The Adventures of Aladdin Bedtime Story For Kids in English

Stories are a way to navigate into another world. They take kids and adults alike far away from daily stress and tensions. Storytelling or reading helps in developing one’s imagination skills. Adventures of Aladdin is one such tale that takes us into a fascinating world of a princess, magician, a king, and a lover boy. 

Aladdin Story

Origin of Adventures of Aladdin story

This folk tale has its roots in Middle Eastern culture. Though the original version mentions few words related to China, the rest of the tale has not much context that revolves either in the Chinese mainland or nearby regions. Despite its unclarity in its origin, the Aladdin story remained one of the all-time hits among love stories and adventure stories alike. 

The plot of the Aladdin Adventure Tale

A poor boy living with his widowed mother, a princess, a king, and an evil-minded magician, along with the genie who helps the poor boy turn into a rich man – these are the main characters in the Aladdin story. The story fascinatingly explains the tale of a poor boy becoming rich and gaining his sweetheart with the help of a genie. 

Join us while we retell the famous Aladdin story that will serve as a bedtime story for your children too.

Tale of Aladdin Adventure

Long ago, in an unnamed city of China, there lived a boy named Aladdin. His father Mustapha was a tailor and passed away when he was young. Since then he has been living with his mother, who works hard to make their ends meet.

He has been a naughty boy and never showed much interest in his studies. His mother showered much love on him and pampered him very much. Though she knew that he was not focusing on his studies, she could not scold him, for she trusted from deep that he is good from his heart and will become a rich man one day.

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Days passed away. One day a man visited his home. He introduced himself as the brother of Late Mustafa. He convinced his mother that he will take him to town and teach him business and give him some work, for which in turn they can make money.

Aladdin’s mother was more than happy. She thought finally her son could learn something and settle into a responsible man. So, though she could not identify the man who introduced himself as her husband’s brother, she sent her only son for his goodness sake.


Aladdin took blessings from his mom and set on his journey along with the man who called himself his uncle. That man gave him a ring and asked him to wear it to his right hand. He said, as long as the ring stays on his fingers, no danger shall touch Aladdin. For which, he obeyed and wore the ring on his right-hand ring finger. 

They kept walking till they reached a cave in a forest. The cave had a very small opening and a huge door on it. He pronounced some magic words and the door opened.

The man asked Aladdin to enter the cave and get him a lamp. He warned him not to touch the walls at any cost. He also said that there are many gold coins and gold items inside the cave and that Aladdin can take them as many as he wants. He was glad to hear this. He thought their poverty would end with this golden chance. So, though he was scared to enter the cave.

Slowly as he kept walking he could not believe his eyes. There were many gold items, jars, coins, and statues made of gold. He grabbed as many coins as he could and stuffed his pockets with them. As he moved ahead, he found a lamp as described by the man. He took it up and shouted to the man waiting outside that he found the lamp.

Magic Lamp

The man waiting outside was happy listening to this. He urged him to first throw the lamp towards him. Aladdin got scared and doubted, what if the man closes the cave door soon after taking the lamp? With this doubt, he replied that only if the man helps him out of the cave then he will hand over the lamp to him in person.

Listening to this reply, the man got angered. He repeated his intent once more, only to get the same reply from Aladdin. Irritated, the man shut the door of the cave. Poor Aladdin got struck with fear in that dark cave. He kept crying and shouting for help. But all his efforts went in vain. 

The man who claimed to be his uncle is not really his father’s brother. He is a sorcerer from the Maghreb who had intentions to win over the world with the help of the magic lamp. For this, he recruited Aladdin to gain hold of the lamp.

Desperate Aladdin sat in the corner of the cave in fear. Then he took the lamp into his hands and started dusting it off wondering what it could be. Soon, there appeared a lot of smoke from the lamp. A strange-looking genie appeared from the lamp and said, “Order me Master! I am at your services.”

Aladdin was frightened much more. He could not believe what was happening. But the genie assured that he is friendly and will obey anyone who has freed him from the lamp. Listening to this, Aladdin gained some hope. He asked Genie that he wanted to go home immediately and be with his mother.

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In an instant, he was back at home. His mom was very happy that her son is back. She heard what happened and got scared as well as happy that her son returned home safely.

He then called genie again and said that he wants a palace and all the riches for his mother and himself. The genie soon made them possible and wow, Aladdin is now one of the richest men in the city.

