The Scorpion and The Frog Story

Good day, children! Today I want to tell you an interesting little story called “The Scorpion and the Frog Story.” Now gather around and get comfortable as we spin this tale.

A scorpion was scuttling over the grass, searching for some good things to eat, while the sun shone brightly. He crawled on till he came to the border of a wide river.

The scorpion murmured to himself, “Shoot, I can’t swim across this!” He saw a nice, plump frog resting on a lilypad right then. The scorpion yelled, “Hey frog!” Would you mind taking me across? Here, I find myself a little stuck.”

In the story of the frog and the scorpion, the frog gave the scorpion a distrustful look. You have that horrible stinger and those huge old pincers, I suppose. How can I be sure you won’t stab me while we’re halfway across?”

“Aw come on, I just need some help from a friend,” said the scorpion. “I promise not to sting.” This led to a conversation between the scorpion and the frog.

The frog hemmed and hawed, not too keen on the idea. But the scorpion seemed to be in a real pickle. What would be the harm in giving him a quick ride across the river?

The scorpion thought for a moment. “You make a fair point,” he replied.

“But if I were to sting you, we’d both perish. For I cannot swim, as you well know, and you wouldn’t last long with my venom coursing through your veins. So, helping each other is truly in both our best interests, wouldn’t you agree?” The scorpion and the frog agreed to each other.

The frog pondered this logic. As much as he disliked scorpions, the pesky pinchers did have a point. “Alright, hop on then!” said the frog. “But no funny business, you hear?” Frog and scorpion became trustful of each other.

The scorpion nodded eagerly and climbed atop the frog’s broad back. Then, with strong kicks of his legs, the frog paddled off across the water. They were making great progress too, about halfway across the wide expanse. Read Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story

However, just as they reached the deepest part of the river, something strange happened. Without warning, the scorpion raised his gleaming stinger high and plunged it deep into the frog’s back! “Why ever did you do that?!” cried the poor frog in anguish.

“I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself,” chuckled the scorpion darkly. “It’s in my nature, you see. Now we’ll both pay the price for my uncontrollable instincts.”

And with those cruel words, the duo began their inevitable plummet to the murky depths below.

The moral of the scorpion and the frog story?

You can’t expect honesty from bad people. Some creatures are just plain wicked through and through.

We must judge others by their past actions and ingrained habits, not just polite words. Extending trust to the untrustworthy is never a wise choice like frog and scorpion.

Though the scorpion claimed helping one another was best, his own evil nature won out in the end. Always listen to that small, sensible voice inside, and don’t be fooled by sly deception as in the case of frog and scorpion. Read the Alligator and the Jackal Story

So, children, I hope you remember this classic the Scorpion and the Frog story. And don’t let others, whether scorpions or people, manipulate you with false promises that go against their very character.

Keep your wits about you, stay true to good judgment, and you’ll avoid the same watery doom as that poor Frog! Thank you for reading – I’ve enjoyed our storytime together. See you next time for another exciting tale!

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