The Greedy Dog Moral story in English

The Greedy Dog moral story is well known to all of us. It tells us how greed can be dangerous. Here is a re-narrated version of the greedy dog story in English.

There was a hungry greedy dog. It was roaming on the streets to find some food. After searching for some time, it found a piece of meat. The greedy dog was so happy and caught it with its mouth immediately. It started to run towards its place to relish the meat piece. 

On its way, it came across a narrow stream of water that it had to cross. The greedy dog became curious about the water flow and looked into it. In the water, it found another dog with meat in its mouth. It could not realize that the dog was in fact its reflection!

The greedy dog thought it was another dog relishing its food. It however wanted to get hold of the meat piece and enjoy it too. Then it forgot that it was holding a meat piece in its mouth and started barking at the reflection in the water. Alas! The meat fell into the water. Thus, due to its greed, the greedy dog lost what it already had.

Moral of the greedy dog moral story: Be happy with what you have. Greed is dangerous. It leaves you with nothing. Check Leadership Qualities for Students

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