The Fox and The Crow Story for Kids

Fox and The Crow Story is one of the famous moral stories for children. The story tells the most valuable moral to kids through engaging characters in a simple way. It is such a popular moral story for kids that almost every one of us might have heard of it since our childhood. If you are looking for telling a moral story to children, then this Fox and The Crow Story will make a great choice.

Fox and The Crow Story: 

Once upon a time, a cunning fox was living nearby a town. It was known for its cunningness and sweet words that could flatter anyone. 

One day while it was walking in search of food, the fox saw a crow sitting on a tree. The crow had a juicy piece of cheese in its beak. The fox’s mouth started watering at the very sight of the cheese.


The fox thought, “Why should I go in search of food somewhere else and waste my energy? Let me somehow grab the cheese piece from this innocent crow.”

Thinking this, the fox wished the crow, “Hi beautiful crow, Good Morning!

The crow did not respond as it knows that the fox is not so friendly in nature.

The fox thought, “I have to change my technique. The crow has to open its mouth somehow! Let me try once again.”

Thinking this the fox said, “Hey crow, you are looking so beautiful today. Look at your feathers how shining they are with the morning sun’s shine. You are looking gorgeous today!”

These words started convincing the crow. The crow thought, “Maybe I am beautiful, otherwise why will the fox praise me! This might not be as bad as I thought.”

With this thought, the crow’s face glowed and blushed with happiness.

The sly fox was observing this change. It was this moment the fox was waiting. It knows that by flattery anyone will forget the truth and do whatever is requested from them.

The fox continued, “Do you know crow? All the animals were talking about who could be the sweetest singer in the whole town here. I said you have the sweetest voice of all. You should prove that your voice is sweet. Come on, please make me happy with your sweetest voice by singing a melodious song.”

The crow is now utterly flattered! She thought, “Wow, how kind of this fox! It is talking about my greatness and sweet voice with all other animals. I must prove that my voice is the sweetest. Let me sing a melodious song and make this fox friend of mine happy.”

Thinking so, it opened its beak and started singing, “Caaaaaaaaaaa Wwwwwwwwwwww”.

At the very next moment, the piece of cheese fell from its beak to the ground. The fox which was waiting for this chance grabbed the cheese without any delay. 

The fox said, “Oh you foolish crow! You might have a beautiful voice. But your brains are empty. Hahahaha!”. The crow was astonished. It could do nothing but to watch in disappointment.

Saying this the fox walked away happily with the cheese. The crow learned its lesson that flattery brings one’s downfall.

Origin of The Fox and The Crow Story for Kids

This famous moral story for kids in English has its roots in Aesop’s Fables. A collection of moral stories that are in simple and plain language, Aesop’s fables are very well known for their morals. They are equally liked by the young and the old for their deeper meaning in simple words.

Moral of The Fox and The Crow Story for Kids

Flattery brings one’s fall. One should never believe someone who is praising us for no reason. Particularly, we must be careful with strangers who do not know much about us but start praising us for no reason. 

By listening to flattery, we will forget the reality. That is the ill-power of flattery. Many people around us try to please us and butter us for their works to be done.

There is a verse in Sanskrit about flattery:

उष्ट्राणां विवाहेषु गीतं गायन्ति गर्दभाः |

परस्परं प्रशंसन्ति अहो रूपम् अहो ध्वनिः ||


At the weddings of camels, the donkeys sing songs.

 They praise one another ” What beauty!” and the camels saying “What a melodious voice!”

We all know how the voice of camels and donkeys sound. But they praise each other to just get the work done.

There is a proverb in Hindi that says, “अति विनयम धरोष्ठ लक्षमणम्”. This means whoever is too obedient or flattering us, are always dangerous to us. 

Application of this moral in real life:

Feedback and criticism may sound harsh but actually will help in our growth. For example, your parents, and teachers might say that you should change your habits or stop your bad habits. They may sound harsh, but they help you to grow into a good individual.

On the other hand, your bad friends might try to flatter you and take advantage of you. This you will realize only after the harm is done. So, remember. While flattery and praise may sound like honey, they bring our downfall very soon. 

So, children always remember this. This is moral that The Fox and The Crow Story For Kids teaches us. 

Why should you tell moral stories for children?

Kids love listening to stories. It helps them visualise the scenes and the narrations. By telling them a story, parents can boost their creativity when compared to showing them movies or handing them digital devices.

Moral stories are also a great way to strengthen the bond with kids. When you tell stories, they pay attention and listen to you with intense respect. This implies to them mom or dad knows many things and we should listen to them always. 

Thus, please cultivate this habit of telling stories to children whenever you find the time. It may be while you are travelling or during bed time or any time you feel like engaging your children in something that will help them lifelong. Please explore our other range of moral stories for kids in English too. Happy reading!