The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Read Online

The very hungry caterpillar story is a famous children’s story in English created by Eric Carle, a renowned author in English. The hungry caterpillar story goes like this:

On a beautiful night, in the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf. The next day, when the warm sun came up in the morning, the egg popped. Who! A tiny and very hungry caterpillar came out of it slowly crawling.

It was Monday. The tiny caterpillar wanted some food. He looked here and there and found an apple. He ate the apple, but then he was still hungry.

On Tuesday, the hungry caterpillar found two pears. He ate them but his hunger remained. He kept searching for food.

The next day, on Wednesday, he ate three plums. Yummy! But the hungry caterpillar was not feeling full. He still kept crawling in the search of food.

Thursday, the caterpillar found four strawberries. He ate all four! Yet, he was still hungry.

Friday, the next day, he came across five oranges. The hungry caterpillar slurped all those delicious oranges.

Still, he was hungry. He kept walking for more food. Read Best Kids Parks in India

On Saturday, he ate one piece of chocolate cake one ice cream cone One slice of Swiss cheese One slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon.

Now his tummy is full.

But he had a stomach ache that Saturday!

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The next day was Sunday, again. He ate the green leaf and he started feeling better.

Now he was not hungry anymore.

And he was not tiny anymore.

Now he is a big fat caterpillar.

He built a small comfortable house called a cocoon and slept in it for two weeks.

Then, he woke up, made a small hole, and nibbled out of the cocoon.

Now he is no more a caterpillar.

Wow, the tiny hungry caterpillar is now a beautifully big butterfly.

The tiny hungry caterpillar story talks about the evolution of a caterpillar into a butterfly in a sweet, adorable way that kids love to hear. We hope you enjoyed this very hungry caterpillar story. Read our Rainbow fish story.

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