Jack and The Beanstalk Story in English for Kids

Jack and the beanstalk story is a very famous story since time immemorial. It is an interesting story and has moral values that help children to learn the positives of life. The story initially appeared in the year 1734. This fairy tale has been retold by Flora Annie Steel in her English story tales. 

The story has been noted to be more than 4000 years old. Jack and The Beanstalk story is a popular story from pre-historic times. Moral values are very important for children to apply in their real-life situations. Children enjoy the story and remember the moral values.


Once upon a time, there lived a boy named jack along with his widow mother. They were very poor and could not even afford proper food for a day. 

One day, jack’s mother got sick and asked her son to go to the market and sell their only cow to get some money. Jack’s mother had no other option other than selling the cow. 

Jack started to take the cow to the market and on his way, he met a man who wanted to buy the cow but did not have money. The man wanted to buy the cow in exchange for the magical beans he had. Jack believed the man and gave his cow and brought the magical beans home. Jack’s mother was very upset with Jack’s behavior. 

Jack’s mother said that man fooled you by taking away the cow and gave you some useless beans. Jack was very sad and upset. Jack went to sleep without having dinner. 

The next day as jack woke up, jack saw a huge beanstalk grown outside his house from the window. Jack realized that the beanstalk grew up from the magical beans that he got from that man. Jack climbed up the beanstalk and discovered a kingdom in the sky. 

Jack entered the kingdom and met a kind lady in the kitchen. Jack told the lady that he was very hungry and asked her for some food. The kind lady gave some bread and milk to jack. As Jack was eating the food, a huge giant entered the kingdom. 

Jack learned that the lady he met is the wife of the giant. The giant was scary and terrible. Jack was so frightened that he hid inside the house. The giant cried, “I smell the blood of a man.” 

The wife told him that there was no one except them. The giant had his food and went into his room to rest. The giant took out his sack of gold coins and counted them. The giant put them back and fell asleep. As the day turned into night, the clever Jack slowly crawled out of the hidden place in the house and climbed down the beanstalk with the sack of gold coins. 

Jack went home and gave jack’s mother the sack of gold coins. Jack’s mother was happy to see the gold coins and was proud of her son as he helped her to manage their living. Jack and his mother lived happily.

After some days, Jack climbed the beanstalk again. He asked the giant’s wife for some food to eat. The giant’s wife was so kind and gave jack some bread and milk. 

While jack was consuming the food, the giant entered the kingdom. Jack immediately hid under the bed. 

The giant cried, “I smell the blood of a man.” The wife said, “there is no one here.” The giant had his meal and went inside. 

The giant took out a hen and shouted “Lay!” The hen laid a golden egg. After some time, Jack slid out from the bed and silently took the hen away. Jack climbed down the beanstalk and reached his home. Jack gave his mother the hen that lays golden eggs. 

Jack’s mother was immensely happy and they lead a better life.

tree to sky

Some more days passed and Jack decided to climb up the beanstalk curiously to know what more he could find there. Jack climbed the beanstalk for the third time. 

Everything repeated the same way as before. Jack asked the lady for some food and she offered him the food. As Jack was eating, the giant came home. 

The giant cried,” I smell the blood of a man.” The wife said “Stop being silly! There is n body here” The giant believed the words of his wife and went to sleep. Jack found out that the giant owns a magical harp that plays beautiful songs. Jack thought the harp would be very helpful and silently tried to climb down the beanstalk with the harp. 

Meanwhile, the harp cried, “Help master! Someone is stealing me.” The giant immediately woke up and saw Jack with the magical harp in his hands. The terrific giant started to run after jack furiously. Jack was too fast and escaped from the giant. Jack ran down the beanstalk. 

The giant followed Jack down the beanstalk. Jack rushed into his house and took an axe to chop off the beanstalk. Jack started to chop the beanstalk with the axe. The giant fell down and died.

Jack and his mother are very rich now and lived happily forever.

Origin of the Story

This story has its roots in the Proto-Indo-European language and also the Proto-Indo-Iranian selection in addition. It is thought by many of us that this story originated thousands of years agone i.e. from 4500 BC to 2500 BC. 

Benjamin Tabart revealed the history of the jack and the beanstalk story however the story is thought of as past. The author of the story is unknown however Joseph Jacobs wrote the story supported oral stories detected from ancestors. The story is told by totally different writers in several ways in which. Jack and the beanstalk story remain a well-liked story because it has been passed on from the ancestors.

