The rainbow fish story – Moral story for children

The rainbow fish story teaches us the beauty of giving. Let’s see the story of the rainbow fish that reminds us that beauty is not the true joy but helping others is.

Long ago there lived a rainbow fish. It got its name because of the beautiful, vibrant shimmery scales it got all over his body. The scales were in different colors glowing and shining which gave the rainbow fish a different mesmerizing look compared to other fishes.

rainbow fish

All other fishes in the ocean admired the rainbowfish for its beauty. They wanted to play with him. But the rainbow fish was always focusing on its beauty. He never encouraged other fish to play with him.

Once a small little fish approached the rainbow fish. It requested, “ Could you please give me one of your beautiful scales?”

The rainbow fish said, “Never. Go away. These beautiful scales are mine and mine only.”

Poor rainbow fish, though he was beautiful, could never be happy. He wanted to find out the reason why and approached the big fish in the ocean.

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Enter the wise octopus

One of the big fishes said, “There is only one who can show you the path to happiness – our wise octopus. Go and take her advice.”

Accordingly, the rainbow fish started to octopus’s place. The octopus lived in a dark cave in the ocean. As the rainbow fish reached the cave, he saw the gigantic octopus waiting for him.


The wise octopus smiled and welcomed the rainbow fish. The octopus said, “ I have expected you. The water carried the information that you are coming here!”

Surprised, the rainbow fish told its problem to the octopus. “I am the most beautiful fishes in the ocean. But I am not happy. I do not know why!”, it lamented.

The octopus suggested, “ You may not like what I am saying. But give away these beautiful scales to the other fishes and you will find the happiness.”

Clearly, the rainbow fish is not happy with the Octopus’s suggestion. It thanked the octopus and returned to its place.

On the way, the rainbow fish came across the little fish who asked earlier for one scale. The rainbow fish thought, “How would it be if I can give one of my beautiful scales to this little one? After all, what difference will one scale make for my beauty?”

Thinking so, it plucked one of its beautiful scales and gave it to the little fish. “Hey little one, please take this,” said the rainbow fish to the little fish.

The little fish was overwhelmed with joy. It took the scale happily and thanked the rainbow fish. The little fish carefully added the beautiful scale to its scales.

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“Wow, how beautiful I am!”, it exclaimed. It started playing and jumping happily.

Looking at the joy and happiness of the little fish, the rainbow fish started feeling satisfied. He experienced happiness for the first time in his life looking at the happiness of the little one.

Soon, the other fishes approached the rainbow fish and requested one scale each. The rainbow fish gave away all its scales one by one to the other fishes.

The fish that took the scales from the rainbow fish thanked him immensely. They invited him to play with them.

Thus, the rainbow fish no longer had any beautiful scales but gained many friends and happiness, just by giving!

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The moral of the rainbowfish story:

The rainbow fish story teaches us that the true joy of life lies in giving. Help others in whatever you have and God will bless with you infinite happiness.

Children, we hope you liked this story of rainbow fish. Read King Bruce and the Spider story.