80+ Topics for Speech in English For Children

Speech topics for children should be thought-provoking. The topic for speech should let the creative young minds think beyond the box. When choosing the right speech topic, children will be able to discover many aspects beyond their routine life. This will let them see what is happening around the world and how they can change the world for the better. Here is a compilation of speech topics for children on various subjects.

How to choose speech topics for children?

Before choosing a topic for speech for children, there are some factors to be taken into consideration:

Age of the children: Topics for speech should match the mental and cognitive ability of children. Primary school children would need a different set of speech topics compared to higher school children. 

Relevance: The topics for children’s speech should be relevant to their lives and immediate surroundings. Only then, children will be able to appreciate the topic and involve in it. 

Contemporariness: Speech topics for children should reflect contemporary challenges. They should be such that children try to solve the current problems and build a happier future for the next generations.

Creativity: Topics for children’s speech should be creative. They should leave ample scope for children to come up with creative solutions. Always choose loose-end topics for children’s speeches instead of dead-end ones.

Scope: Children’s speech topics should leave enough scope for research. Children should be able to collect facts, statistics, news, and other supporting data for preparing their speech.

Persuasiveness: Speech topics should be persuasive enough. The audience must be able to connect with them. Children should be able to churn their speech such that they can influence an audience and make them agree to their conclusions.  Top Leadership Qualities for Students

Here are some Topics for Speech in English For Children classified into various subjects.

Speech on special topics

Speech topics on Leaders and prominent personalities

  • Abdul Kalam Speech
  • Mahatma Gandhi speech
  • Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel speech
  • Narendra Modi speech
  • Swami Vivekananda Speech
  • Ambedkar Speech
  • Subash Chandrabose Speech
  • Alluri Sitaramaraju Speech
  • Kalpana Chawla Speech
  • Chatrapati Shivaji speech

Speech topics on Important Days

  • Republic Day speech
  • Red Cross Day speech
  • Independence Day speech
  • Blue Cross Day Speech
  • Mother’s Day Speech
  • Father’s Day speech
  • Women’s Day Speech
  • White Revolution in India speech
  • World Environment Day speech
  • World Water Day speech
  • World Vegetarian Day speech
  • Teacher’s Day Speech
  • Army Day speech
  • Navy Day speech
  • Sanskrit Diwas Speech/ World Sanskrit Day Speech 
  • Engineers Day Speech

Speech topics on Environment

  • Save Water speech: How to save water in daily life?
  • Reduce food wastage speech: How to reduce food wastage in functions and occasions?
  • Ban plastic speech: How to reduce plastic usage in daily life?
  • Save Earth speech: What can we do with plastic waste without harming the environment?
  • Speech on Disaster Management: How to develop effective alert systems to handle earthquakes?
  • Speech on Floods: What can be done to reduce flood impact in low-lying areas?
  • Speech on oceans: How to clean beaches cost-effectively?
  • Speech on Air pollution: How to increase the air quality quotient in cities?
  • Speech on green energy: What are the non-polluting alternatives for energy sources in remote areas and cities?
  • Speech on Space: How to reduce and tackle waste in space?
  • Speech on eWaste: How to reduce and handle electronic waste?
  • Speech on water: How to regulate water usage in colonies and towns?
  • Speech on Deforestation: How to increase the number of trees in cities?

Speech Topics on Social Issues

  • Speech on Girl Education: How to increase the girl education rate in remote areas?
  • Speech on Jobs: What can be done to increase the number of jobs in rural areas?
  • Speech on Save Girl Child: What are the measures to decrease the girl child death rate?
  • Speech on slums: How to educate and guide children in poor families and slums?
  • Speech on blood donation: How to create more awareness about blood donation?
  • Speech on heritage: How to stop people from damaging public property and heritage monuments?
  • Speech on culture: How to promote the greatness of Indian culture?
  • Speech on wildlife: How to protect endangered species?
  • Speech on tourism: How to promote tourism in India?
  • Speech on travel: I love to travel in ___ because….
  • Speech on Elections: How to increase the voting rate in elections?
  • Speech on fashion: How is fashion impacting our culture?
  • Speech on population: How to control population explosion?
  • Speech on population: Is the one-child policy good or bad?
  • Speech on children: How children can create a better future?

