The Starfish Story for Kids in English

The starfish story gives the moral value of helping nature than can make a difference. A young girl’s innocence in helping a starfish to go back to the ocean is such an inspirational aspect of the story. The story is short and inspiring for the readers. 

Sometimes, we can learn many things from younger people. They are selfless and kind-hearted. The younger generation does not think about themselves instead they try to help others. Even as adults, we think that the little thing we do cannot make any difference. The children think that at least one out of the many would benefit from the little help we offer.

Starfish Story for Kids in English

Once there was a high tide in the ocean and a storm that washed off thousands of sea animals on the shore. There were many starfish on the beachside. 

One day, a girl was walking on the beach and saw many starfish on the beachside. 

As she walked, she picked up every starfish on her way and threw it back into the ocean. People were amazed and shocked at the same time. 

People gave weird looks to her considering her to be stupid to throw all the starfish back into the ocean. 

After some time, an old man walks to her and tells the girl that she cannot do that. The beach is so big and there are thousands of starfish and by throwing them back into the ocean you cannot make any difference. The girl feels so hurt for a while that she would not be able to help all of them. 


Then suddenly the girl picks another starfish and throws it into the ocean as far as possible. She turns towards the man and says now, I made a difference to that starfish.

The old man looks at the girl surprisingly and is impressed. He bends down to pick a starfish and throws it back into the ocean. Soon, every other person on the beach joins the young girl and the old man to help them in saving all the starfish. All the starfish are saved.

Origin of the story

The starfish story of a girl is extracted from the story The star thrower by Loren Eiseley. Though the story has been presented differently, the moral stands the same. The starfish story is an inspirational motive of a young girl towards making a difference in the world.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is to initiate little things to make a difference in the world. No matter how little the help maybe but it matters worth a life to some other. We should consider helping a part of our life without expecting anything in return. 

Life is too big to explore and the little things we do can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. The perspective of vision matters the most than the overlook. We need to learn from the girl that we should not conclude without trying to help. 

The girl in the story wanted to save the starfish that were pushed out of the ocean due to a storm. It was a natural calamity. Instead of ignoring them by walking away, the girl tried to throw them back into the ocean as far as she could. 

The old man said to the girl that this cannot make any difference but the girl did not stop. She tried to throw the next starfish even farther into the ocean to help it survive. This inspired not only the old man to accompany the girl in saving the starfish; it indeed made many people join them. 

We sometimes do not give much thought to little things but we can learn from younger people that little things can make a huge difference as a part of our living in this world. We need to help our surrounding world to live along to make up this world a healthy ecosystem.

Application of the Moral in Real Life

In our day to day life, we come across many people who need food or shelter. We have our issues to deal with and we neglect even if we want to help. 

Helping a man with hunger by providing a little amount can add up to make a meal for the time. We should live better and wish that the people around us should also lead to a better life. If we have a chance to help in any other way rather than lending money or food, then it would be better for them to make their living on their own. Initiating a little help can make a major difference in their lives. 

We often see animals injured in road accidents due to the reckless driving of some vehicles. The poor animals cannot treat themselves on their own and struggle to walk. Here, we can be helpful by taking the animal to a veterinary doctor and getting them treated. 

The little help you do today can give a new life to them. Animals cannot express their pain. We have to initiate providing whatever little help possible. This can make a huge difference to the animal and its family. 


We live in an ecosystem with different types of animals and plants. The balance of life is due to the presence of the surrounding environment. Helping a person or a family or some animal can make a major difference in their lives. We need not think much about helping someone. 

When the time comes and if there is something you could do to help the one in need, then help. That one step we take towards helping someone can be the beginning of a huge difference in the world. We have to work towards developing a better society for future generations. As a citizen, we are responsible for our environment and the lives of our co-existing creatures. The beginning might be difficult but it is worth it when you try hard.