The Crow and the Peacock Story: Who is Happy?

The crow and the peacock story tell us how to be happy in life. It uses characters like crow, peacock, parrot, and dove. This peacock and crow moral story is one of the most famous moral stories for children. Move on to learn what the crow and peacock moral story teaches us.

Once there lived a crow in a forest. It always used to feel bad about its colour. 

Thirsty Crow

Every time people used to shoo it away, its pain used to be more. 

One day it was flying over a pond. It saw a dove sitting on the tree near the pond. The dove was milky white! It looked so beautiful to the crow who was hating its black colour. The crow approached the dove and said, “Hey dove, you are so beautiful. I am sure you are the happiest bird in the forest.”

The dove replied, “ I thought I was a beautiful bird till I saw a parrot. It was charming in red and green. I am sure the parrot must be the happiest bird amongst all of us.”

Then both the crow and the dove flew to the parrot’s nest and waited for it. 

When the parrot came to its nest in the evening, both the crow and the dove asked the parrot the same question. “Parrot, we both are sure that you are the most beautiful and happiest bird in the forest. Don’t you agree?”

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The parrot replied, “I used to think the same till I saw a peacock. It was shining in multiple colours and was so captivating. I saw it in the zoo nearby.”

Then, the crow, the dove and the parrot flew to the zoo. They searched for the peacock’s cage and finally found it.  People are looking at the peacock fabulously with surprise and happiness. They are taking its pictures and trying to feed it with nuts and fruits.

The three birds – parrot, crow and dove – saw all this and felt that the peacock is indeed lucky to be enjoying such attention. They flew near the peacock and wished for it.

They asked the peacock, “We are so jealous of you. Everyone is trying to take a look at you and feed you. Undoubtedly, you are the happiest bird amongst all of us.”

The peacock said, “Due to my beauty, they captivated me and kept me in the bone. I have no freedom to move nor fly. I can’t even sleep when I feel like it. I have seen all the birds in this zoo.”

The peacock continued, “Even parrots and doves are kept in bones like me. The only bird that is not in this zoo and free to live its life is the crow.”

The Goldilocks three bears story

Moral of the crow and peacock story: 

Never feel bad about something that you don’t have. Everyone is gifted with something by God. Just realize your strengths and work towards shining by honing your skills. When we are happy with what we have and stop comparisons with others, we can be the happiest person in the world. This is what the crow and the peacock moral story teaches us.

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