Speech topics on Festivals

Speech topics on health

  • How to spread awareness about vaccination for infants?
  • How to create more awareness about menstruation in remote areas?
  • What measures are to be taken for promoting mothers’ health in villages?

Speech about Children’s Thoughts

  • When I grow up speech: When I become big, I will become ___ and why?
  • I am a prime minister speech: If I were the Prime Minister, I would do___
  • If I am a health minister speech: If I were the Health Minister, I will help people as ____
  • If I am a principal speech: If I were the School Principal, I would do _____
  • Left in an island speech: If I am left on an island, I will ____
  • Mother’s Day speech: If I am a mother, I will ___
  • Superhero speech: If I were a superhero, I will ___
  • Father’s Day speech: If I am a father, I will ___
  • Siblings Day speech: I love my sibling because ____
  • Speech about school: I love my school because _____
  • Speech on Money: To what extent is money important in life?
  • Exams speech: Should exams be continued or is there an alternative?

Speech topics on Technology

  • Online classes vs classroom classes speech
  • Books or online courses speech
  • Impact of the Internet on Children speech
  • Cybersecurity speech
  • How to reduce radiation in our daily life?
  • Digital India

Tips for an effective speech

A good speech should start with a thought-provoking question about the topic. It should contain a good flow with the following aspects:

Introduction: Create a compelling introduction about the topic. Take the audience into the subject by asking them questions. 

Body of the speech: Talk about the topic. Cover the topic from the international and national viewpoint. Explain how the problem is prevalent in various countries along with supportive facts, statistics, etc.

Quotes: Add quotes on the topic from prominent personalities. This will enable you to persuade the audience better.

Solution: Give solutions to how to solve the problem in the topic. Explain various practical and easy-to-implement methods to solve the issue in the discussion.

Conclusion: Give a call to action to the audience. Encourage them to implement your ideas in daily life. Welcome them to ask doubts and raise queries and be open for discussion. Battle of Chandawar Essay

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How to prepare for a speech?

Some children will have stage nervousness. Some other times, it may be your first time in a speech giving. In some other cases, children will be confused about how to prepare for the speech so that they can persuade the audience.

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Here are some tips to prepare for the speech and deliver it effectively:

Observe the latest happenings: Watch the news and read newspapers. Research only trusted and verified sources of information such as news channels and newspapers. Gather points from them.

Read books: Published and reputed books are trusted sources of information on any subject. Read prominent books on your speech topic. For better research, read multiple books instead of only one.

Prepare the first draft and then polish it: Collect the points from various sources. Prepare your first draft and then align them in a meaningful way. Then, prepare your final draft.

Read it aloud: Reading a topic aloud will help you to find out mistakes in it. Read the topic aloud and re-read it again. Give multiple readings aloud.

Practice in front of a mirror: Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Watch how well you are talking. Note if there are any breaks when you speak. Observe your body and hand movement along with facial expressions.

Eliminate unwanted words: We sometimes tend to use joining words such as ‘so’, ‘and’, ‘like’, ‘I mean’, etc. as a habit while talking. Watch your speech when you are talking in front of a mirror and eliminate such unwanted connecting words. Repeat the practice till you master your speech.

Watch others’ speeches: Listen or watch other speeches. You can refer to TED talks or prominent personalities on their Youtube channels or in the news. Watch their body language and how they are talking. 

Make a trial speech: Once you gain confidence, give a trial speech before your family members or friends and take their feedback. Work on improving your speech delivery based on their feedback.

We hope these suggestions will help you in preparing and acing your speech. All the best.

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