Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story in English


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story in English is a fairy tale which is very famous all over the world. Stories and tales have always been a source of information, motivation and lessons for all of us. These stories are basically bed-time stories.

In the olden days, it was a habit of every Indian child to listen to any good story before going to bed. Basically, it was the time when parents and grandparents could develop an unbreakable bond with their kids. 

Stories are the best way to communicate and pass on emotions, cultures, and traditions to the next generation. These stories are loaded with morals and lessons.

Uncountable stories like The Rabbit and the tortoise, The Elephant and the ant, The Crow and the swan and the Crocodile and a monkey are available which teach kids to respect nature and animals along with key advice.

Many elements are featured in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs like the poisoned apple, the magic mirror, and the glass coffin. Many unusual characters like the Evil Queen and the Seven Dwarfs are available in this story.

In 1937, a film was released based on this story and its name was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This film was originated by Walt Disney.


The story starts with a queen. There was a queen who used to sit and sew at an open window during snowfall in winters. When she pricked her finger with the needle, three drops of her blood dropped onto the freshly fallen white snow on the black windowsill. 

Then she said to herself, “I wish I had a daughter whose skin is white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as a black as ebony.”

After a few months of this incident, she gave birth to a beautiful and charming baby girl and named her Snow White. She said to herself, “My girl is as white as snow so I should name her Snow White.”

But the mother died after some time and the father of Snow White remarried a beautiful woman. But she was a wicked woman who practiced evil things with witchcraft. She was envied of Snow White due to her fairness. She hated Snow White and this hatred increased gradually with time.

Now, the princess Snow White lived in a beautiful castle with her father, who was the King and her stepmother, the Queen.

Her father always used to say to her, “Always be fair to the people who come to the castle when they have a problem. Being fair is the most beautiful thing in the world”.

Snow White replied, “Yes father!!!!! I will always try to help everyone.”

The stepmother of Snow White was envied by her. The Queen had a magical mirror. She always used to ask the magical mirror, “Oh mirror on the wall!!!! Tell me. Who is the fairest one of all?” Then the mirror responded that the Queen is the fairest of all. 

It was believed that the magic mirror never lied so the Queen was very happy with the magic mirror. But when Snow White was seven, she surpassed the fairness of her stepmother. 

Now when the Queen used to ask the mirror this question of fairness “Princess Snow White is the fairest of all.” replied the magic mirror. To that, the Queen yelled, “I am the fairest!!”

The magic mirror repeated, “Princess Snow White is the fairest of all.” The Queen said in aggression, “How can you say that?? You are just a mirror.”

snow white

After this conversation, The Queen was panicking and bothered about the fairness of Snow White. So she thought of ideas to get rid of her for once and for all.

She announced that she could not wait even for a day. Therefore, she called all her servants and a huntsman. 

“All of you go and search for a reason to take Snow White deep into the forests.” stated and then pointed towards a servant and ordered him to kill her.

She ordered the huntsman, “Kill her and return with her heart.” She believed that consuming Snow White’s heart would make her immortal and the fairest one.

So as per the order from the Queen, the huntsman took Snow White into the woods. He raised his dagger, but then he was unable to kill her. 

Snow White guessed the evil plan of her stepmother and pleaded with the huntsman, “Please let me go. I will run away and never come back!!!!” Seeing this, the huntsman agreed to spare Snow White. 

He brought the heart of a wild animal as a heart of Snow White and presented that to the Queen. After seeing that, the Queen responded, “I am very happy today.”

Snow White wandered through the woods for hours and hours. Deeper and deeper she ran into the woods. It was very dark. The wolves were howling. There were many tall trees which seemed to reach down to grasp her.

She was frightened and bleeding. Then she discovered a small and cute cottage. This cottage was very untidy and everything over there was very small. There were seven small beds, small windows, small doors and small tables. It took no time for her to understand that the cottage belonged to a group of seven dwarfs.

When Snow White arrived at that cottage, no one was available. She asked, “Is there anyone in here?” But she didn’t receive any response, so she ate their meals, drank some of their wine. 

Then she started testing in all the beds to explore the most comfortable one to sleep. She started to clean the house and thought to herself, “If I clean the cottage properly, I can stay here and earn some money as well.” She started cleaning the mess and thought about the prince.

The prince and she started to know each other as they liked each other a lot. They promised each other, “We will never leave each other. We will always be together.”

Sometimes, they took long walks in the noble gardens of the kingdom. But Snow White’s stepmother did not like him and stopped his visit to the palace.

Snow White thought to herself, “Now I am out of my palace and cannot return, can I be able to meet my prince again”

Thinking about all those things, she completed the cleaning of the cottage and then fell asleep.

