Cap Seller And Monkey Story with Pictures

The cap seller and monkey story in English is one of the famous kid’s stories. There exist various versions of the cap seller and the monkey story. Some versions talk about the grandson of the cap seller and continue this fun story for kids in English.

Here we give such a fun version of the cap seller and monkey story in English with pictures for sharing with your children. Enjoy it!

The cap seller and monkey story  

Long long ago there lived a cap seller. He used to sell caps by carrying them in a bag over his head. He traveled from village to the village often crossing forests.

It so happened that once the cap seller was traveling to a neighboring town to sell caps. He started in the morning by the afternoon he traveled half the distance and reached a forest.

He came across a large tree that gave a lot of shade. “Let me have my food and rest here for some time before I continue my journey”, he said to himself.

Thinking so, he kept his caps bag on the ground. He opened his food packet which he brought along with him, ate it, and slept under the tree.

Cap seller1

What he did not notice was the monkeys on the tree! After a couple of hours, he woke up.


“Oh my! I slept for a long”, he thought. 

He wanted to continue his journey to the town and looked for the caps bag.

Alas! The bag is empty. The bag doesn’t even have a single cap. 

“Where are my caps?”, the caps seller got puzzled.

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First, he assumed thieves might have stolen them.

But then he heard some noise from above the tree he was sleeping in. 

To his surprise, he saw many many monkeys. Never had he seen so many monkeys on one tree.

Cap seller

What surprised him more was all the monkeys were playing with his caps!

Poor cap seller could not understand how to get his caps back.

He sat thinking for a while.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. He remembered that monkeys are good at mimicking humans.

The cap seller took his cap from his head and bowed to them. The monkeys looked at him doing it and bowed to him likewise.

Inside, the cap seller was happy that he is correct about the monkey’s behavior.

Then, he took a stone and threw it onto the monkeys. In return, the monkeys threw the fruits in their hands at him.

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Immediately, the cap seller took off his cap from his head and threw it with great force onto the ground. 

The monkeys without thinking for a second did the same. They threw the caps in their hands onto the ground! 

Cap seller5

The cap seller who was waiting for this moment did not make any delay.

Immediately, he collected all caps and kept them in his bag. He said bye-bye to the monkeys and went on his way happily.

Moral of the cap seller and the monkey story

The cap seller and the monkey story in English teach us how to escape tricky situations by using our brains. There were many monkeys that the cap seller could not have handled if he used his strength or anger. He came out of the situation by using thinking and common sense.

Thus, the cap seller and monkey story in English conveys how much common sense and thinking are important for us in life.

Now go ahead and share this capseller and the monkey story in English with pictures with your friends and have fun story time.

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