The Power of Unity – Moral Story for Kids

Telling moral stories to kids is an easy way to build their life skills. Children listen to any story with interest and curiosity. Thus, when we share moral stories with them, while listening to them, they imagine themselves living in that story. Whereby the moral of the story sinks in into the young minds with ease.

The Power of Unity Moral story is one such famous children’s story that has been in existence for ages. It has roots in many cultures and exists in many variations too. Despite the variation of the story, its main moral always remained the same – Unity is Strength.

Here are two such famous moral stories based on the Power of Unity. We are sure children will like them.

Moral story 1: Power of Unity: The Birds and The Net

Once upon a time, there lived many birds in a forest. They had a king – old and experienced. All the birds used to fly to the nearest places for food grains daily.

It so happened that during one summer season, there was no availability of food for them despite their searches. They would fly far just to be disappointed that they have not found any grains.

One day, they again started flying in search of food. As they flew a little far, they found many grains sprinkled at one place. All the birds were more than happy. They thought to themselves, “How lucky we are today! Let’s relish them.”

But the Kingbird said, “Hold on dear friends, daily we have been seeing this place. There were no grains of any sort, but today there are many all of a sudden. I sense someone might have used them to catch us. Let’s wait for some time before enjoying them.”

But the other birds were in no mood to listen. They were starving on one side and the other, they pushed away the words of the King considering him to be too doubtful on such aspects.

And there they went! All the birds flocked on the grains and started enjoying them. 

But the kingbird was not happy seeing this. It sat on the branch of a tree and was observing them. Soon, its fear came true.

A hunter all of a sudden dropped a net on the flock of birds. He was quite thrilled to catch so many birds at one go. He went back to bring his items to pack all the birds.

Now it is the time for birds to be disappointed. They all felt scared for being caught and cursed themselves for not paying to heed the wise old Kingbird. They tried to raise the net from over their wings. But they could not.

The Kingbird thought of a plan. It shouted, “Dear all, do one thing. All of you raise your wings at once and try to fly along with the net. Together you can do it. Come on!”

The birds decide to listen to the Kingbird this time. They understood what he was saying. Then, 1…2…and 3! All the birds raised their wings at one go and started to fly.

Hurray! The net could no longer contain them. It was raised up and above the ground and was flying along with the birds.

The Kingbird was more than happy with this result. The king guided them to a cave where his friend Mouse lived. The birds landed themselves in front of the cave with a big sound. Listening to this, the mouse in the cave was startled. It thought some new animal had come to its cave.

But the Kingbird called aloud the mouse. Listening to the King bird’s voice, the mouse gained relief. It came out of the cave and saw in surprise …so many birds under the net!

The kingbird explained what had happened and requested the mouse to break the net off. The mouse accepted to help its old friend and bit off the net. The birds were happy to be freed. They understood the power of unity and thanked the Kingbird and the mouse for helping them.

Moral story 2: Power of Unity – The old man and the bundle of sticks

A long time ago, there lived an old man with his four sons. The old man was wise and hard working. But, the sons were always fighting among themselves for no reason. The old man was always bothered about this behavior of his sons. He was getting older day by day and the sons were in no mood to stay united on one word. This thought always bothered him deeply.

One day he decided to teach them about the power of unity. He called all the four sons. They came and stood by his old father. He then handed a bundle of sticks to them. He said, “Each one of you try to break this bundle as whole.” 


Obeying their father’s words, each son tried to break the bundle but in vain. They could not even bend it.

Then the old man untied the bundle of sticks. Now he gave individual sticks to them and asked them to break them. The sons broke them with ease and with no effort.

Looking at each of the sons, the old man said, “Have you noticed? When the sticks are together, none of you could break them. But when they were individual and separated, you broke without any effort.”

“Similarly, if you are all together, no one can make advantage of you. Your unity will benefit you. But if you keep quarreling, outsiders will make use of your enmity and try to exploit you.”, he continued.

Listening to this, young men understood their mistake. They promised their father that they would stay on one word henceforth. They realized how great the power of unity is. Later they all stayed together and earned a good name for their unity.

Moral of these stories: 

United we stand, divided we fall. Unity is the greatest strength that can help us achieve anything. Similarly, unity can give us more strength than as individuals we do have.