Krishna and Balram Friendship Stories for Kids

Krishna and Balaram are an example of ideal brothers. They share a beautiful sibling bond. Krishna and Balaram had the most beautiful childhood at Yashoda maa. Everyone in Vrindavan loved both of them and also worshipped them in their hard times.  

Who is Balarama?

Balarama is the brother of Krishna in the Dwapara Yuga. He is an avatar of Adi Shesha, the Divine Serpent on which Lord Vishnu resides in the Vaikuntha. Balarama is an important deity in the Triad at the Puri Jagannath Temple, Odisha. Here Lord Sri Krishna along with his siblings Balarama and sister Subhadra are worshipped.   

Krishna and Balram Friendship Stories for Kids

Below are some of the Krishna and Balram friendship stories that your children will enjoy. 

Balaram Killing Dhenukasura

This story tells of Balaram defeating Dhenukasura, a powerful demon in the form of a donkey. 


In their sixth year, Sri Krishna and Balarama were permitted to take the cattle to the forest for grazing by their parents. The cowherd men usually take their cattle to the Vrindavan forest for grazing. Vrindavan forest was one of the most beautiful forests which is full of beautiful flowers and different varieties of vegetables. 

One morning Krishna, Balarama, and their friends took the cattle to Vrindavan forest. They sang songs, imitated birds and other animals, and also danced with each other along their way. After reaching the Vrindavan forest, Sri Krishna and Balarama allowed the cows and the calves to graze and they sat together and started talking to each other. They got a sweet smell from a distance and all of them were tempted by it. 

When Sri Krishna and Balarama asked where the sweet smell was coming from, a cowherd boy said, “Dear Sri Krishna and Balarama, this sweet smell is from the beautiful Talavana forest which is near to our place.  

There are long palm trees with many fruits in that forest. Many people said that those fruits are very delicious. This smell is coming from those ripe fruits that fell off from the trees. But no person nor animal ever dared to go near those trees and eat those yummy fruits as there is a demon called Dhenukasura who lived in that forest along with his relatives and friends.  

These demons are in the form of donkeys, and they are very powerful. They killed many animals and people who went to eat those fruits. We all know that you both are very powerful and can defeat those demons, shall we go to Talavana forest and have those yummy fruits. We are very tempted by the sweet aroma and want to taste those fruits. Please accept our request” 

As all the friends requested, Sri Krishna and Balarama agreed to go there. All of them started towards Talavana forest. Balarama shook the palm trees in the Talavana forest with great strength and many delicious fruits fell off from those trees.  

The other boys were overjoyed and started eating those fruits. The demon Dhenukasura woke up from his sleep as there were loud sounds made by falling fruits. He immediately ran with great force towards the palm trees and saw Balarama shaking the trees and others eating the fallen fruit. All the other boys got scared and hide behind rocks and trees.  

The furious Dhenukasura ran towards Balarama and kicked him. Balarama fell far away but he got up, held Dhenukasura’s legs, wheeled him, and threw him onto the trees. Dhenukasura’s demon friends and relatives immediately came and attacked both Sri Krishna and Balarama. Sri Krishna and Balarama beat black and blue all the demons and held their legs, wheeled them, and threw them away. 

Like this, Balarama and Sri Krishna defeated Dhenukasura and his fellow demons. All the other boys were ecstatic and praised Krishna and Balarama for defeating the demons. Then Sri Krishna, Balarama, and their friends ate those delicious fruits as much as they wanted and carried the fruits to their home happily. From that day, a began to come into the Talavana forest to collect those yummy fruits. 

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Krishna Eating Mud

Balaram was always a caring brother to his little brother Krishna. Balram knew Krishna was naughty and always kept a constant watch on him.

One day, Balaram was playing with his friends outside their home in Vrindavan. Krishna was a very little boy and was crawling. He came out of the house and saw his brother Balram playing with his friends. He smiled and went near them. He wanted to play with them. 

Balram noticed this. Krishna was small and cannot play like Balram or his friends. So, being a caring brother, he brought back Krishna to the house front and made him sit there. He again went to play with his friends. 

Now, little Krishna was disappointed. He was feeling bored. He could not know what to do. He just kept striking his foot in the mud. Suddenly, being a naughty boy, Krishna took a handful of mud and put it in his mouth silently. Balaram observed this and was stunned. He immediately rushed to Krishna and asked him to open his mouth. Krishna gave a naughty smile but did not open the mouth. 

Balaram asked once again but in vain. Balram immediately rushed to his mother who was working in the kitchen. Balram told Maa Yashoda, “Maiyyaa, Krishna is eating mud!” 

Yashoda maa rushed to Krishna. She observed that he was closing his mouth and chewing something. She gently asked him to open his mouth. Krishna refused to do so. Then she strictly says to ask his mouth. 

For which, Krishna obeys and opens his mouth. Then all that Yashoda maa could see was the Space, planets, stars, oceans, and the whole earth! She was utterly shocked and realized that her son is a divine form. But immediately Krishna weaves his Maya and she forgets everything that happens and goes inside the home. 

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krishna and butter

In this way, Krishna and Balram are responsible for Yashoda maa to witness the greatness of Lord Sri Krishna.