A few moments later, the dwarfs returned home from their work. They worked somewhere in the mountains. They immediately sensed the presence of someone else.


The dwarfs murmured among themselves, “Someone has barged into our house as everything is clean and in proper order. Someone has definitely cleaned our cottage” Some of them said, “Is this a kind of magic?” Other one replied, “I would love this type of magic every day.”

Another dwarf suggested, “Shouldn’t we check upstairs?” Consenting to his suggestion, they headed towards the stairs and saw Snow White sleeping on their bed. 

seven dwarfs

They asked Snow White, “Who are you, lady?” She was woken up and was perplexed. She told them the whole story of her stepmother and her evil plans towards her. She told them, “My stepmom tried to kill me so I ran away and came here.” 

The dwarfs were very touched with all these and allowed her to stay with them in exchange for a job as a maid. She agreed and asked their names. 

One of the dwarfs replied, “Hello Snow White!!! Our names are Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy.”

They alarmed her, “Stay with us but be careful when you are alone at home, do not let anyone in when we are not around.”

Snow White replied to the seven dwarfs, “Thank you so much for letting me stay here. That’s very sweet of you.” 

They started living happily with each other. They used to sing and dance together to celebrate their friendship.

After ten years, Snow White turned into a beautiful and sweet young girl. Meanwhile, the stepmother again asked the magic mirror, “The magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” 

The magic mirror responded, “Princess Snow White is the fairest of all and right now she is living with dwarfs.” The Queen could not believe her ears and decided to visit the cottage of dwarfs.

The Queen said to herself, “This is it. Now I will finish her once and for all and that too by myself.”

She disguised as an old peddler and offered Snow White a very beautiful and colorful silky laced bodice as a gift. Snow White liked the gift but the Queen laced her up very tightly. Eventually, she fainted.

Thank God, the dwarfs returned in time and unlaced her. Finally, she revived and escaped this danger. After that, the Queen disguised herself as a comb seller and asked Snow White, “Please accept this comb and use it on your hair. It will make your silky hair more beautiful” 

The comb was poisoned so when she used that on her hair, she fainted. The dwarfs came and rescued her again.

Finally, the stepmother dressed as a wife of a farmer and said to Snow White, “Taste this apple. It is the sweetest apple.”

snow white and apple

At first, Snow White was hesitated and asked, “Who’s there?” because she was remembering the warning of dwarfs. The Queen disguised as the farmer’s wife replied, “A poor woman selling apples.”

The Queen said, “Can you please let me in? It’s raining outside.” Snow White allowed her to come in. After this, the Queen showed her a basket full of apples and asked her, “Do you want an apple?”

 And then the Queen cut the apple into two halves. Snow White said, “I want to have one but I don’t have a penny.”

The Queen said, “You can take it in exchange for your comb.” Snow White was very happy and gave her a comb without any hesitation. 

The Queen ate the harmless half and presented the poisoned half to Snow White. She had a bite of a poisoned apple and fell into a coma or deep sleep causing the Queen to think that she was dead.

The Queen screamed in happiness, “Wow!!! Finally, she died. Now the magic mirror will always say that I am the fairest of all.”

The dwarfs came and saw Snow White lying on the floor. It took no time for them to understand that it was done by her evil stepmother. They tried to catch her and gave her a good lesson, but she vanished in the mountains.

They also thought to themselves, “Alas, Our Snow White has died” She was still and in deep sleep due to the poisonous apple. They put her in a glass casket as a funeral.

After some days, while a prince came for hunting, he saw the glass casket of seemingly dead Snow White. He knew that she was missing from her palace so he was searching for her.

He exclaimed in grief to himself, “After so many days I find her and that too in this situation!!!”

The seven dwarfs narrated the complete story of Snow White to the prince. He was very sad.

He took her hand in his own hand and kissed her. After kissing, Snow White came into her senses. 

It is believed that with the kiss of the prince, the Queen’s spell vanished. Snow White said to the prince, “You come for me, my Prince, to take me with you!! I was waiting for you for so long.”

After this, Snow White and the prince bided the seven dwarfs and left for the kingdom of the prince.

