The Three Little Pigs Story : Classic Bedtime Story Fun for Kids

Have you heard The Three Little Pigs story? This well-loved bed-time story is enjoyable to read and imparts valuable lessons. Come along as we dissect the narrative and discover more about the big, evil wolf and the three small pigs.

Who are the Three Little Pigs?

Three young pig brothers once lived a very long time ago. The piglets’ elderly sow mother decided it was time for them to move out, construct their own homes, and live independently. In search of building supplies, the brothers parted ways and headed down the road.

Piggy #1 Builds a Straw House

The first little pig, Piggy #1, was very lazy. He didn’t want to work very hard to build his house. So he decided to make his house out of straw. Straw is fast and easy to build with but also very weak. Piggy #1 gathered straw from a nearby field and got to work. In no time at all, his straw house was finished! “This will do nicely,” said Piggy #1. But his home wasn’t solid because he used accessible materials and didn’t work hard, so it could have been stronger.

Piggy #2 Builds a Stick House

Piggy #2, the second small pig, worked much more than Piggy #1, his brother, who was not opposed to hard work despite not wanting it too much. But he still didn’t want to work too hard. He decided to build his house out of sticks. Sticks take more effort to gather and assemble than straw, but they still need to make a sturdy house. Piggy #2 went into the forest and collected sticks to use. After a little while, his stick house was done. Though better than straw, sticks still made a weak house that wasn’t safe.

Piggy #3 Builds a Brick House

The third young pig, sometimes known as Piggy #3, was undoubtedly the most inventive and lively of the three siblings. He knew that making a solid house would require more effort and hard work. So Piggy #3 decided to build his house out of bricks. Bricks are heavy and difficult to carry but make an excellent structure once finished. It took Piggy #3 a long time to collect and lay all the bricks to build his sturdy house. However, his diligence and labor made Piggy #3’s brick house the strongest.

Image showing Three little pigs builds houses

The Big Bad Wolf Comes to Town

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when the Piggy brothers enjoyed playtime in the yard. They had no idea that disaster was on the way! A prominent shadowy figure followed a delicious scent while sniffing in the deep forest – a big wolf!

He had been wandering the woods all day, feeling quite hungry. “I do believe I smell pork!” the wolf licked his lips hungrily. Closer and closer, he crept, trailing the yummy aroma until he spotted Piggy #1’s tiny straw house. The wolf peeked inside the window, seeing Piggy playing with his blocks without care. “Come out, come out, little piggy!” he called in a fake-friendly tone.

But Piggy #1 knew wolves were nothing but trouble. “Not a chance, wolfy face!” he snorted defiantly. This made the wolf very cross indeed. “Then your house will go boom with one puff!” he growled. With a mighty exhale, the wolf’s huffs blew the fragile straw dwelling clear away.

Big bad wold blows straw house

Poor Piggy squealed and dashed out of danger, running as fast as his stumpy legs could carry him. He pounded on Piggy #2’s door, out of breath. “Wolf! Wolf!” he gasped urgently. Just then, the wolf’s shadow loomed close once more. His trick worked once; it would work again, or so he thought!

Again, the evil wolf tried to trick his way inside, only to be met with more refusals. Enraged by his failures, the wolf unleashed an almighty double-puffed breath. It was enough to flatten Piggy #2’s house of sticks, too! The terrified brothers Grimm had nowhere left to hide except one place.

The frightened piglets huddled together, trembling as the big bad wolf stomped closer. That’s when Piggy #3 saw his chance to shine. “Quick brothers, follow me!” he squealed bravely.

Piggy #3’s sturdy brick home stood proudly before them. “That mean wolf can’t defeat me because this house is as strong as it gets!” declared Piggy #3 confidently. The wolf arrived, more furious than ever at being denied his meal twice.

“Open up piggies or I’ll blow you all away!” he howled menacingly. But Piggy #3 stood tall in the doorway. “You’ll not get us today; your huffs and puffs have lost their sway!” With that, he slammed the door shut in the wolf’s face.

Enraged, the wolf began blowing with all his might. But Piggy #3’s house of bricks did not bow or budge – it stood firm as an oak. Panting for breath, the wolf came up with a new scheme. From the chimney stream, I’ll catch them piggies!” said the wolf. Skillfully, he jumped onto the roof, prepared to take them by surprise from above.

Little did he know, clever Piggy #3 had prepared himself well. A pot of piping hot water was waiting below. The wolf with a yelp fell down the chimney, landing straight into the scalding pot! With a pained howl, the wolf burst out, tail between his legs as he fled into the night.

At last, the piggy brothers were safe from harm. They could all rest easy on the farm thanks to Piggy #3’s brilliant plan!

The Moral of the Three Little Pigs Story

So, the Piggy brothers found themselves safely at home again, thanks to Piggy #3’s brilliance. But what important message could we glean from their exciting adventure?

Image showing moral of the three little pigs story

You have to discuss the deeper meaning of the tale. “Piggy #1 and #2 just wanted the easy way, but it didn’t work out so great, did it?” Piggy #3 demonstrated the need for perseverance and effort in completing something correctly. While straw and sticks were quicker builds, only sturdy bricks stood up to the huffs and puffs of danger. Working hard means your house, and you can weather any storms. Even though jobs are worth it when done well. Just like Piggy #3’s house saved the day in the end, the lesson is clear whether facing challenges in stories or real life. With diligence and grit, any task can be conquered.

The Magic of Three Little Pigs Story Lives On

Centuries after its creation, The Three Little Pigs remains a beloved story for kids. Its messages of diligence, cautious planning, and cleverness feel as relevant as ever. Modern retellings put fresh spins on the classic characters, keeping the story fun and engaging for new generations. With its adaptability to different artistic styles, the tale inspires new animated films, picture books, songs, and more.

Through vibrant illustrations, catchy rhymes, or live theatrical productions, each new adaptation ensures the piglets’ adventures against the big bad wolf will captivate kids for many tales yet to come. Like all true legends, the heart of this story – showing kids how resilience and intelligence can help them handle life’s challenges – will live on. Read the Ant and the Grasshopper story.