The Golden Egg Story

The Golden egg story is known to most parents. when talking about moral stories about greed, the golden egg story definitely stays on the list. 

Here is the golden egg story that you can read for your kids.

Once upon a time, there lived a poor merchant and his wife in a village. They used to do small tasks and run small shop to make their livelihood. On one day, they decided to grow a duck to add to their income. So, they purchased a duck from a neighboring village. But the secret they did not know was that it is a duck that lays a golden egg!

After some days, the duck lays an egg. The merchant finds two eggs and gets surprised! The eggs are indeed Golden!! Shining and sparkling, made of pure gold!!

He eagerly takes the golden eggs to his wife and explains that he found them near their pet duck. Both of them jump with joy. They go to the market and sell the golden eggs and make a lot of money.

But the golden egg story doesn’t stop here. The duck starts laying a golden egg every day. 

golden egg

The couple stops all the petty tasks they used to do for a livelihood. They start selling the golden egg and make huge money. Soon they got accustomed to living lavishly without doing any hard work. 

The golden egg story keeps going like this!

One day, the wife got a wicked idea. She asks her husband why we should wait for a single golden egg every day. Why can’t we kill the duck and take all the eggs in its stomach and make more money at once?

The foolish husband listens to this and agrees. The same night, both of them catch the duck that lays golden eggs and kills it mercilessly. Alas! All that they could find was blood and not any golden eggs in the stomach of the duck,

Thus, their golden egg story comes to an end. From this golden egg story, they both learned a lesson that greed is dangerous. And only hard work and satisfaction will give happiness to anyone.

Thus, this golden egg story in English tells us how dangerous greed can be. Can’t agree more, isn’t it?