And Stay Happily Ever After!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with prince


As we know that bedtime stories have always been a source of morals and motivation for all of us. So, many moral values are associated with the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as well. Here are some moral values which we can derive from this story:

  • We should always be fair to each and every one. As Snow White’s father always used to say that we should be fair no matter what. As they say, “Being fair is the most beautiful thing in the world.”
  • A person should not be proud of his/her physical appearance. Snow White was very beautiful still she used to behave politely and gently.
  • We should never be jealous of anyone. Jealousy is a sign of weakness. Instead of being jealous of someone or something, we should try to bring a positive attitude and changes towards ourselves. Jealousy always leads to destruction. Snow White’s stepmother was jealous and in the end, she was left with nothing.
  • We should always be friends with everyone. Friendship should be irrespective of race, religion, gender, age, or appearance. Snow White was so pretty and she was friends with the seven dwarfs. This shows the pure essence of friendship.
  • Always have trust in yourself no matter how bad the circumstances are. Snow White suffered from many ill happenings but she never gave up.
  • Good always wins over evil. The evil can be mightier at first but in the end, it gets weaker and finally ends. Snow White’s stepmother was full of evil practices but in the end, she disappeared out of nowhere.
  • Always rely on destiny. Life is full of ups and downs. We should always try to be calm and tackle the situation. Life can be a monster to us but destiny always finds its way. Always remember, whatever happens, it happens for the good. Snow White’s life was full of ups and downs and at the end, she managed to recover herself from all the problems.
  • Have faith in God. God leads our way. When everything ends, the doors of God will be opened.

If you believe God, he will never leave you alone.

  • Nothing comes free. Snow White was allowed to stay with the seven dwarfs in exchange for doing their household works. Fairness should always be maintained. 

Origin of the Story

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story is a German fairy tale which originated in the 19th century. A first edition of the book named Grimm’s Fairy Tales was published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm. 

The Snow White is another name of the Grimm story and this story is different from the story of Snow White and Rose Red. This is another story in the collection of Brother Grimm.

The features and characters like the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin and the evil stepmother and the seven dwarfs were introduced to make the story more interesting and enthusiastic. 

The cutest characters of this story, the seven dwarfs, were given different names in the play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which was played in 1912. The names of the seven dwarfs were again renamed in the 1937 movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, made by Walt Disney.

There were many stories related to Snow White which were collected by Brothers Grimm and they should not be confused with each other. 

Many changes have been made in the story of Snow White and the Seven dwarfs with time and occasion. This story originated in Germany but with time it travelled all across the world to reach India through the mouth to mouth narration.

Application in real life

We have already seen many moral values which can be obtained from this story of Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. These morals will be helpful only if we apply them in our daily lives. One by one, we can see how these lessons can amplify us as a human.

  • As Snow White’s heart was very pure and crystal clear, we should all try to maintain that purity in our hearts for everyone.
  • Always be friendly and warm to all species of life. We should not try to let down anyone. There’s a Sanskrit shloka related to this:

जीवेषु करुणा चापि मैत्री तेषु विधीयताम्

Meaning: – Be compassionate and friendly to all living beings.​

  • Always believe in yourself as Snow White did. She was humiliated by her stepmother again and again but she never failed to trust herself. A Sanskrit shloka related to this:

सर्वं परवशं दुःखं सर्वमात्मवशं सुखम्।
एतद् विद्यात् समासेन लक्षणं सुखदुःखयोः॥

Meaning: – Everything that is in other’s control is painful. All that is in self-control is happiness. This is the definition of happiness and pain in short.​

  • Always listen to your parents and elders. Snow White was alarmed by the seven dwarfs not to open the door to anyone in their absence but she opened the door and had to go through so much. A single wrong step can destroy everything. A Sanskrit shloka related to this:

आरोप्यते शिला शैले यथा यत्नेन भूयसा।
निपात्यते सुखेनाधस्तथात्मा गुणदोषयोः॥

Meaning: – Hauling a rock to the top of the hill is incredibly difficult. But pushing it down is very easy.
Similarly, one rises with good qualities but falls quickly due to a single misdeed.​

  • Friendship should not be bound by any constraints. We should always try to maintain the friendship as the seven dwarfs were always with Snow White no matter how conditions were. A Sanskrit shloka related to this:

विवादों धन सम्बन्धों याचना चाटी भाषणम्
आदानमग्रतः स्थानं मैत्रीभङ्गस्य हेतवः॥

Meaning:- Quarrel, financial relations, begging, excessive talking, borrowing,
and desire for competition – these are the reasons that break a friendship.​ 

  • As Snow White trusted and waited for the prince to search for her, we should always believe in our destiny and wait for miracles. When logic ends, the magic starts.
  • Our karma(deeds) should be good. Wealth, prosperity and physical appearance are secondary things. A Sanskrit shloka related to this:

धनानि भूमौ पशवश्च गोष्ठे भार्या गृहद्वारि जनः श्मशाने।
देहश्चितायां परलोकमार्गे कर्मानुगो गच्छति जीव एकः॥

Meaning: – Wealth remains on the earth, cattle in the cow-shed, wife inside the house, the relatives at the crematorium, and the body on the pyre, but on the way to the other world, it is one’s actions (Karma) that alone follows.​

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!