The Cinderella Story in English for Kids

Cinderella story is a popular story with numerous virtues to educate kids. The story is about a wonderful young lady who is not treated well by her stepmother and stepsisters. The story closes with a cheerful closure where an attractive ruler weds Cinderella and lives joyfully ever after. Youngsters can separate the good and the bad from this story. Cinderella’s story centers around Cinderella’s miserable story that transforms into an excellent romantic tale and changes her way of life.


Once upon a time, there carried on a young lady named Cinderella. Cinderella was delightful and kind-hearted. Cinderella lived with her stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella was made to do all the family household work. 

The stepmother was brutal to the point that she made Cinderella do all the works while the stepsisters would walk all around the house in fancy dresses. Cinderella used to wear regular garments and the sisters would prod Cinderella for the same. 

Cinderella felt unhappy however never conflicted with anybody or said something. One fine day, there was an invitation shipped off each house about the king having a great ball night where the ruler’s child the Prince would pick his significant other. 

So, every young lady in the kingdom must think about the ball night and must come. Each young lady was too energized and even Cinderella wanted to go to the ball. 

Cinderella’s stepmother said if Cinderella completes all the family tasks and helps Cinderella’s stepsisters in dressing, Cinderella can go for the ball night. Cinderella worked so quickly however even though Cinderella made a decent attempt Cinderella had to stay back due to some work. 

Before long, everybody left for the ball night and Cinderella stayed alone in the house. Cinderella ran into the garden and yelled wishes never come true. A fairy godmother showed up cheerfully and asked Cinderella Never? 

The fairy needed to assist Cinderella with heading off to the ball. With a twist of her hand, the fairy made Cinderella resemble a princess. Cinderella glanced wonderful in that new outfit and glass slippers. 

The fairy godmother give Cinderella horses to reach the ball. Before Cinderella began, the fairy godmother said this enchantment last until late, so arrive at home before noon. As Cinderella makes it to the ball, everybody was astounded by Cinderella’s excellence.

 Cinderella was the prettiest young lady at the ball. Cinderella’s stepsisters were astounded to see the young lady however they couldn’t perceive that it was Cinderella. The prince was dazzled by Cinderella’s beauty and became hopelessly impressed with Cinderella. 

The prince hit the dance floor with Cinderella for the entire night. Every other young lady felt envious of Cinderella attracted to the prince.

Cinderella moved joyfully with the prince and nearly overlooked the words of the fairy godmother. When Cinderella saw the time, Cinderella recalls that it was nearly noon and left the palace. In a rush, Cinderella left one of the glass slippers. The prince was upset with the unexpected leaving of Cinderella and finds the glass slipper on the stairs. The prince chooses to wed Cinderella and sends his men to find Cinderella. 

Cinderella and Prince

The prince arranges his men to check which young lady fits directly in that glass slipper. As the men arrive at Cinderella’s home, Cinderella’s two stepsisters make a decent attempt to accommodate their fat legs into the glass slipper. 

After them, when Cinderella attempts the slipper Cinderella’s foot fits perfectly. The prince perceives Cinderella and weds Cinderella in a major wedding service and the two of them live joyfully together.

Origin of the story

The Cinderella story originated in the nation of China during the ninth century. The story has been introduced in various forms like Greek adaptation, French adaptation, etc. The French variant of the Cinderella story was published by Charles Perrault in the year 1697.

Moral of the story

The Cinderella story has many moral values to gain from. Youngsters reading this story would appreciate how Cinderella’s life transforms positively.

Here are a few of the morals portrayed from the Cinderella story:

We should be thoughtful to everybody. From the Cinderella story, we discover that we should be thoughtful and kind. Cinderella never conflicted with anybody and toward the end, Cinderella’s life changed wonderfully.

Cinderella was innocent and good things happen to those who wait. Even though Cinderella was treated terribly by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella never surrendered. Cinderella made an honest effort to complete all the work to arrive at the ball however Cinderella could not. A fairy godmother showed up and helped Cinderella to go to the ball.

Cinderella is a motivation for everybody. Cinderella never let the bad influence her heart. Cinderella was consistently sure and attempted the best to transform her. Cinderella never acted up with her stepsisters or her stepmother. Cinderella was so tolerant of their conduct. Cinderella improved life later due to her understanding and conduct.

The fundamental part of the story is about good versus evil. How Cinderella’s life changed into a superior life is all a direct result of her integrity even after being abused by her family.

We can get the best out of tough circumstances. Even though Cinderella has experienced a ton. Cinderella could not go to the ball. Cinderella made a decent attempt to go and later got an opportunity to reach. Cinderella’s life changed after that.

Application of the Moral in Real Life

In reality, we have to apply the morals from the Cinderella story. The story is a motive example of the inspiration for changes throughout everyday life.

  • When somebody knocks us, we should not feel terrible and neglect our objectives. It does not make a difference in others’ opinions or how they treat you. You should never lose trust in yourself.
  • Good things come to individuals who stand by. When you are trying for a job, do not compromise on little things. On the go, if you do not land the dream position do not lose trust. Keep trying until you reach there.
  • When you recommend somebody a suggestion and they ignore your recommendation. You need not be disappointed. You took care of your responsibility by proposing a suggestion but they do not know the value of your suggestion now and will regret it later.
  • If we see somebody in need of help, we should support them. Regardless of whether we don’t get anything back, we should be there for other people. We should help other people and be thoughtful. Cinderella even after being abused she never hurt her family. Cinderella consistently tuned in to her stepmother and did all the work.
  • If somebody in your life degrades you or is mean to you, don’t let it influence your heart or emotional wellness. Consider that they don’t get you. Sometime in the distant future, they will understand your value and turn around to you. We should not let the surroundings of our everyday life influence our inner soul. Cinderella remains, as an illustration, to discover that we should not acknowledge everything and be positive. 


The Cinderella story is inspiring and heart-touching. The Cinderella story is famous and has been translated into many languages. The story has been reproduced into films and short recordings. Kids appreciate the story and love the end as Cinderella’s life turned flawlessly. The story thought processes that the great open door consistently sits tight for the person who works hard. Cinderella was thoughtful and innocent. Cinderella never crossed her lines and didn’t attempt to fight against her stepmother.

Cinderella’s understanding and guiltlessness cleared a path for a superior life. Each young lady needs to have a better living however Cinderella was not treated as some other young lady. The merciless stepmother made Cinderella a slave of their family. It is not right on the whole to treat somebody badly. The stepmother ought to have treated Cinderella as equivalent to her daughters. Cinderella tried for an opportunity to go to the ball like every other young lady. 

However, her stepmother did not allow her by giving her numerous household works. Although Cinderella attempted a lot to complete all the family tasks soon, she was unable to make it to the ball. A fairy godmother felt tragic for Cinderella and waved an opportunity for Cinderella to go to the ball. The fairy godmother made Cinderella look lovely by offering an excellent outfit.

We should be patient and carry on in a positive manner. Youngsters need to take in the morals of the story. We should not carry on like the stepmother and stepsisters of Cinderella. Kids must know about good and bad conduct. Good conduct gives a superior life and bad conduct makes you remain behind. Cinderella’s life changed because she was positive and kind. Regardless of anything, never give up.

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