Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer Story

Children, we all know that Santa Claus gives gifts to children every Christmas and New Year. Also, we know that his sleigh is drawn by eight special reindeer. But do you know that there is a very special reindeer, the ninth one about which The Red Nosed Reindeer Story talks? Yes, we will see more about Rudolph, the special ninth reindeer about whom the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer story is all about.

Who is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?

We know the names of Santa Claus’s eight reindeer – asher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, and the final two Dunder and Blixen.

Guess what? This special Reindeer we are talking about Rudolph is in no way related to these eight reindeer.

Santa Claus on sleigh with reindeer and many kids wear elf costume in snow scene illustration

Rudolph is a special reindeer living in the same village as Santa Claus. However, he had a distinction compared to other reindeer: his shiny red nose emitted bright light!

The other reindeer in the village used to make fun of Rudolph. “You could never be useful for anyone. Children would be afraid of your weird nose!”, the other reindeer belittled Rudolph for his appearance.

Poor Rudolph always used to be silent and distant from the other reindeer.

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Santa invites Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

But children, everyone gets their recognition at the right time. For Rudolph, the time has come on a Wintery morning.

That early morning, Santa Claus wanted to start to the neighboring villages and give gifts to children. However, that Christmas season the snow was intense. Santa could not proceed with his reindeer sleigh due to the snow-covered visibility. None of his eight reindeer could dare to start in that dark.

It was at that moment that Santa recollected about Rudolph. He invited Rudolph that the red-nosed reindeer to help him drive the sleigh in the dark.

Rudolph was over the clouds! He never thought that he would get an opportunity to be a part of the Santa team and deliver happiness to children.

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Rudolph immediately accepted Santa’s request. But, it was still dark and Rudolph’s parents were sleeping. So, Rudolph left a note to his parents informing them that he was embarking on Santa’s mission.

Gladly, he joined the eight other reindeer and helped Santa to drive in the dark and deliver the gifts to little children.

The eight other reindeer thanked Rudolph for his help and never again mocked him. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer story is believed to happen around Christmas 1939 but its moral still holds true. It narrates that every person has hidden use and we should never belittle anyone for their appearance.

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