The Three Little Pigs Story for Children in English

The three little pigs story is one of the oldest moral stories for children that set a good example in the terms of dedication. The three little pigs story has been depicted in many ways by different authors. The story is about the three piglets who manage to survive from a big bad wolf. 

The story has moral values that inculcate the importance of dedication. The three little pigs leave their home to start to live on their own. Their mother’s advice stands important in the story. Their decisions in the way of living matter and that is how the story is concluded with the bad experiences of the piglets.


Long time ago, there lived a mother pig along with her three little pigs. The pigs lived happily with their mother. The mother pig made everything for her little pigs. They grew up with care and good food. The mother pig worked hard to feed them and she grew older. She became weaker to work and make a living for the family. 

Someday, the mother pig said to her three little pigs that they ought to start making their very own residing as she is too old to work further. The mother pig recommended to her three little pigs that whatever you do, make the best of it. Willpower and hard work are important for a better existence. 

The three little pigs set their journey to begin their living hood. The three little pigs started to move away looking for materials to construct a house. On their way, the first pig found a man with a heap of straws. The pig was sluggish and did not have any desire to travel more looking for materials. 

So, the pig chose to manufacture a house with the straws. The first pig respectfully approached the man for certain straws to manufacture a house. The man concurred and lent him a couple of groups of straws. The first pig constructed an attractive house made of straws and lived cheerfully.

Happy Pig

The other pigs started to travel further and invested somewhat more energy in searching for materials. The next pig however was somewhat lazy as well. He met a man with sticks and requested that the man loan a few sticks to assemble a house. The man was glad to loan those sticks to the pig. 

The third pig voyaged alone for a significant distance lastly found a man with blocks. The little pig approached the man for certain blocks to construct a house. The man joyfully gave the pig a few blocks. The pig fabricated the house with the blocks and lived happily.

Three little pig

At some point, A big terrible wolf found out about the pigs living there. The wolf was risky and hungry. The wolf wanted to make the pig its meal. The wolf went to the first house made of straws and requested that the pig let him in. The pig did not let the wolf inside. The wolf said it would blow off the house if the pig did not allow him. 

The wolf blew away the house as the pig did not allow the wolf. The house-made straws are excessively feeble and soon there was no house for the pig. The pig ran to the next pig on his trotters. The wolf followed him and arrived at the other house. The next pig permitted the other pig and shut the entryway. The wolf requested that the pig open the entryway and let him in. 

The two pigs were so terrified and did not give him access to the house. The wolf said I would brush off the house and gobble you up. The wolf was extremely hungry and figured it could feed on the two pigs. The wolf brushed off the house. The house was made with sticks and it imploded soon. The two pigs raced to the third pig and explained everything. The wolf followed them and comprehended that there is one more pig living there. The wolf was glad to the point that it could have a cheerful dinner. 

Pigs and Fox

The wolf rehashed let me in or I will blow over the house. The pigs did not allow in the wolf. The wolf blew the house however it did not influence the house as it is emphatically made with blocks. The wolf figured it could scale the house from the tree and go into the house from the chimney. 

The pigs were stressed yet they acted cleverly by the time the wolf began to climb down the chimney. The pigs found a big dish and filled it with water. They put it on the fire. The Wolf slid down the fireplace and fell into the dish of high temp water. The wolf was dead. The three pigs are glad that they are spared from the wolf. The pigs cheerfully cooked the wolf and had it for their dinner. The pigs lived cheerfully together.


Origin of the story

Though the story was first printed in the 19th century, it is a well-known story from the past. The story is presented in different ways by different authors. The story appeared as an English fable by Joseph Jacobs in the 1890s. It has also been included in The Nursery Rhymes of England by James-Halliwell-Phillipps. Different authors made the story interesting by adding phrases used by the wolf and the pigs. 

