The Four Friends Story In English With Moral

The four friends story in English with moral is originally a Panchatantra story. Panchatantra stories were narrated by Pandit Vishnu Sharma, who shared many life values and morals with the help of animal characters.

The four friends and the hunter story in English is also popularly called as four friends story. The characters in this story are tortoise, deer, mouse, and crow. Let us read the four friends story now.

Once upon a time there lived four good friends – tortoise, deer, mouse, and crow.

They stayed with each other in times of thick and thin. They were very good friends. All of them equally respected and cared for the other three friends’ opinions and suggestions all time. Thus, they became ideal friends in the whole forest.

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Danger comes in the form of hunter

On one summer afternoon, the four friends were resting in the shade of a tree where the crow was sleeping on the branches.

Crow on the branch

A hunter spotted them from afar.

“What a wonderful day! I can catch all four animals in a single shot.”, he said to himself.

Slowly, he started coming towards the tree. The crow which was in the branches of the tree saw the hunter coming.

The crow immediately alerted his friends – tortoise, deer, and mouse, and ran away.

Immediately, the deer ran away as fast as he can. The mouse jumped into a burrow nearby and hid safely. The tortoise being the slowest of all four could not run fast to escape.

By the time hunter cast his net, all animals except the tortoise escaped.


Thus, the hunter caught the poor tortoise. Alas!

The hunter was slightly disappointed, “Oh, I could not catch all the four. At least I caught this tortoise, let me have a feast of it,” he convinced himself. He tied the tortoise in the net to a stick and carried it on his shoulders.

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Children, what happens next in this four friends story in English with pictures is the real moral.

Friends form a plan

The other three animals observed this from far away. As soon as the hunter left that place, the crow, the deer, and the mouse thought of a plan to free their friend tortoise.

According to their plan, the crow followed the hunter and the tortoise to share their path with the deer and the mouse.

The deer on the same path ran as fast as it could near the hunter to catch his attention and crossed him over.

Deer is a smart friend

A little further, the deer lay down pretending to be dead.

The hunter saw this surprised and happy. “What a day, I have a deer infront of me lying dead. I can sell this and make money,” he told to himself happily.

Thinking so, without any delay, he kept the tortoise to the ground. He walked towards the deer to inspect it and tie its legs to take with him.

As soon as the hunter stepped aside, the mouse which was following the deer, hunter, and tortoise as per the crow’s guidance, bit the net and freed the tortoise. Both of them walked fast and hid around a big tree safely.

Meanwhile, the deer woke up suddenly and ran away swiftly before the hunter approached it. The hunter was taken aback by all these happenings. It took no time for him to realize how smartly the four friends outsmarted him.

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Moral of the four friends story

The moral of the four friends story in English: We can overcome any situation in life if we stay together with true friends and think and act with solid planning and implementation.

Children we hope you enjoyed this four friends story with pictures. Share this story with your friends. Read more Panchatantra stories.