Top 20 Small Stories For Kids in English

Small stories are a good way to satisfy the curiosity of young minds. Children love to learn quickly and fast. For their inquisitive minds, various themed kids stories and small stories suit perfectly. Some children even demand multiple stories. They won’t be pleased with just one or two stories. In such cases, small stories and kids story from various niches come to the rescue of parents in a great way.

Small stories are a good way to teach morals interestingly. By making use of small stories from various cultures, we can teach children different morals in a very quick time. We can also give them the taste of different cultures, times, animals, and human traits in a gripping way. All these that they learn from a small story will remain in their little minds forever intuitively. 

Hence, if you are a time-crunched parent, make sure to share at least one small story with your children daily. It will help in developing their learning and overall behavior beautifully. Small stories also help siblings, friends and peers to share with their counterparts and have fun time.

Here we made a collection of multiple small stories that originated from various cultures and languages. Hope you enjoy these small stories and share them with your kids.

The Monkey and the Cap Seller

This is a small kids story that is fun-filled.

Once a cap seller lived in a small village. He was selling caps by placing caps in a basket. He was holding the basket on his head and moving from village to village selling them by shouting, “Caps! Caps! Colorful caps! For children and adults. Come and choose your favorite one!”

Like this, he was selling and kept moving from village to village. One day, while moving from one village to another he was tired. It was full hot in the afternoon and he decided that he would take some rest. He searched for shade, and he found a huge tree. He lowered his basket and kept it aside. He lied down in the shade of the tree that had a cool breeze even in the hot sun.

Now what the cap seller missed to notice was that the tree was full of monkeys. As the cap seller was immensely tired, he fell into a deep sleep very quickly. Noticing this, the monkeys on the tree slowly came down without making a noise. They all started playing and wearing the caps and jumped onto the tree again.

After some time when the cap seller woke up, he found an empty basket! He thought that thieves might have taken them and was filled with disappointment. 

Monkey and cap seller

When he started thinking, he raised his head and viola! He saw monkeys wearing all his caps!!

monkeys wearing all his caps!

The cap seller did not know what to do. He thought for a while and came up with a plan. He had a cap on his head. He took the cap into his hand. Noticing his action, the monkeys also took their respective caps into their hands. Then he again put the cap on his head. The monkeys repeated the same. They also put the cap on their respective heads. The sap seller did this thrice. The monkeys also repeated this thrice.

The fourth time, the cap seller took the cap and threw it onto the ground. Immediately all the monkeys throw their caps onto the ground without any further thinking. Hurray! All the caps are on the ground.

caps are on the ground

Without any further delay, the cap seller collected them as soon as possible and added them to this basket. Looking at this, the monkeys were surprised at how the cap seller fooled them!

Moral of this small story: Quick thinking can help get out of many problems.

The Snake and the Crow English Story

Once there lived a crow near a royal palace. The palace and its garden were clearly visible from the top of the tree.

The crow laid 2 eggs in one summer month. Noticing this, a snake that lived nearby wanted to eat those eggs. 


As the crow set out to its food search the next day, the snake crawled up the tree and ate all the eggs. When the crow returned to the nest in the evening, it was disappointed to see its eggs missing. It was surprising who might have stolen them.

In the next week, again it laid 2 eggs. The snake repeated this again when the crow went searching for the food. Now, when the crow returned to the nest in the evening, it got angry. It wanted to know who is doing this. The next day, it flew a little distance away and waited from another tree to see who was reaching its nest daily.

As usual, the snake crawled up the tree to see if there were any eggs. The crow understood that it was the snake’s doing. It observed where its anthill is. It wanted to get rid of the snake anyhow and came up with a plan.

The next day, the queen and the women in the palace came to the royal swimming pool to take a bath. They took off all their jewelry and placed it on the floor before they set out to step into the water.

The crow saw this. It flew over the pool and grabbed the jewelry of the queen with its beak. Observing the crow taking away the jewelry, the royal women started shouting. Hearing this, the guards understood that the crow was stealing the jewelry and started following it.

crow taking away the jewelry

The crow observed this. It wanted this to happen. Then, it dropped the jewelry into the anthill.


Observing this, the guards dug the whole anthill and killed the snake sleeping inside it. They took the jewelry and returned to the palace.

snake died

Thus, with its intelligence, the crow got rid of the snake.

Moral of this English story: Intelligence is required to fight with powerful enemies.