Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story for Children in English

Once upon a time, in an idyllic cottage tucked into a lush forest dwelt a family of three bears: Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. Together, they lived an idyllic existence amid nature’s beautiful surroundings – perfectly content to live a simple fact with nature at their side. Consider goldilocks and the three bears story!

Mama Bear Made the Perfect Porridge on a Bright Morning

For breakfast that sunny morning, Mama Bear prepared a tempting pot of porridge that left everyone salivating with delight – Papa Bear was offered his portion first. At the same time, medium and small bowls went to Mama and Baby Bear, respectively.

As soon as everyone took their first sip of this tempting breakfast treat, all their mouths began watering at its fragrant aroma! Consider goldilocks and the three bears story pdf.

But since their porridge was too hot to consume immediately, the bear family decided to walk through the forest while waiting for it to cool off before returning for breakfast. Goldilocks Discovers Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Goldilocks searched around.

She eventually came upon the bears’ cottage, which took her by surprise; upon finding their enticing door open quickly, she couldn’t resist entering and exploring further. Read the best goldilocks and the three bears story!


Goldilocks quickly discovered three bowls of porridge sitting on a table inside, each promising something different and hot enough for her. Being extremely hungry, Goldilocks decided to taste some from Papa Bear’s bowl – only for it to turn out too spicy!

She exclaimed, “This porridge is way too hot!” before sipping from Papa Bear’s and tasting from Goldilocks. She cried in surprise, “Oh no – too hot!” as it hit her tongue like fire!

Goldilocks first tried the porridge from Mama Bear’s bowl and exclaimed: “This porridge is too cold!” After testing both bowls again, Goldilocks tasted from Baby Bear’s and smiled: “This porridge is delicious!” She cheerfully devoured every morsel that fell into her bowl! Read the best goldilocks and the three bears story!

Once satisfied with her meals, Goldilocks set off exploring. She encountered three chairs in the living room. Sitting in Papa Bear’s chair, she said, “This chair is too hard!”

However, settling into Mama Bear’s chair, she complained, “This one’s too soft!”At last, she tried Baby Bear’s chair and exclaimed with delight: “This chair fits like a glove!” Unfortunately, as she rocked back and forth excitedly in it… it became unstable…

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Goldilocks Takes a Nap in Baby Bear’s Bed

Following all her excitement with porridge and chairs, Goldilocks was feeling tired. Climbing upstairs, she found three beds where Goldilocks lay down on Papa Bear’s mattress, grumbling under her breath: “This bed is too hard!”

Goldilocks first entered Mama Bear’s bed and complained it was too soft before moving on to Baby Bear’s and concluding, “This bed is exactly right!” Finally, Goldilocks found herself sleeping soundly after finding Baby Bear’s bed, where she quickly fell asleep after declaring its comfort was just perfect for her!

Goldilocks Was Dozing When Her Bear Family Return From Their Forest Stroll

After Goldilocks had fallen asleep in Baby Bear’s bed, Papa Bear became suspicious that someone was eating his porridge.

Mama Bear exclaimed, “Someone must also have been nibbling away at mine!” Papa continued complaining: “Somebody must be eating our porridge!” Before realizing they both shared similar concerns that someone must be eating their porridge!

Baby Bear sobbed anguishedly: “Someone ate all my porridge!” They then noticed chairs and beds scattered about like someone had eaten all their porridge.

Goldilocks Awkward Awakening Baby Bear was shocked to find Goldilocks sleeping soundly when Baby Bear suddenly stood up from bed, yelling: “Someone’s In My Bed!” Goldilocks was startled awake by Baby Bear’s voice and, upon seeing his bear friends, leapt from her bed with fear!

Goldilocks Apology and Lesson

After she intruded into their cottage out of curiosity, Goldilocks apologized profusely and explained why. After seeing how sorry she was about what had occurred, her fellow bear family members forgave her, and they all learned valuable lessons together that day.

Goldilocks and her three bear friends shared an enjoyable dinner. After that day, Goldilocks never entered other people’s houses uninvited again.

At the same time, each member of her bear family ensured her porridge was just right, their chairs comfortable, and their beds cosy so all could live peaceful lives until death came calling. And so all lived happily ever after.

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 The Morals of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

 For generations, Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been a beloved tale of children and adults alike. Beyond its delightful narrative, this classic tale imparts several valuable morals and lessons that continue to resonate today among readers Рwe will delve into its rich tapestry of morals embedded into its timeless story here in this exploration!

Lesson 1: Reciprocal Respect

An essential task of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for children and adults alike is respect for others’ property.

When Goldilocks enters the bears’ cottage without seeking their consent first, she disdains both its sacred space and disrupts it by sampling some of their porridge and testing out chairs and beds without their knowledge or consent – an action which serves to remind everyone involved that respect for one’s belongings and spaces are part of good manners and ethical conduct both principles that we should abide by.

Lesson 2: Consequences of Impulsivity

Goldilocks’ actions lead her down an unexpected path in the story, leading her into irreparable trouble with the bear family and herself. Her curiosity and need for instant gratification led her to taste their porridge, sit on their chairs, and lie in their beds without reflection – decisions that caused distress for all parties involved and guilt from within herself as she took instant actions with no thought to their ramifications or consequences.

The story encourages us to consider all results before acting impulsively or making choices, taking our steps slowly before acting irrevocably on impulse alone.

Lesson 3: The Importance of Moderation

This story’s central motif of “just right” emphasizes the significance of moderation in our lives. Goldilocks’ preference for finding the “just right” option reminds us to seek balance and moderation when making choices that could cause discomfort or dissatisfaction, such as porridge, chairs, and beds.

Lesson 4: Empathy and Apology

After being confronted by the bear family, Goldilocks shows genuine regret for her actions by offering an apology that acknowledges both hurt caused and seeks reconciliation between the parties involved.

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” serves as a timely reminder to embrace empathy as part of building healthy relationships in today’s chaotic environment and apologize with humility for any errors of judgment made – thus reinforcing its essential themes of compassion, accountability, taking ownership for our mistakes, making amends where appropriate and acknowledgment must occur to restore harmony within relationships as conflict resolution is inevitable and an apology can go a long way towards reconciling differences and maintaining healthy relationships.

Lesson 5: Consequences of Entitlement

Goldilocks’ sense of entitlement is evident throughout her story, from entering their home uninvited to eating their porridge without permission and using their belongings without their knowledge. Her attitude of entitlement prevented her from understanding its impact on others – this aspect serves as a cautionary tale. It reminds us not to take others’ generosity or kindness for granted as often.

Instead, we should cultivate humility and gratitude, never taking anyone for granted when showing others kindness or generosity towards us or treating others like an individual should treat others like an equal.

Lesson 6: The Importance of Home and Family

Although Goldilocks appears as part of an idyllic family unit in this tale, their reactions when she enters are an excellent lesson in protecting one’s home and loved ones from outside interference.

Her presence disrupted their group dynamic. Their need for security in their living conditions mirrors sentiments shared across families everywhere, and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” celebrates both this sentiment and how far we should all go to ensure family life remains protected and loved in its celebration!


Goldilocks and the Three Bears may have started as a children’s tale, yet its timeless morals resonate with people of all ages.

From respecting others’ property and consequences of impulsivity to moderation values and empathy as means for healing society more harmoniously – “Goldilocks” holds valuable life lessons we can apply throughout life – reminding us that stories designed for children often contain wisdom we can take with us into adulthood as wisdom that contributes toward better individuals as individuals while contributing towards building more harmonious societies.

We hope you enjoyed this read the goldilocks and the three bears story with pictures.