The Fox and the Grapes Story in English

The fox and the grapes story is one of the well-known stories from among Aesop’s fables. It is a small and sweet moral story that teaches morals to kids in simple and plain English. The fox and the grapes story is easily understood by children, just like other Aesop’s fables.

The fox and grapes moral story

This story is about a fox and its attempts to enjoy lush juicy grapes. Did the fox get the taste of grapes? So, let us move ahead and see what this story is actually about.

On one afternoon, a fox was walking in a forest. The sun was high and it felt hungry and thirsty. It kept walking and walking.

It suddenly came across a grapevine. The creepers are full of lush and juicy grapes. The very sight of such juicy grapes gave fox immense joy. 


He thought, “ I will enjoy these grapes. They are fully mine and for me only. Woo-hoo!!

Having jumped with joy, the fox tried to reach the grapes. The vine was high and the bunch of grapes is far from the reach of the fox. 

The fox said to himself, “ I will jump and get hold of these grapes anyhow”. Thus, he started jumping. Alas! He could not reach them at all.

Desperately, it thought to give it another try. Then he jumped a little harder, sadly it could not reach it now too.

It continued jumping multiple times but every attempt was a failure. The grapes seemed very high. He could not even get one grape in his hand.


The fox felt ashamed. But he was not ready to accept his failure. He said, “Why am I wasting my energy to reach the grapes that are so sour?? I don’t want them!” Saying so he left that place and imparted sourness to the grapes!

Moral of the fox and grapes story:

In this fox and grapes story, the fox tried many times to reach the grapes. Finally, it could not even get one. This hurt his pride and he shot back saying that the grapes are sour and do not need his time and effort.

We see many people in our lives who behave similarly. When they cannot accomplish a hard task, they look down on that task as unworthy of their time. But they are never ready to agree that they did not try differently or take help to achieve that task. 

Just because grapes are not reachable, it doesn’t mean that they are sour! Some tasks are tough, like the grapes that are not reachable. But that does not mean that they are impossible and worthless. 

When we come across difficult tasks in life, we should give our full attempts. Even then we may fail sometimes. But we should not be disappointed.

If we are focused to complete the task at any cost, we should change our plan and try to approach the goal differently.


For example, in this fox and grapes moral story, the fox might have thought of an alternative idea. Maybe it should have taken the help of a bird or animal in reaching out to the grapes or plucking them from the high. The fox did not use its brain fully. It kept trying only in one way and that failed. Even then it continued in the failed way only. This is the wrong strategy.


Suppose, you feel that maths is tough. And you are in no way able to crack the problems. Despite taking the help of teachers, parents, and friends, you are not able to understand anything and do it on your own.

Then, you should not say, maths is not for me, or maths is not interesting, etc. You should think of a different path to learn math.

For example, you can try to apply the principles in real life. Try to solve the problems in a different approach. Take better help from someone who can show a helping hand to you by making maths interesting, etc. 

The moral of the fox and the grapes story is that we should not leave a task as not fit for our efforts when we fail to accomplish them. We should agree that we have not put our full efforts and change our strategy and try to solve it differently.

Moral stories for children

Aesop’s fables are one of the most loved moral stories for children. Besides, there are many moral stories for children in simple English that use characters like animals, birds, human beings, sky, rain, etc. 

Such moral stories can create enthusiasm for kids to learn something new. Using moral stories, we can teach the essential principles of life to children in an easy way. Narrating stories to children is a great way to keep them away from digital devices.

Moral stories are in a way a lot different from videos. Moral stories leave children to visualize what they are listening to. They try to build the scenes in their little minds which develop their thinking and creativity. Videos on the hand show everything in front of their eyes, thus leaving very little scope for imagination.

Thus, whenever you get time, try narrating moral stories for children. This helps develop their thinking, visualization, listening, and questioning skills. Happy storytime with your kids. We wish your child enjoys this fox and grapes story as much as we did!