Moral of the story

We can learn various important aspects of life after reading this story. The story is about the little pigs and a bad wolf who was after them to make them his food. The moral values depicted from the story are as below:

  • One should not be lazy to do any work. The pigs traveled in search of materials to build their houses. The first pig was too lazy to find suitable material for the house. It was too lazy and immediately built a house with the straws. The second pig tried and gave up soon. The second pig built the house with the sticks. The third pig did not give up and tried to find a better choice. The third pig found bricks and built the house. In the end, the other two pigs approached the third pig for shelter as the wolf blew away their houses.
  • Hard Work is very important. When the mother pig sent her little pigs away, she said that hard work and will power are very important. While the other two pigs compromised to build their house with whatever they found, the third pig worked hard and built a house made of bricks. As the first two pigs were lazy, their houses collapsed as soon as the wolf blew. They saved time by building them but were not safe in those houses.
  • Believe in yourself. One should believe in their own abilities. Trying hard to do what you want is necessarily important. Apart from the other two pigs, the third pig believed in himself. It worked hard and built a proper safe house. The pigs escaped from the wolf and lived happily.
  • Dedication is one of the most important aspects of the story. The third pig did not give and worked hard. It dedicated completely to build a safe house and remembered his mother’s words about hard working.

Safety is the main point we learn from this story. We need to be safe and for that, we should choose the best of all. The other two pigs gave up easily and built houses with delicate materials that were blown away by the wolf. Their houses were not safe. The other pig built a safer house with strong material that could not be destroyed easily.  

  • Being clever at important times matters a lot. The third pig realized the wolf’s way into the house through the chimney. It immediately acted smart and put a pan of water on fire, so that the wolf would fall into it. This saved their lives from the wolf. The timing and cleverness are more important in this scenario as it is the best thing they could do to escape from the big bad wolf.
  • One should act smart accordingly. Whenever someone is in trouble we need to think cleverly and help them. Sometimes, acting smart saves lives rather than working hard.

Application of Moral in Real-Life

The morals of the story can be applied in real-life as well. It is applicable in various day-to-day lives.

Here are few real-life applications:

  • During our daily activities, we usually do not finish our work and forget about it. It is important that we should not be lazy to do our own work. If laziness dominates our daily works then a lot of work would remain pending and it pressurizes later. This pressure at the end moment when our exams are approaching can affect our grades and also cause anxiety. So, do not let laziness handle your life. Take charge of your life and you can do wonderful things. 
  • We learn from childhood about hard working, but sometimes we do not consider things seriously. While studying, we have to work hard and finish learning the subject. Then go for revision. We should not give up if we find it difficult. Hard Working is key to success. Without hard work, no one can succeed in life. All the successful people have worked hard in their respective fields to gain that position and power and so we have to do the same. 
  • While writing an examination or participating in a competition. We need to believe in ourselves. We should not give up easily until the final point. We should do the best of our ability and stand strong. We do not fail when we score less grades, we fail when we do not participate due to the fear of losing or scoring low. It is not our job to decide the outcome, it is our job to work for it. 
  • When we set a goal in life, we should dedicate our time to it. If we are preparing for a competitive examination, we have to dedicate our time and work hard to perform better in the examination. Without dedication, no task can be accomplished.
  • Being safe depends on oneself. One should make sure they are safe and protect themselves. They are responsible for their own life risks. It may be while driving or moving to places or meeting new people. Whatever may be the scenario one should be careful and safe. 
  • Sometimes, we face sudden problems that make us numb and we do not know how to react or respond. During such times, we should learn to react immediately and think in a clever way to come out of the problem. Being clever and acting smart at times is more crucial in reality.


This story is interesting and enjoyable. The story concludes by expressing the cleverness of the pigs to escape from the wolf. They were advised by their mother to choose the best and lead a better life. 

Though they were responsible while moving away from their mother, they gave up easily. They chose the easiest way to make a house and also felt it would be time-saving to build and settle. The last pig did not compromise in choosing the materials and worked hard to find the bricks to build the house. The houses built with bricks are strong enough and safe to live. This story tells us that laziness makes us our own enemy. 

Here, only because of laziness the little animals could have died. If they worked hard and built their home strong then they would not have to take their brother’s help. In real life too laziness can cause us more harm than any enemy. It is the worst folly to have and we should work on eradicating it from our lives. If the other two pigs would have worked hard to build a safe house, they would not have to seek the third pig’s help but due to their laziness, they gave up. The third pig remembered their mother’s advice and tried its level best to find a way to build a better and safe house. His hard work and dedication saved the lives of the three. Hard work always wins and it is the only key to success.