10 Lines Short Stories With Moral For Kids

These 10 line short stories with morals can be read by anyone. They are an excellent way to teach morals and values to kids. Our Indian Mythology is filled with stories that will not only provide wisdom but also teaches important life lessons. 

Children love listening to stories. They are useful for children to learn moral values at a young age. Elders need to guide the children and help them learn values by telling them short stories with lessons and values. 10 line short stories with morals are simple to read and easy to explain to kids. Children can learn a lot by reading the 10 line short stories with morals and applying them in real life. They can develop their writing skills like experts at CustomWritings whose professional academic writers create custom papers and short stories from scratch.

Here are a few 10 line short stories with moral for the kids:

1. The Birds in the Kingdom

One day a king and his clever advisor were walking in the garden. 


The king wanted to test the advisor’s brilliance and came up with a question “how many birds are there in our kingdom?” 

The advisor answered immediately that there are twenty-eight thousand birds in the kingdom. 

The king was surprised by his answer and asked, “What if there are more birds?” The advisor replied that maybe a few birds from other kingdoms visit our kingdom. 

When asked what if there are a lesser number of birds, the advisor replied birds from our kingdom are visiting other kingdoms too. 

The king enjoyed the clever answers of his advisor.

Moral of this short story:

You will find a solution to every question if you think in a simple way.

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2. The Cotton Crop

In a village, there used to live a farmer named Raju, who worked hard to cultivate his crops and lead his family. Every other farmer would receive good benefits from their crops as they used to grow the crops that do not take much time to grow. 

Raju cultivated cotton crops and believed in his hard work to look after their growth. After 6 to 8 months, the cotton crops were fully grown. There was more demand for cotton during that time. 

A cotton textile manager bought all the cotton from Raju and paid a huge amount to him. This way Raju earned profit and was successful in supporting his family.

Cotton Crop
Cotton Crop

Moral of this short story: 

Believe in yourself and work hard with dedication.

3. The Fox and its Forgiveness

One day, the fox while hunting found a squirrel that was hurt by an accident. The fox was so hungry and was ready to eat the squirrel. The squirrel requested not to kill him as he was already in pain. 

The fox refused and went closer to the squirrel. The squirrel requested that it was his only son’s birthday and he met with an accident while bringing food. The fox was not so cunning and let the squirrel go. 

Fox in short moral story

After a few months, the squirrel saw a bear getting closer to the fox while the fox was asleep. The squirrel immediately ran to the fox and helped him escape from the bear. The fox was saved by the squirrel and they became good friends.

Moral of this short story: 

Do not forget to help others when they are in need and they will help you when you need them. 

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4. The Talking Birds

Once upon a time, there lived two talking birds with their parents. One day when their parents were away, a villager who always had an eye on those special birds captured them and took them away. 

One of the birds escaped from the trap and searched for his parents. The Bird finally reached a hermitage where it was invited and had some food. He lived happily. 

A traveler once came across the other bird that was captured by the villager. He spoke very rudely to him. He was surprised to see a talking bird but was also upset with his behavior. 

The traveler visited the hermitage and recognized the similar talking bird but this bird spoke politely and invited him to stay there.

Bird talking drawing
Talking Bird

Moral of this short story: 

Staying in a good company gives us good behavior. Bad company affects our behavior negatively. 

5. The Two Men

There was a narrow bridge that had to be crossed to reach the other village for goods.

Two village separate by river
Two Village

One day, a cobbler and a farmer were on each side of the bridge. 

The cobbler said, “I will walk first and you walk next”

The farmer fought back saying that he will walk first and asked the cobbler to wait. 

The two men who argued for a long time in disagreement finally started walking on the bridge. The bridge cracked due to overload and eventually broke. 

The two men fell into the river and were carried away along the waves of the river. Both the men could have crossed the bridge with understanding but their disagreement has caused loss to both.

Moral of this short story: 

We should understand and adjust to each other.

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6. The Mischievous Boy

There was a little boy who visited a shop every day but did not buy anything. The shopkeeper gave him a toffee every day even though he knew that the boy had no money. 

Super market
Super Market

One day, the boy stole a few toffees when the shopkeeper was not looking. 

The shopkeeper while closing the shop remembered that he did not see the mischievous boy that today. 

The boy felt good as he took the toffees without telling the shopkeeper. He ate the toffees and went to sleep. 

The next day he wanted to go to the shop just like he visited every day but he was scared that the shopkeeper would find out. He felt guilty and confessed his mistake.

Moral of this short story: 

It is not right to take another’s property without telling them. 

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7. An Ideal student

In a school, every year the committee conducted the best student award. Every student tried their best to impress the managing team of the committee to select them for the school’s best student award. 

Ajay was not interested in winning the best student award, but he was an ideal student that the school admired. He used to go to school on time and reach home on time. He completed his homework and was always on the merit list. 

He maintained his records in other curriculum activities as well. He was selected for the best student award as he maintained discipline and respected everyone.

Moral of this short story: 

Discipline is the first principle to achieve anything in life.

8. The Lion family

A Lion family lived happily in a jungle. There were two cubs in the family. The elder one was always careless of the younger cub. The mother lion always said positive words to the elder cub about family and the jungle. One day, a hunter killed both the parent lions. The younger cub cried and did not know how to talk to his elder brother. 

Lion and family
Lion and family

The elder one remembered his mother’s words that he ignored and took the responsibility to look after his younger brother and the jungle. From then, the elder one supported the younger cub and took care of him. Both the brothers lived happily and ruled the jungle.

Moral of this short story: 

We need to take care of our younger ones and take responsibility for our parents.

9. An old woman and the family

In a city, there lived a family with two children. The father’s mother was too old to be taken care of. She was a widow and lived alone in the village. The father brought her to the city and took care of her living. While the father and mother were away his kids mistreated the old woman and asked her to leave. 

Old Woman
Old Woman

The old woman never complained to her son even though it happened every day. One day, the father found out that they have been treating his mother in a bad way. The father punished the children and explained to them the value of elders. 

He taught the children that like he’s their father, the old woman is his mother and she worked hard to give him a good life. Therefore, they should respect elders and behave nicely with old people.

Moral of this short story: 

We need to respect our parents and elders. 

10. The Landlord

In a village, the landlord used to lend money for the poor farmers to cultivate the crops. He used to occupy the lands of the farmers if they could not pay the debt in time. 


The landlord was crooked and cunning. He added more interest to the money and manipulated the illiterate farmers. He occupied the lands of all the farmers even though they paid the amount borrowed. 

One day, a schoolgirl found a book of money calculations near the landlord’s house. She found many mistakes in the calculations. She went to the sarpanch and explained the problem. The landlord was punished and everyone received their own lands.

Moral of this short story: 

We should do justice to everyone and be loyal to each other. How to strengthen your bonding with kids?

11. The Brass pot and earthen pot

Once a brass pot and an earthen pot got lost into a river. The river was flowing taking them along with it.

As they were moving along with the stream, the earthen pot requested the brass pot to stay away from it a little. The brass pot asked: why?

The earthen pot said I am weaker than you, if you touch me slightly too, I will crush into pieces. So please maintain distance.

Moral: We may be good, but staying in a powerful and bad company and friendship can harm us. So we should away stay away from friends and peopl who might harm us.

These 10-line short stories with moral, not only will bring a smile to your faces, but also teach you some important life lessons.

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