The Fox And Goat Story in English

The Fox and Goat story in English is a short and sweet moral story for children in English. With the help of two characters, the goat and the fox, the fox and the goat story moral is simple and powerful. Read below the fox and goat story in simple words.

In a forest, there lived a fox. It was very cunning. He always made sweet talk to other animals though he had other intentions on his mind.


On a summer day, the fox was walking in search of water. It came across a well. The well was deep but it had a lot of water. The fox thought to drink the water and bent its head.

Alas! The fox fell into the well. He could not find a way to climb up the well out of the water. He waited for long thinking about how to get out of the well.

Now the second character goat enters here in the fox and goat story. A goat, walking nearby, comes across the well.


The goat looks in the well and the water. He finds the fox and gets surprised.

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The goat asks the fox, “Oh fox, what are you doing inside the well? Come out.”

The fox replies, “Hey dear goat! The water in this well is known for its delicious taste. If you taste it once, you will never forget the taste. Come into the well.”

Hearing the fox say so, the goat got tempted. He believed that the fox is talking true. Without thinking anymore, the goat jumped into the well. He drank his stomach full of water.

But now comes the question in the fox and goat story: The goat asked the fox, “How do we get out now?”

The fox replied, “You stand on your back and help me climb up the well. I will go out and help you to come out of the well.”

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The naïve goat believed the fox again. He supported the fox on his back so he can get out. As soon as the fox got out, the goat asked him to help him out.

The fox now showed his true colors. He said, “Oh stupid goat, you should have thought of it before jumping into the well.”

Saying so, the fox left the pace and went on its way. The goat got his lesson that he should never believe what anyone says without thinking about it.

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 The Fox and the goat story moral

The fox and goat story teaches us to Think before you leap. It means that we should never take decisions blindly based on others’ suggestions. We must think on our own, assess the good and bad of the decision, and make wise steps.

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