Why is Mother Important in our Life? Mother’s Day Essay

Mother is essential for every one of us. The love and care that a mother displays towards her child cannot be replaced by anyone. Children who grow up getting enough love from their mothers grow up into good and responsible individuals in their life. 

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a day that celebrates motherhood and its greatness. It reminds us we should respect our mother for all the sacrifices and hardships she endures for us. 

The celebration of Mother’s Day is an idea of an English Woman Anna Jarvis. She built a memorial for her mother who believed that every mother deserves recognition. She also wished that governments declare this great day a holiday as a tribute to mothers across the world. Thus, today’s Mother’s Day is a holiday in many countries. 

People celebrate this day by spending time with their mothers and gifting and having fun with the family.

Happy mother's day
Happy mother’s day

Mother’s Day date 2024

Some countries celebrate Mother’s Day in March, while some celebrate in May. In India, the celebration is on the second Sunday of May. The Mother’s Day date in 2024 is May 12th. 

Mother’s Day essay for children

Mother is an important creation on Earth. Without her, no one can live happily. She spends every minute of her life for the sake of her children. She protects and nurtures them to grow them into respectable individuals.

Our mothers do many things from morning to night endlessly and tirelessly. She cooks for us, and gets us ready for school. She prepares our favorite dishes to eat for lunch and when we return from school. She cares about our health and even does not sleep when we fall sick. She prays to God that we turn healthy again. For this, she will do anything. 

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Mothers also sacrifice many interests to take care of their children. Some mothers give up jobs to spend time with their children. Some other working mothers juggle between work and home, giving enough time and energy for kids. All these they do with love. In the mother’s actions, we cannot find any bad remarks. Whatever she does, is for the benefit of her children only.

Girl with Mother
Girl with Mother

A mother can work hard for her children’s future to any level. She wants them to grow into good people with good education, health, and character. She will spend sleepless nights encouraging them during exams or sports competitions, etc.

She can fight the world for this. She wants us to stay clean and become respectable people. She arranges all the things for us even before we ask. We are indebted to our mother in many ways. All that a mother needs are her children’s love and happiness. As we grow up, we should recognize how hard our mother is working for us and try to help her with household things and other work. 

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Gods are also children of Mothers

Lord Rama is a beloved son of Kausalya Maata. She loved him immensely. Lord Rama was also loved very much by his stepmothers Sumitra and Kaikeyi. This says that step-mothers are also equal to their own mothers and we should respect and listen to them.

Lord Krishna grows up at Yashoda mata even though he was not born to her. Yashoda Mata loved Krishna very much every moment. She always believed her son was the best child in the universe. When little Krishna steals curd and butter from neighboring homes, she gets complaints from other women of Gokulam. But she supports her son and sends the woman away saying her son is a good child.

In another instance, when little Krishna tries to annoy her, she gives her punishment by tying her to a big stone mortar. Thus, even if a mother punishes it is for the betterment of her child only.

Lava and Kusa loved their mother Sita Mata very much. Though Sita Mata was left in a forest when she was pregnant with Lava and Kusa, she raised them bravely and turned them into good warriors. Such is the power of a mother. She can fight anything and do endless brave actions for her children.

Lord Ganesha is a loved child of Parvati Mata. Similarly, Shanmukha or Subramanya is also greatly loved by Parvati Devi.

Thus, these instances teach us that even Gods respect and listen to their mothers. It is their mother’s love that turned them into respectable people.

A woman can be a mother even without giving birth to a child. Many women adopt children or take care of motherless children in orphanages with great love. They are all mothers only. Similarly, many of us would have spent our childhood with grandmothers or grown up under their care. They are also more than our mother. Mother’s Day is a great day to express our love to such women in our life. Battle of Chandawar Essay

Role of a Mother in a Child’s Life

For a child, a mother is everything. It is her role that determines how well a child grows.

A mother is the first friend of her child. Children share everything with their mothers. She will listen to them patiently and give solutions with ease. Anytime we are stuck in life, we should remember to take advice from our mothers. They are the only persons on this earth who know our strengths and weaknesses and can love us endlessly.

In childhood, kids spend more time with their mothers only. Even for working mothers, governments and offices are increasingly giving maternity leave so that they will take care of their children happily. For a mother, her child is the most beautiful in the world.

A mother is an inspiration for most of us. She recognizes our talents before the world does. She encourages us to pursue our passion to turn successful in life. She can bear many hardships for her child’s good future.

I love mom
I love mom

Mother is our go-to person when in times of need. We can cry on her shoulder and relieve our sadness. Her advice comforts us and offers a good solution to our problems. A mother is everything to a child. Children are the end products of how she carves them. She has the power to teach good habits and grow them beautifully. A mother should always be an ideal person to her children.

Also, every child should respect the wife of his teacher (Guru) as his mother. Similarly, the cow is a mother for all of us according to Vedas. The Earth that we live on is the Greatest Mother. Without Earth, we cannot live. Thus, we should protect the earth and do only Earth-friendly actions all the time.

How to celebrate Mother’s Day? 

  • To celebrate Mother’s Day, spend more time with your mother.
  • Take her to a park and play games.
  • Help her in the kitchen and housework.
  • Take blessings from her by touching her feet.
  • Draw a cute “I love you mom” drawing or painting and surprise her.
  • Cook a small recipe for her and surprise her.
  • Decorate your home with colored paper and make her cut a cake as a celebration.
  • If you have some pocket money, buy a cute gift for your mom. You can buy a small plant from a nursery, or a greeting card too. You can even give her a cute rose or flower bunch.
  • Encourage your friends also to spend this day with their mothers.

Always remember to love and respect your mother. Never speak back to her. Whatever she says, she advises for your benefit only. Happy Mother’s Day to you and be a good child to your mom!

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