boy smiled back full of love.

The boy replied, “thanks for allowing me to play in your garden. Now, I will take you to my garden where you can relax without any worries.”

In no time, the giant had his last breath. The boy, none other than an angel took him to God’s garden!

Children, did you enjoy this selfish giant story with pictures in English? Share this story and let others enjoy too. Read our 20 best adventure stories for children.

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