My School Essay for School Students of Class 1st to 10th

My school essay is a common essay for students. It is one of the topics for essay writing or creative writing for kids in English. This “My School Essay” tests how students perceive their place of learning. Through this essay, they express what they like and how they enjoy learning there.

Here we provided three samples of “My school essay”. One is 10 lines on My school, for a quick review for children of classes 1-5. The next one is a short My School Essay for classes 1-5 in short paragraph. The third one is a My School Essay for higher-class students. We hope they help you in your essay preparation.

10 lines on My School for students of classes 1-5

  1. I like my school very much. My teachers teach me many things that I don’t know. I have many friends here with whom I have a lot of fun.
  1. There are many facilities here. We have a library, a big playground, a swimming pool, and a canteen. 
  1. Me and friends I like drawing classes and craft classes very much. My teachers teach many creative things in these classes.
  1. We also celebrate anniversaries, festivals, and important days like Republic Day and Independence Day very grandly. We all receive sweets and chocolates at the end of events. Speeches, dance programs, activities, and prize distribution take place after our principal hoists the flag.
  1. My school is near to my home. My father and mother drop me off and pick me up daily. I enjoy walking and going to school daily.
  1. My teachers teach subjects and lessons in a very interesting way. English and Hindi are my favorite subjects. There are many stories and rhymes in them. I enjoy them very much.
  1. In my school, they also teach karate, classical dance, and many scientific activities. Students of classes 7-10 can learn them. I want to join them once I enter my higher classes. 
  1. I participated in a drawing competition last year for republic day. I won the third prize and certificate. I will participate this year also. 
  1. I like doing that and my school organizes such competitions on such occasions.
  1. For all these reasons, my school is the best. I like it very much.

My School Short Essay for Classes 1-5

My school teaches me many things. I have fun learning and knowing many things that I do not know. My teachers guide me in many ways. They teach subjects with many examples, stories, and fun activities. All their efforts help me in understanding the concepts with ease. 

We also have a laboratory here. The high school students use it and do many experiments with it. Along with this, there is also a huge library with many sections for various books. There are not only subject-related books but also many GK, science, fun, story, autobiography, hobby books, etc. We have a special library hour every week. I enjoy reading my favorite books in our library at that time.

There are many other facilities in my school. We have our bus transport, big canteen, a playground, and huge campus. Our playground has many sections separated for students of small classes and higher classes students. We have a tennis court, a cricket zone, and a volleyball court too. My sports teacher teaches me tips in chess and carroms. I like playing chess and volleyball very much.

Our campus is wide and green. There are many plants and trees all around our campus. I enjoy playing with my friends and sitting under them during recess. It looks so beautiful in winter under these trees. In the rainy season, we play paper boats in the water in our playground. It is a lot of fun.

My friends and I learn all subjects together. Any doubts that we get we ask our teachers who immediately help them by clarifying them. The teachers’ rooms are wide and very peaceful. We can visit our teachers any time for any help. We like our teachers very much.

For all these reasons, I like my school a lot. I feel proud to be a student of this great educational institution. 😊 15+ Ideas to Celebrate Republic Day in School

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My School Essay for Classes 6-10

My school is a wonderful place. It offers me many facilities to learn and grow. Our teachers and staff are excellent. They are highly skilled and trained. The way they teach subjects to us is quite commendable. Even the most complex subjects and concepts seem to be easy when they explain to them. They do a wonderful job of teaching us.

Our school has many foundation courses that help me realize my dream. I want to become an astronaut when I grow up. Hence, I like physics, and space studies more. We have a space museum on our campus that displays many fascinating facts about space. We also do experiments in our Physics lab that teach many new concepts.  

Our library is huge with thousands of books. There are many international books in our library. I generally prefer NASA-published books and journals from our library. They teach me many things and I discuss the topics with my teachers. They explain them very perfectly and help me gain confidence in the subject.

My principal madam is very encouraging. She encourages us to pursue our dreams. She says childhood is the age to plan for the future along with having fun. Accordingly, we are provided with many facilities to excel in sports and academics.

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Our management also organizes guest seminars and workshops for students in classes 8,9 and 10. Many eminent people from various industries visit our campus and share their thoughts with us. We have Q&A sessions during such seminars where students can clarify their doubts with such guest speakers.

We also have an in-house magazine. In this, we publish poems, articles, news updates, teachers’ messages, and information about upcoming exams and competitions. I am one of the members of the campus magazine committee and I help teachers by collecting required information as they suggest.  

Our school is top in sports too. Last year we won the district-level football championship. Our physical education teacher is very excellent and solidly coaches us. I am a member of our cricket team and I take very much pride in that. We are aiming to win the cup this year in district-level sports competitions.

We hold many volunteering activities too. We educate the people in the neighborhood about many social problems. Last year we held a campaign about air pollution in our area. We established camps in the center of the colony and invited the residents to take part. It was a huge success. This year we are planning to educate about the necessity of hygiene and how it helps curb the infections spread.

We also received the Best School award. We ranked top in the number of pass percentage, campus cleanliness, and the social causes we are involved in. It gives us much pride to be students of this great educational institution. 

Thus, students, we hope this essay helps give you a better idea of how to write yours. Add in your experiences and write well. All the best!

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