Moral of the Story

Jack and The Beanstalk story is interesting. The story has different moral aspects to learn from.

  • Make the best out of the situation. Whatever may be the situation, try to get the best possible solution or benefits even from the worst situation. Jack could not help his mother financially. Jack sold the cow and got the magical beans in return. Jack’s mother threw them away. Jack was sad that he could not help his mother. As jack found out about the Beanstalk, he tried to get whatever he could without the knowledge of the giant. He was clever enough to get whatever he could from the Beanstalk.
  • When opportunity knocks, take advantage of it. Jack made his visit a worthy one by getting some or the other every time he went up. Jack utilized every chance to support his mother.
  • Listen to your mother and do what she says. Jack’s mother asked to bring money in exchange for the cow. Instead, jack brought the magical beans. Though jack’s mother didn’t believe in the magical beans it turned out to be a favor to them. 
  • Though it was helpful for them both, we should always remember that we need to do what we are asked by our elders. 
  • We need to be careful and do not risk things when we know that the situation is worse. Jack even after knowing that the giant is dangerous, visited the beanstalk three times. Jack should have been careful. Jack’s mother did not insist jack not to go back up the beanstalk. At last, when jack was getting down the giant followed Jack down the beanstalk. Jack was clever enough to cut off the beanstalk immediately. It is not right to risk life.

Application of moral in real life

The story has many real-life applications as the story has different morals to learn. Jack’s cleverness at the end of the story is appreciated as he acted immediately to escape from the giant. Jack and the beanstalk story is a popular story that has been known for centuries.

Here are a few applications of morals in real-life:

  • When we are not able to perform well in the examinations. It does not mean we are worthless. We have to try to do whatever we could to be in a better place. We need to remember that we have to do the best out of any situation. No matter what, we should never give up on anything.
  • When our parents give us some work to do, we have to do as said. It might be beneficial for jack’s family but it is not the same in every case. Not everyone gets the magical beans and finds treasures of the giant on the beanstalk.
  • In real-life, we should not take a risk when we are in danger. We need to be careful. Jack risked his life and went up the beanstalk and brought the treasures of the giant. At the end, when the giant saw jack and followed him down the beanstalk. Jack immediately cut off the beanstalk and escaped. Jack went up the beanstalk even though he knew it is risky to go and escape from the giant. In reality, we should not risk even after knowing the bad consequences.
  • We need to act clever at times. Jack cleverly brought the treasures of the giant every time he went up the beanstalk. Jack cleverly hid from the giant and took away the property. Jack escaped every time. At last, jack tried to escape from the giant and cleverly chopped off the beanstalk. Acting smart at the right time is important. Cleverness and timing are important when you are at risk. It is better not to take risks but when needed we have to act accordingly.


Jack was not clever enough in the beginning. Jack sold the cow in exchange for the magical beans. Jack did not follow his mother’s instructions. He disobeyed his mother and was upset with his mother’s reaction. When jack found out the beanstalk, he went inside and acted hungrily. While the giant was asleep, he cleverly robbed the treasures of the giant. 

Jack acted smartly in escaping every time from the giant’s eye except the last. The giant saw jack and followed. Jack cleverly escaped from the giant by cutting off the beanstalk. Jack was happy for being able to get the treasures easily. It was not so easy as it seemed to be. Jack made his poor mother happy but at the same time, he took the giant’s property. It is not right to take property that belongs to others. Jack and his mother were poor enough to make a living. 

Even though it is hard for the family to live, Jack should not find an easy way of earning like taking away the giant’s property. If jack had sold the cow and brought the money home then he would not have to risk his life with the giant. 

The giant sensed the presence of a man and was suspicious. The giant’s wife gave jack some bread and milk every time. She was so kind and did not tell anything about the boy to the giant. Jack made it a chance to take away whatever he could in the minimal time he had. Jack went back to the beanstalk only when he was in need of the treasures again. From the storyline, we learn that we need to make use of every situation. It is also important that we should not risk and fall in threat. Though jack managed to escape from the giant. It is risky and dangerous. 

We need not do things that cause a threat to our life. We have to live with what we have. Living with hard-earned money gives more pleasure than stolen property. The story has a moral life to make use of every opportunity. We need to remember that we have to use the opportunity that would be beneficial for us and does not cause harm to anyone. 

The story is easy to understand and applicable in real-life. Jack and the beanstalk story is mysterious and interesting that everyone enjoys reading.