Sindbad The Sailor Story in English For Kids

Children love adventure stories. They imagine themselves in the place of those heroes and fighting the bad and the evil. Telling adventure stories for kids is an effective way to build their courage and morals too. They can distinguish between what’s good and what’s bad by listening to such adventure stories for kids.

Sindbad story in English for kids is such an adventure story for kids. It has always stayed top among the adventure stories for kids in English. It is based on One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales. Sindbad story was recently added to the collection. Another famous adventure story from among this collection is Aladdin and the Magic Lamp story for kids. This is also a popular story as much as Sindbad’s story is.

Sindbad story 

Long ago in the city of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, a famous middle eastern country, there lived a young and daring man named Sindbad. He is a merchant and lived with his wife in the city. Everyone called him Sindbad the Sailor, for he loved voyages and adventures on the sea very much. 

One day there came an invitation from another merchant, Hakim. He told Sindbad that another merchant and he are going on a ship to far off lands for doing business. He invited Sindbad too to join them for the same. Sindbad, who loved traveling on sea, accepted the offer. He took farewell from his wife and assured her that he would return home soon.

As they were traveling on the sea, after some days, a big storm struck the ship these three people were sailing in. The storm destroyed the ship, and the three merchants were stranded on a lonely island. 

The third merchant told Hakim and Sindbad that this is the island of Giants. And that it is not safe for them to stay here at all. They were talking all this while sitting on rocks at the shore. 

Meanwhile, a single eyed giant as tall as a palm tree ran towards them. He caught away from the third merchant, for he looked fat among all the three.

Now Hakim is struck with fear. He did not know what to do. But Sindbad assured him and they both followed him to the cave. In the cave, they saw the giant sleeping in a corner and found that the merchant was eaten by the giant.

Sindbad and Hakim slowly and silently walked into the cave without waking up the giant. They found the cave to be full of gold and gems. As they walked ahead, they found a man, pale and full of beard, and fear struck. 

The man told Sindbad and Hakim that he came to the island around four years ago. Then he was caught by this giant and kept as a prisoner for him. 

Sindbad assured that he would help that man. He asked him if he knew anything about how to kill that giant. The man said only one sword can kill the giant. And that his life is in his single eye. The sword is inside the cave, but it is always protected by a huge snake that surrounds it and lets no one reach it.

Hakim could not understand how to reach that knife. But Sindbad being the daring man, stepped inside the cave bravely. He found the snake sleeping with its body fully covering the big knife. Without waking the snake, Sindbad took out his knife and killed it in a single go.

As soon as he killed the snake, Sindbad jumped over it and got hold of the knife. He returned to the place where the one-eyed giant was sleeping. As per the cave man’s inputs, Sindbad understood that the giant’s life is in his eye. So with great force, he pushed the knife into the eye. The giant gave a big cry that resounded in the cave and the whole forest. He then died immediately.

Sindbad, Hakim, and the man escaped from the cave. While going, they packed as much gold and gems as they could. They came to the shore and started thinking about how to escape from that place.

They found huge logs of wood everywhere. All the three worked on making a boat of them. After some days, they made a small boat and started sailing to their home back. As they kept traveling in the small boat, they came across a big ship passing by. They shouted for help and the ship’s captain noticed them. He offered them help and took them into the ship. Thus, after some days of travel, Hakim, Sindbad, and the man returned to their homes and lived happily ever after.

Moral of Sindbad story

Fortune favors the brave. In the Sindbad story, you can see that Sindbad was nowhere afraid or timid. He always stepped ahead in courage and bravery. This made him kill the giant and get rid of him forever.

In another instance of Sindbad story, you can see that this bravery itself helped him to kill the giant snake with guts. Otherwise, he would never have gotten hold of the sword and might have remained in the cave-like the other caveman.

Thus, children, bravery, and courage are important to win over any situation in life. This is the moral of the Sindbad story.

Hope you enjoyed this Sindbad story as much as we did. Adventure stories like Sindbad story take us into another world where we imagine completely different characters and live amidst them. Reading adventure stories is also a good way to escape stress. 

Telling moral stories for kids is an interesting way to pull them back from digital devices. Storytelling creates interest and curiosity in children. It also develops their listening and questioning skills. Storytelling to kids thus favors their overall mental and moral development. 

Please share this Sindbad story with your kids and let them fall in love with adventure stories and moral stories. Please explore our other range of moral stories and adventure stories for kids.