The Golden Touch Story In English With Moral

The golden touch story in English with moral is Greek based moral story for kids. The story explains how greed can be bad for humans.

Once in Greece there lived a famous and rich king named Midas. He had everything humans could wish for. Many beautiful palaces, a beautiful wife, lovely daughter, money, gold, servants, and power.

If everything was going well with his thinking, we would not have this golden touch story, children! Read on to know this the golden touch story with moral.

The king Midas had a bad quality – he was greedy. A lot.

Out of his greed, he prayed to God intensely. “Oh God! Why don’t you bless me with more gold? I will be the richest man on this Earth and will live happily forever.”, he prayed to God many times.

One fine day, all of a sudden, his prayers were answered. God appeared in front of King Midas and said, “Oh Midas! Why are you calling me so many times? You have everything to be happy. What more do you need from me?”

Midas was overwhelmed with joy. God is in front of him and asking for his wish. Without any delay, King Midas replied, “Oh God! Thank you for listening to my prayers. I want a golden touch! Whatever I touch should turn into Gold. That way I will be the richest man on this Earth!”

God granted him the boon of the Golden touch and disappeared!

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The joy of Midas knew no bounds. He was intensely happy. What he has been longing for for a long, finally came true.

King Midas walked into his garden to enjoy the fresh breath of air and relax. The lovely beautiful colourful flowers in his garden captured his attention.

“Oh! How beautiful these flowers are! How God gave them this delicateness, fragrance and mesmerizing colours!,” he wondered and touched them with joy.

With a touch, the beautiful natural flowers turned golden. They stood standing solid shining and dazzling in gold.

Midas was awe-struck. Never before had he seen golden flowers. “How lucky I am! All thanks to my golden touch”, Midas exclaimed.

He wanted to enjoy that pride with delicious food. He called cooks and ordered his favorite dishes to be made quickly.

In minutes, food was ready. On a huge dining table, all his favorite dishes are appealingly arranged. 

He immediately took his favorite sweet to eat it. Poor King Midas and his golden touch! The sweet turned into gold. Check the Alligator and the Jackal story

He was stunned. He touched rice with hunger. The rice turned into gold!

He wanted to drink water. He took the glass of water into his hands and poured it into his mouth. Upon touching his tongue, the water turned into gold.

King Midas and the cooks at the dining table were in utter shock. 

Meanwhile, his daughter came rushing in. “Father!! Please hug me”, she exclaimed in love and joy. 

Midas immediately hugged his daughter with love. To his horror, she turned into a golden statue. 

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Soon everyone realized that king Midas and the golden touch turned into a curse. With no delay, Midas prayed heartbreakingly to God. 

“Oh, God! Please take back my golden touch. Make my daughter normal again. I don’t want any more gold, I want to live in peace. Please take back my golden touch,” he pleaded to God. 

God realized that Midas understood how his greed is harmful. God took back Midas Golden touch and made him normal again. 

Since then, Midas never turned greedy again. Also, the story of king Midas and the golden touch became a lesson for every greedy person. 

Moral of the Midas and the golden touch story in English:

Greed is dangerous. It can turn into a curse in no time. Always be grateful and happy with what you have. This is what the Golden egg story and the woodcutter and the axe story remind us.