The Cow and Tiger Story Moral Story in Engish for Kids

The cow and the tiger story is a very simple moral story for kids. It is plain in narration and easy to understand. Hence it is a good choice if you are looking for a simple and easy moral story for children in English.

Bedtime stories are what challenge parents. Kids always want new stories at bedtime. This can be a herculean task for parents to search for new stories that will answer their curiosity. But by doing good research, parents can be able to collect many stories that they can share at bedtime with their kids.

We at Indo Moral Tales have many stories and collections that are just useful for this purpose. We aim to bring in the best moral stories for children in English. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do share them with you.

Story of cow and tiger

Once upon a time, there was a cow near a forest. It was living in its shed with its calf. 

Daily it would go to the nearby forest to graze. It would come back by sunset and take care of its calf happily.

Cow  eating grass

Similarly, one day the cow left for grazing in the forest. At that time, a tiger in the forest saw it. 


The tiger approached the cow. It wanted to eat it badly. Read the scorpion and the frog story

On looking at the tiger, the cow got scared. The first thought that struck its mind was who will take care of my calf if this tiger eats me? Thinking of this, its heart sunk.

The cow somehow gathered some courage. It requested the tiger in this way: “Oh tiger, I have a calf at my home. It is a newborn and doesn’t know how to eat or feed by himself. If you permit me, I will go home, give it milk and tell it about how to take care of itself in my absence. After I am done, I will return to you definitely. Then you can eat me.”

The tiger was wholly surprised. It thought, “No animal can even stand before me when it sees me. This cow is requesting me with sincerity. It is not scared of its life, but is thinking about its calf. Maybe the request is genuine!” 

Thinking so, the tiger said, “Oh cow, okay please go home and milk your calf and come back. But do not delay, I am waiting here.”

On listening to this, the cow was immensely happy. It thanked the tiger for permitting it to go home for its calf. 

She went to its shed, licked its calf, and caressed it. It gave the calf milk to its stomach. Ocean facts for children


The cow also explained to its calf that it should behave like a good child even in the mother’s absence. It stressed that the calf should stay strong and speak the truth all the time. 

Saying so, it kissed its calf one last time and started returning to the tiger again.  Extracurricular activities for children

Meanwhile, the tiger thought that the cow would not return. It thought who would return on their own to become food for the tiger. But then it simply waited to test its luck.


To its astonishment, the cow returned. The tiger could not believe his eyes. It fell into a great dilemma! Should it eat the cow or leave it? The tiger thought, “Eating an honest cow like this will bring me all bad. I should let this cow go!”

Making his decision firmly, the tiger said to the cow, “Hey cow, I appreciate your honesty. I made up my mind not to eat you. Please go and take care of your calf and live happily forever with it.”

Now it is the time for the cow to be surprised. It thanked the tiger wholeheartedly returned to its shed and lived happily with its calf forever.

Happy Cow

Origin of this story:

The story is based on Telugu tales. The cow and tiger story also finds a mention in the famous Anantha Padmanabha Vratam that is performed by Telugu people.

The story has many versions too.

In another version, the calf comes to the rescue of its mother. It says to the tiger, “Please eat me and leave my mother” Looking at this sacrifice and motherly love, the tiger lets both the cow and the calf go.

Moral of the story:

Despite the version of the cow and the tiger story, the moral is clear. It is the responsibility of the mother to take care of her child. According to the second version, the child comes forward to protect its mother.

This moral story for kids explains the beauty of motherly love in a heart-touching manner. Another great aspect of this story is it explains the power of honesty. With honesty and keeping up with its words, the cow won over the heart of the cruel tiger. This means when we are sincere even the odds in life will turn in our favor. But importantly, we have to be sincere and honest despite what may happen. Thumbelina story in English


The cow and the tiger story tells the power of two things: Mother’s love and Honesty

These two we experience in our daily life. By telling this story to children in the right manner, we can imbibe them with the power of honesty. Though it may sound like staying honest on its own can bring trouble, in the end, only honesty and sincerity win. Even many other tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata stress the same.

Even in this story, it is the sincerity of the cow that melts the heart of the tiger. Ma is if the cow tried to escape along with its kid, it would have lived with guilty feelings or fear of being hunted by tiger all the time. 

Similarly, the tiger might have gotten angrier and come in search of the cow and killed both the calf and the cow! Who knew?? So it is the sincerity of the cow that saved it from the dangers!!

This is the final moral we can draw from this cow and tiger story. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Read how to teach kids about health and hygiene