Best Tamil Story Books for Kids

Tamil story books are one easy way to teach tamil to children. They contain beautiful language that children can understand easily. Here we have curated the list of tamil story books according to the ages of the kids. We hope you find this list useful to keep your child engaged and pick a book that suits their interest and age level.

20 in 1 All in one story book pack of 4 story books 

A collection of moral tales for children in tamil. This is a set of 4 books. Akbar-Birbal, Tenali Raman, Panchatantra, and Jataka Tales. This is one of the tamil story books you should choose for your children. A comprehensive collection of all fascinating stories in Tamil.

Suits children of age 5 and above. 

Tarangini – 6 (New) (Tamil) Paperback

This tamil story book for children contains the collection of stories from Hinduism. Right from the story of Savitri, to the preaching shared by Ramanuja, this book contains it all. One of the good tamil story books to teach children the beauty of Hinduism.

Suits children of age 5 and above. You can choose from the series according to the age of the children.

Tamil Story Book For Kids ( 5 Books ) – Children Moral Illustrated

A collection of 5 books with various engaging classic moral stories and fun stories for children in tamil. 

Suits children of age 2-7. Each book comprises 16 pages.

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MY JOURNEY (Tamil) Paperback

Though this is not exactly a story book, this biography of Abdul Kalam will inspire every child. A must-read book for children of age 10 and above.

20 in 1 All in one story book pack of 4 story books

A collection of 20 story books in tamil for children. This covers almost every famous story genre for children. Includes Jataka tales, Tenali Raman, Panchatantra stories, and many other famous moral stories for children. Suits children age 5 and above.

Tamil Story Book for Kids ( 50 Stories ) – 5 Books

Another good collection of story books in tamil for children. This will be useful as a birthday gift to children who love reading. You can also get your child to start reading tamil books with this collection.

Suits children of age 1-6 years.

Story Books set of 10 in Tamil with 101 Moral Stories from Inikao

A beautiful collection of 101 stories in tamil for children. The illustrations are so good that children will love reading the stories. 

Suits children of age 8 and above. 

Tamil Uyir Ezhuthukal (Tamil Vowels) Illustrated Board Book for Children

This cute and beginner book will help teach your young one the vowels of Tamil. 

Suits children of age 2-5 years.

Pack of 2 story books of Tenali raman stories (20 in 1 Series)

A beginner story book for children for bed time telling stories for children in tamil. Contains a pack of two books, each one with good illustrations. Suits children of age 2-10 years.

A Saree for Ammi /Ammikku Oru Pudavai

A beautiful story about saree weaving and human relations. An must read from among the tamil story books for children. Suits children of age 5-16 years.

Tamil Moral Stories Complete Combo | Pack of 15 Story Books

Another collection of story books in Tamil and that too in budget. 

Suits children of age 4-7 years.

Discovery Book Palace Kutra Parambarai

A great read for grown up children to know about Tamil heritage.

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Pratham Books – Science for Advanced Readers – Tamil

A different genre of story books in tamil on its own, but also an illustrated way to teach science, measurements, patterns, coding to children. This book is for grown-ups. Age 11-14 years.

Kanmani Pappa Padalgal Vol. 1 Book Tamil Rhymes

A beginner collection of rhymes in tamil for little children. The illustrations are so beautiful, children will love them very much.

Vikram Kovilukku Pogiran

A small story book designed for children aged 4 and above. The story is about a boy who goes to temple with his grandfather and learns many things on the way. A good way to teach children about the habit of going to temple.

The Gruffalo (Tamil)

The famous English narration of Gruffalo in Tamil version.  

Suits children of age 2-6 years. 

Monkey Puzzle (Tamil) 

Another good collection from the makers of Gruffalo. The story is about a monkey and its mom. The illustrations, and the cover add points to this beautiful picture book for children.

Tamil Moral Stories Complete Combo | Pack of 5 Story Books

A collection of 5 story books in tamil for children. Total print length is 120 pages. The Magic Pot, The apple tree, The idle donkey, are some of the famous stories from this collection.

Suits children of age 4-7 years.

Tamil Story Books For Beginners Complete Combo | Pack of 12 Books

Another story book for children from Sawan publications. The book is clean and appeals to children , encouraging them to read and enjoy the stories.

Suits children of age 4-7 years.

Can You?/Unnal Mudiyumaa? 

Not a story book though, but teaches children about various fascinating aspects of animal life.

Suits children of age 6-16 years.

Konjum Mazhai Tamil Malar – 2

Get your children the introduction to Tamil words with this book. Designed for children of age 4-5 years. 

Tamil Writing Practice Books Set of 5

Teaches tamil alphabet for children, and teaches them how to write them neatly. You can give a good introduction of Tamil letters for your children with this book.

Giving a taste of mother language books is important before children can get started with English and other language books. The books listed here solve this purpose with ease.And these are not all, stay tuned to this page. We keep updating it every while! Happy storytelling and reading time for your kids!