25 Cool Diwali Activities for Kids

Diwali activities for kids can turn the festive celebration into a memorable affair for both parents and their kids. You must have enjoyed Diwali when you were a kid. You want the same to happen for your kid too. 

Diwali is a festival where everything around glitters like gold – the golden lights from diyas and decorative candles, the golden ribbons adorning your home, and the gold jewelry is worn by the decked-up women. 

When the grown-ups are enjoying the Diwali celebration, why should the kids be left behind?

Here is an exhaustive list of activities for the kids to bring smiles to their faces and make this Diwali an unforgettable one.

Make them feel like responsible Adults

Kids observe adults around them; imbibe the attributes they like about them. When they feel you have entrusted them with activities that an adult would have done, they enjoy doing that most. Help them learn and share some festival responsibilities which are safe for kids to manage.

Let them make handmade diyas & candles

Let the kids come up with the best decoration plan with handmade candles. You need to give your kids some wax and sparkle glue to use. Impart the know-how of how to make diyas with paper. They will thoroughly enjoy the learning process. 

The diyas need to be filled with melted wax of various colors. Remind them of safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and other safety measures. Accidental pouring of hot wax on the skin of your kid, or on their hands and fingers will dull the celebration.

Tell A Tale Competition 

Interesting stories have always attracted kids. If you know which story, the kids will enjoy listening to, let them prepare a play and present it on Diwali eve. It will excite kids to know if you take part in it on and off. You will enjoy the activity more than them when you see them prepare and execute it.

Teach Cooking and Culinary Art

Especially adolescent girl children would be thrilled to learn a unique recipe. Engage and ask them to prepare a delicious sweet dish for everyone to be served in the evening.

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The Evergreen Rangoli loved in every household

Along with kids, even the adult girls would love to take part in the activity, which is also considered auspicious and an integral part of every Diwali decoration. Kids would enjoy adults’ participation and will be geared up to prepare an illustrative Rangoli art.

Happy Diwali

Personalised Festive Messages and Cards work like Magic

Your kids will need some paints and a bunch of color papers. Teach them how to make attractive greeting cards. Help them prepare some and distribute it among their friends and relatives whom they want to invite during the festival eve. Encourage kids to distribute in the neighborhood as an invitation to the Diwali party.

Add Japanese Fragrance into Indian Festivity

Japanese art is pretty simple. Kids will grasp it fast, as it is easy to learn. Show them how to cut, fold, and put it in a string of color papers and shape them into Diwali home decoration props, such as lanterns, flowers, and garlands.

 Avoid Hazardous Firecrackers 

Educate your kids to stay away from harmful and hazardous crackers. Tell them how to avoid firecrackers and go green. Accompany them to visit a firecracker factory and show them why a green Diwali is safer and more fun.

 Avoid Hazardous Firecrackers

3D Diya Paper Designed 

3D art is a fresh way to make decorative things. 3d design will encourage innovative thinking. They have the liberty to use several colors in 3D design. They need to make a string and hang it around the house for decoration.  

Create handicrafts and home décor with bangles 

Use bangles that are not used by the ladies. Your kids can use them to make bangle diyas. Glue bangles together. Fix a tea candle to watch the colorful lights decorate your walls. Kids will enjoy the show and love the fleeting color on the walls. Making it is a child’s play and a cakewalk. A nice great gift for loved ones! 

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Lanterns covered with paper cups 

It is easy to make decorative paper cups.  Add those cups to the lights at home. Do not hang the lights on your wall. Instead, attach paper cups to the lights. Kids can add their creativity here. It will add your kid’s personal touch. It will make your house look uniquely decorated as compared to the houses in the neighborhood. Your house will get a makeover during the festivity. Your kids will enjoy the paper cup-making process. 

Let them make Cracker Card 

Teach your kids about creating customized handmade cards with their personal touch of creativity. Your kids can easily prepare the cracker cards. Get your kids with color papers for making it vibrant and colorful. 

 Lantern for table decor 

Make a theme for this Diwali lantern and place it as table décor. Your kids would love to enhance the beauty of the house with table lanterns. You can inculcate the art of giving by telling them to gift these table lanterns. 

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 Dig into Dry Fruit Arts   

Buy ample dry fruits this Diwali season. Girls can make use of dry fruits and make indigenous jewelry using the wasted pasta covers. They can even make bracelets for women. They can make rings and innovative necklaces by stringing the dry fruit in a thread.

kids playing

Give space for Writers’ Desk 

Encourage the writer hidden in the kids. Tell them a poem or a story on Diwali. Figure out how well they have understood and then help the kids to write about Diwali. You can post the write-ups on the social media page and reward the best write-up. 

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Quiz Time

The festival gets merrier by setting up a quiz among the kids and their peers on the Indian festivals. And acknowledge the winner who knows the most. 

Stage a friendly competition

Form various groups. Place diyas in a series. Ask to light all the diyas with a candle. Count the maximum diyas lit and declare the winner.

Kids & Adults love playing popular games

Kids and even adults love playing the game. Diwali becomes enjoyable for kids if you conduct a musical chair game. Place the chairs in a circle. The count of chairs should be one less than the total number of participants in a session. The kids run along with a set of the arranged chair at the start of the music. Pause the music and everyone has to find a chair to sit in. Whoever cannot find a chair gets out. Keep reducing the chair after every out and continue to play until someone wins.

Dress as you like or on a theme competition

Every kid in India will dress up on Diwali eves. You can use color as the theme to include in the kid’s dress. Kids can choose any shade of color.

Let them make Holders for Diyas and candles

Candles are a must for celebrations during Diwali. Kids can make decorative candle holders adorn all around the house.

Train them to make Safe Green Firecrackers

Firecrackers smoke is hazardous for kids. It creates unwanted noise. We can make firecrackers noise-free. Teach the kids the art of making noise-free firecrackers for them.

Easy Milk Sweets

Engage kids in the sweet-making activity. This is an easy recipe but ensure that adults cook while kids distribute the sweets.

Rangoli decorations at home

During Diwali, every home has a bright, lavish Rangoli at the entrance, right in front of the homes. Your kid can get the ingredients for drawing the Rangoli.

Intrigue their curiosity about Diwali

Tell the story about Diwali to your kids and friends. Answer all their questions about Diwali and illustrate your story in a pictorial format, like a cinema using the little coloring book. Tell them about Diwali and distribute copies of your story to the other kids in your family and encourage all of them to read together!


Crafting of Edible Diya Designs

Although the dough diyas are not edible, they look nice. Ask the kids to get the dough diyas arranged on crackers of whole-wheat by using cheese to ‘glue’.

Color paper flame craft

Diwali uses candles, diyas, and firecrackers. Instead of using these, you can make your color paper flame which is relatively safe and very easy to do. All you need is color paper.

Glitter Cards

It is common in Diwali to exchange cards. These are handmade cards but they are precious as they express your love. Kids can easily make their own cards to exchange with their friends that are beautiful and can be made using very basic supplies.


Diwali celebrations have lots of excitement for the kids, but ensure their safety while kids enjoy the fun. You need to give simple instructions and they will follow them to the tee before going out. These projects above are difficult but some tweaks can make them easy to implement. You can infuse fun in the kids while we leave you with our best wishes for an exceptional festival time for you with friends and family.