King Bruce And The Spider Story

The king Bruce and the spider story is a Scotland-origin short moral story for kids in English. The Robert Bruce and the spider story goes as below:

Once upon a time, there was a mighty warrior king named Robert Bruce. He had a very huge kingdom that was rich in wealth and military strength.

King bruce

It so happened that once a more powerful king invaded his kingdom. King Bruce and his army fought intensely. However, they were defeated at last.

King Bruce lost many of his mighty soldiers. The opponents captured the whole kingdom.

Being lost, King Bruce felt ashamed and sad. He ran into the nearby forest, far away from his people and kingdom. He kept running and walking till he came across a cave.

King Bruce was tired, and sad and felt like resting in the cave. He went inside the cave and leaned on to the cave wall, tired. The cave had many spiders and other insects.

Cave and spider

After some time, a tiny spider caught his attention.

The spider was trying to crawl up the cave wall. After making a few upward movements, the spider is falling back to the ground. Again, the spider kept trying to climb the wall. Alas! It fell again.

After many failed attempts, finally the spider crawled the wall fully and reached its destination.

Here is when King Bruce realized something that makes Robert bruce and spider story a good moral story for children.

After watching the spider’s journey from failed attempts to a successful one, King Bruce understood – The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.

King Bruce realized his next steps to regain his kingdom. He went back to the left soldiers. He motivated them to bring more people into the army. The soldiers did as instructed.

Soon, they formed a huge army, underwent rigorous training in the forest, and waged a war on the opponents who occupied their kingdom.


Thus, king Bruce and his army defeated the opponents and regained their kingdom.

Moral of the king Bruce and the spider story: Never be afraid of failures. You will never fail until you give up your attempts. Keep trying and you will find success definitely.

In fact, ability to withstand failures and keep going towards success is one of the top leadership qualities for students.

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