The Wind and the Sun Story for Children

The Wind and the Sun story, also known as the Quarrel between the wind and the sun story is a famous one from Aesop’s Fables. The story teaches us how to get work done in a gentle way rather than by force.

On this page, you can read the wind and the sun story in English with moral and a summary also.

The Sun and the Wind Story

Once the wind and the sun had a discussion. They were talking about who is greater than them.

The wind boasted, “I am a greater person than you. Without me, no rains, people cannot breathe and birds cannot fly.”

Sun replied, “Everyone has their role to play, it is like not only one person is greater. Without me, rains do not fall, plants do not survive. Humans cannot get food. So I am equally great like you.”

But the boastful wind could not get satisfied. It wanted to prove that he is indeed greater.

A man was passing by at the same time when the sun and wind were talking. He was wearing a jacket. Looking at him, the wind got an idea. He invited sun for a challenge.

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The wind told, “ Whoever between us can make the man take off the jacket, they are the greater one.”

The sun agreed not to prove his greatness but to satisfy the wind’s ego.

The wind blew hard to make the man take his jacket off. To his surprise, the man pulled the coat still closer to him.

Looking at this, the wind got puzzled. This time he blew harder.

sun and wind story

The man zipped his jacket and kept walking.

Now, the wind got tired. He looked at the sun with a failed face.

The sun smiled. “Let me try now,” the sun said.

Sun started shining brightly. The man kept feeling warm. He opened his jacket zip.

Now the sun started shining a little brighter. The man started feeling sweaty and took off his jacket.

Looking at this, the sun smiled at the wind. The wind felt ashamed and agreed that sun is greater than him.

The summary of the story of The Wind and The Sun:

The wind and the sun moral story for children teaches us that one can get others to do things by gentle actions and not by force. If you force anyone, they may not do anything and show reluctance. Instead, we should be gentle and convince the people to do the work we want them to do for us. This is the summary of the story of the wind and the sun.

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