Two Frogs Story in English With Images

The two frogs story teaches us that we should not give up even if others are discouraging. The two frogs story images are interesting in the sense that it is the amoral story that conveys life lessons in a quick, thoughtful way. Move on to read the frog story in English.

In the two frogs story, once a group of frogs was crossing a forest.


Suddenly, two frogs fell into a pit of deep soil. The other frogs looked in the pit and were shocked. They decided that the two frogs can never make out of it.

Meanwhile, the two frogs in the pit started digging into the soil and trying to come out of the well. The two were actively jumping and shaking the soil as best as they can.

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However, the frogs from outside the pit kept shouting and raising their hands. They said, “you cannot make it, you will die inside the pit!”

Listening to their continuous screaming, one of the two frogs gave up. He decided that what his friends were saying is true and he cannot make it out of the pit even though he tried.

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After some time, that frog died. Meanwhile, the second frog kept shaking, jumping, and digging as best as he can.

After a few hours, the second frog made it to the top of the pit! The other frogs were surprised to see his success. They asked, “why did you now give up though we were shouting that you will die there and cannot make it?”

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The second frog said, “Oh! Was that you said? I thought you were encouraging me. Actually you do not know that I am deaf and cannot hear from far.”

Children, isn’t the two frogs story really insightful?

Moral of the two frogs story images:

The two frogs story teaches us that people around us may or may not support us when we are trying to work hard. That should not make us give up. We must continue to put in our best efforts and surprise people with our success.

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