On one evening, he was passing by a market where he happened to see the Princess of the Kingdom, Badroulbadour. He fell in love with her beauty and wanted to marry her. His mother, knowing his intent, approached the King with this proposal. They took the gold coins that Aladdin brought from the cave as well as many presents to the King.

The King was first in dilemma. He could not decide whether to give her daughter to Aladdin. For this, he gave them a condition. He said, “I will give my daughter to your son if you can give me 14 more bowls of such gold coins brought by 7 white and 7 black servants riding the finest camels.”

He commanded genie to arrange for these. In no time, all these were ready and they sent them to the King. The King was astonished and happy. He arranged for their marriage and performed Aladdin and Badroulbadour wedding very grandly.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Then Aladdin, his wife Badroulbadour, and his mother lived happily in the palace that genie got for them. Days passed by like this. 

The sorcerer who heard of the tale of the camels, servants, and gold coins at the marriage of the King’s daughter could recognize that Aladdin had the genie lamp with him. He somehow wanted to get hold of it.

The next day, he disguised himself as a lamp seller and started to shout on the streets of his palace. “Exchange old lamps with new, exchange old lamps with new!” Aladdin’s wife hears this and gets excited to exchange the old lamp that her husband always keeps safely. Unaware of its power and significance, she hands it over to the seller, and alas! The damage has been done!!

The sorcerer, as soon as he got hold of the lamp, calls out the genie and orders him to bring the wife and mother of Aladdin to a desert and destroy his palace. Thus, both Badroulbadour and Aladdin’s mother were taken to the desert and the palace was destroyed in minutes.

Aladdin, on his return home at the end of the day, was surprised and sad to find it missing! He could not understand what would have happened. He is in deep pain that he lost his mother and wife as well as his palace and riches.

Puzzled, he suddenly remembers the ring that the sorcerer gave him long back when he was about to enter the cave. He rubs the ring with some hope for help. And there it is! Another genie is at Aladdin’s service. 

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Aladdin asks the ring genie to get his wife and mother back. For this, the genie replies that he is not as powerful as the lamp genie and cannot reverse the actions done by him. But, he assured that he can take Aladdin to the place where his wife and mother have been taken to.

Aladdin was more than happy to hear this. Immediately, the ring genie transported him to the desert place where the sorcerer hid his wife and mother. The sorcerer was startled by how Aladdin found out this secret place.  

But, before the sorcerer realized what was happening, he jumped onto him and beat him black and blue. He observes that there is a lamp on the side table and gets hold of it. He rubs and calls the genie. The lap genie appears before Aladdin and says, “happy to serve you again my master, please order me.”

Aladdin orders the genie to transport the sorcerer to a far-off place where he could harm no one nor return to the human-inhabited places again in his life. The genie does the same. Thus, the sorcerer never returned to harm anyone.

Meanwhile, Aladdin, his mother, and his wife returned safely to the palace and lived happily ever after along with the magic lamp and the ring!

The specialty of Adventures of Aladdin story

The tale of Adventures of Aladdin has its own specialties. The story’s origin is not fully known to anyone. However, it is often attributed to French writer Antoine Galland. 

Since its origin, the tale underwent many changes and versions. The princess has been depicted in various attires in each and every narration.

Some claim that the Adventures of Aladdin has links with Asian and Chinese styles, while others consider the story to have occurred in Arab countries. The buildings, the shops, and the attire of Aladdin have had a mixed impact on these cultures if we observe films that were made based on this plot.

Despite the controversies and confusions that surround Adventures of Aladdin and its making into a film, the plot and the characters always thrilled children. 

We hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did. Please explore our huge range of bedtime stories and moral stories for children in English. 

Aladdin jasmine

Why do kids need storytelling?

Storytelling is a way to develop the imagination skills of children. Unlike by watching movies, when they hear a story, kids start visualizing how the kingdom will be, the way the hero fights, the conversations happening, and all the screenplay of your narration. This develops the creative skills that help them in the long run.

Additionally, by telling stories with children you can find a special time to bond with them. Reading stories to children is also a good way to keep them away from digital devices. Reading develops their vocabulary, writing skills, and helps improve their communication too.

If you have multiple kids at home, a session of reading stories among the kids will strengthen their relationship and communication. Listening skills and grasping power of children when they listen to the narration of your stories. The question any doubts and thus their curiosity multiplies. All these are the good results that you are gifting to your children by encouraging them to read or listen to stories. We hope you will explore the wide range of our Indian and other moral tales for children we have in our collection. Happy reading with us.

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