List of Best Drawing Books for Kids

Drawing books for kids makes a perfect choice to engage them. Drawing is one such activity that most children love. The art of drawing in kids starts with them scratching on walls that can be cute and cumbersome for parents. Once this stage crosses, the next level of their drawing is adorable. With those “I love you Mom”, “ I love you Dad” “ I love my family “ drawings, they start to display their emotions and love through their cute drawings.

Drawing books for kids is thus their first best friend. Here we have curated the list of drawing books according to the ages of the kids. We hope you find this list useful to keep your child engaged and pick a book that suits their interest and age level.

Mandala Colouring Books for Children

Mandala is a very ancient concept of art. It comprises filling concentric patterns and symmetric patterns with colors intricately. The outcome of a mandala pattern when filled in the right way is just amazing. They are great for destressing, improving focus and concentration among children. 

Suits children of age 6 and above. There exist various levels in Mandala coloring books for children. You should choose them according to the child’s age.

Creative Doodle Coloring Book: Children Coloring Book with Tear Out Sheets

This is a doodle book where children can fill colors with many interesting doodles that will keep them engaged. Doodles are a type of drawings that children fall in love with instantly. Coloring them helps children to fill the colors without crossing the borderlines and develops attention.

Suits children of age 6 and above. You can choose Doodle books separately for boys and girls, and according to age too.

Zen Sangam Mandala Young Adults Coloring Book: Expert Maestro

This drawing book is designed with the Zen principles of developing attention and inner peace for little grown-up children. They can color the Mandalas in pure pencil sketches or using colors.

Suits children of age 10 and above. The books are available in both spiral bound and hardbound form.

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THE ULTIMATE INDIAN COLOURING BOOK FOR KIDS: 100 Original Hand-Drawn pictures, 10 categories, GK & Trivia

This drawing book for children is a good choice to teach them the general knowledge about India as well as to let them explore various forms of drawing. The book mentions that kids can draw and fill the pages with coffee grounds, sugar, salt, and fine sand. The book also has rangolis and Indian art forms that children will like instantly.

Suits children of age 5-10 years.

Blossom Jumbo Creative Colouring Books Combo for Kids | 3 to 10 years 

Drawing books are one of those children’s items that are soon done with. They scratch all the pages fast and finish them soon. Thus, choosing bundles of drawing books is a good idea in many ways. They serve as a great birthday gift idea for children who love drawing too. This is one such bundle of drawing books that children of age 3 to 10 years will fall in love with.

THE ULTIMATE NATURE COLOURING BOOK FOR KIDS: 100 Original Hand-Drawn pictures, 10 categories, GK & Trivia

This is another drawing book that explains the elements of nature. It comprises animals, insects, trees, leaves, flowers, and many more that children will love to fill colors in. The book is sturdy and comes in good paper quality.

Suits children of age 5-10 years.

Indian Art Drawing & Colouring Book Rajasthani Phad With Stickers-Activity for Children.

A beautiful idea among drawing books for children, this book will teach the richness of Indian heritage and culture through drawings. A sound choice to teach little children about India and its royalty in a colorful way.

Suits children of age 7 and above. 

The Ultimate Preschool Colouring Book for Kids: Add Colour Discover Learning, 100 Colouring Pages with Free Activity Poster and Colourful Sticker Set

This cute coloring book is for preschool level kids. It comes with a whole bundle of joy. It contains stickers, activity posters, and 100 whole coloring pages that will super engage children. This is also a great choice to gift for preschoolers on their birthdays.

Suits children of age 2-5 years.

My Big Supercool Colouring Book (128 Pages): Jumbo Sized Colouring Book for Kids

The advantage of Jumbo-sized coloring books for children is they come with sturdy paper. They also serve a lot of white space and make it convenient for children to fill colors. Here is one such jumbo drawing book that is designed for children of age 1 and above. 

Colouring Books Collections by InIkao (12 Books): Pack of 12 Copy Color Books For Kids

This is a set of 12 books separately designed for children of age 3-15 years. There are variations in the books available in the set, and you can choose the set that will suit the age of your child. A good way to keep your child engaged or to surprise them on their birthdays.

Colouring Books Boxset: Pack of 12 Copy Colour Books for Children

This is a box set specially curated for little ones. It comes with 12 books each in a different theme – pet animals, insects, robots, dinosaurs, etc. With this box set, your child can draw and color according to his mood and interest.

Suits children of age 2-5 years.

My First Super Boxset of Pencil Control and Patterns: Pack of 4 interactive activity books to practice Patterns, Numbers and Alphabet: A set of 4 … to practice Patterns, Numbers and Alphabet

If you are confused to choose the first drawing book for your little one, choose this set with confidence. It contains a whole set of interactive drawing books that teach patterns, numbers, alphabets both in the capital and small.

Suits children of age 2-6 years.

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Drawing with Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Mona Brookes

This is an advanced level drawing book designed for young adults. It teaches the professional techniques of drawing for young children. A must for children who are passionate about drawing and want to learn it in depth.  

101 Copy Coloring: Fun Activity Book For Children

A fun collection of drawings and pictures for little children to color. Suits children of age 2-6 years. 

Blossom Drawing and Colouring Practice Books for Kids | 5 to 8 Year Old | Learn How to Draw Easily with Step by Step Instructions | Pencil Drawing Techniques for Children | Level 1 and 2 – Set of 2

Specially designed for children of age 5-8 years, this is a set of two drawing books. It teaches children the coloring techniques simply and easily.

101 Dot To Dot Coloring: Fun Activity Book For Children

This book is for little ones. This contains a dot-to-dot pattern joining and then filling the shape obtained with colors. A cute and lovely way to engage the naughty little ones.

Suits children of age 2-6 years. 

Indian Art Drawing & Colouring Book Rajasthani Phad With Stickers-Activity for Children.

Another good collection from the Indian drawing series for children age 7 and above. Gift this book to your little ones to teach about India engagingly.

Genie in the Bottle: Giant Coloring Book for Kids (Shimmer & Shine)

Girls will love this shimmer drawing book! The book contains many pictures of mermaids and other genies that girls can relate to easily.

Suits children of age 2-7 years.

365 Colouring Book for Children

As the name says the book contains 365 catchy images that children shall have to fill. The cover page is quite attractive and children will lose themselves in this whole bundle of drawings.

Suits children of age 5-7 years.

Dream Like A Unicorn – Reusable Wipe And Clean Activity Book: With 15 Wipe And Clean Sheets

This is one of the best sellers in the coloring book range for children. An advantage of this book is the pages can be wiped clean. 

Suits children of age 2-5 years.

Know About Pencil Shading (set of 9 books)

A drawing book for children specifically for kids of age 5-12 years. However, 8+ years children will comprehend this pencil shading easily. This is a set of 9 books and teaches the pencil shading techniques to children through step by step instructions.

Princess Colouring Book (Giant Book Series): Jumbo Sized Colouring Books (Giant Colouring Book Series)

Another cute coloring book especially for girls. Gift this princess coloring book to your daughter and let her fly in the colorful dreamland while she fills in the colors.

Suits kids of age 1-7 years.

Ralph Masiello’s Robot Drawing Book (Ralph Masiello’s Drawing Books)

For young children who dream of robots! This book teaches how to draw a robot and its components. Makes a perfect birthday gift choice for those little ones who love and dream robots.

Suits kids of age 8-9 years.

And these are not all, stay tuned to this page. We keep updating it every while! Happy colouring time for your kids!