The Frog in Boiling Water Story in English

Here we give the frog in boiling water story in English.

Once there was a frog. It fell into a vessel of water. Soon after, someone started a fire under the water vessel. The water started getting warm gradually.

However, the frog in boiling water thought, “Oh wow, here it is getting warm! I can adjust my skin accordingly.”

Thinking so, the frog adjusted itself to the rising temperature.

Soon, the water started getting hotter. The frog in boiling water did not even think about getting out. It just kept adjusting to the rise in temperature silently.

Not soon, the frog boiling water became too hot for the frog to bear. It could not bear the heat anymore and wanted to jump out.

But alas! By that time, the frog lost all its energy and could not jump out of the boiling water.

Poor frog in boiling water died due to its inability to escape initially before the water got too hot. 

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Moral of the frog in boiling water story

Some situations in our life test us. While most of them are like boiling water, we should realize when to adjust and when to escape such draining situations. 

The frog in boiling water story teaches us that there is a limit to everything. We should choose the right moment and escape before things turn too bad. If we keep bearing bad people or situations too much, they will ultimately exhaust us and drain our energy.

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