Top Story Books for Kids in English

Story Books for Kids are a fabulous way to immerse them in a different world. Books, especially storybooks for kids, teach many truths of life to kids in an easy and gripping way to the little minds. Gifting storybooks to kids for their birthdays and special occasions is a way to build their future. Storybooks also develop the reading, grasping, analyzing, and visualizing powers of kids. 

Benefits of storybooks for kids

Unlike digital mediums like TV or video games and online videos, stories in the form of books and print help impart patience and visualization skills to children. They leave the aspect of visualizing the entire scene to the kids. On the other hand, videos and movies depict everything to their eyes leaving no space for imagination. Thus, books develop visualization in little minds in a fantastic way.

Storybooks for kids are also available at many levels of language. Ranging from the easiest wordings to the good vocabulary that a child needs, you can choose storybooks for kids depending on their age and grasping power. Reading storybooks develops their vocabulary. It also helps build their language and writing skills too.

If you are looking for storybooks for kids in English, here are some options from our side you should not miss. 

Sudha Murthy’s Grandma’s Bag of Stories

About the author: Mrs. Sudha Murthy needs no introduction for all those who are in touch with the corporate world and book reading. She is the co-founder of Infosys, the software giant based in India. She is also a world-renowned philanthropist who is working for the upliftment of the needy through various foundations under the Infosys brand. Her collection of stories is published under many titles and all of them are equally famous. 

Sudha Murty Book

About the book: This book Grandma’s Bag of Stories is a collection of stories. The backdrop of the stories is – a grandmother explaining stories to her grandchildren who listen to her with utmost fascination. Stories such as “How the seasons got their share” explains the importance of teamwork while “Kavery and the thief” tells how children can come out of a hard situation with wit and triumph. Read the scorpion and the frog story

Suited for: Children age 7 and above. 

Language: Simple English, easy to understand and little ones will enjoy it while you read to them.

Illustrations: Done very well and children can even color them too.

Book details:

Title: Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Author: Sudha Murty

ISBN: 978-0-143-33202-2

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Publishers: Puffin Publishers

Price: Rs. 199

Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers

About the author: An illustrator world-renowned for his heart touching and lively illustrations, Oliver Jeffers is undoubtedly a gifted artist of our times. His illustrations convey the story most simply and realistically. He has many reputed children’s storybooks in his name, and here we look at this particular book Lost and Found. Do try other books from his collection without fail.

About the book: The book Lost and Found is a story about a sweet little boy and a penguin. One day the boy finds a sole penguin outside his door. He tries to find anyone related to it but realizes that it might have lost its way. He searches for its native place and decides to drop it at his home at the pole. They set out on a long journey on a small boat and the boy finally drops the penguin in its native place. While returning to his home, he feels the emptiness caused by the penguin’s missing and wishes it were back. To his surprise, the penguin feels the same and already heads towards him. Then they both stay friends for life forever!

Suited for: Kids below 6 years.

Language: Suited for little kids and simple.

Illustrations: Lively and exemplary.

Book details: Originally published: 5 September 2005

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Page count: 32

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genres: Children’s literature, Picturebook

Gulliver’s Travels, by BPI India

About the Author: Gulliver’s travels is originally penned by Jonathan Swift in various series. The book is translated into many foreign languages and has many versions too. This particular book published by BPI India, known for its children’s publications is a not-to-miss addition for children’s storybooks in your home.

About the book: The book Gulliver’s travels by BPI India illustrates how a merchant named Gulliver spent his time on an island namely Lilliput. He reaches the island due to a shipwreck and faces many surprising events. How he reached there, what he faced on that land of Lilliput, and how he helped those people, and finally how he returned to his home is the story.

Suited for: Kids above 7 years to read on their own, below 6 years for narration.

Language: Suited for kids who can read on their own and simple.

Illustrations: Colorful, that children will love.

Book details: Publisher: S.Chand (G/L) & Company Ltd; first edition (1 March 2015)

Language: English

Paperback: 16 pages

ISBN-10: 8176935727

Feathered Friends, by Sarita DasGupta

About the Author: A Shillong, India based author and poet, Sarita Das Gupta did a fabulous way in penning down the stories for kids in English through Feathered Friends. 

About the Book: The book is about a group of birds in a forest. Each bird contains its talent and helps others in a way that enriches them. The story is simple and easily understood by children. It explains the importance of living together in harmony and helping each other in times of need.

Suited for: Children aged 7 and above.

Language: Needs narration for little kids and easy to understand for kids 8+ age.

Illustrations: Colorful and intriguing.

Book details: Publisher: Amazing Reads (30 June 2016)

Language: English

Paperback: 114 pages

ISBN-10: 9788192910970

365 Tales from Indian Mythology, by Kidest OM

About the Author: Kidest OM is a psychology student who writes famously on conscious creation. His attempt on bringing into light the moral tales from Indian mythology is a great one. The stories are well explained and children will get in touch with all the major stories of Indian epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata along with other folklore stories through this book.

About the book: This storybook for kids is a collection of Indian mythological stories that every child should know. With a humongous 365 tales, this book is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to introduce the morals of Indian mythology to children.

Suited for: 8+ aged children for reading and little kids need narration.

Language: Good and easy to comprehend.

Illustrations: Catchy and colorful.

Book Details: Publisher: Om Books (1 January 2006), New Delhi

Language: English

Hardcover: 232 pages

ISBN-10 : 9788187107460

The Best of Panchatantra, by Rungeen Singh

About the Author: Rungeen Singh is an Indian based writer known for her short stories and stories for kids in English. She has already published 45 children’s books and many are in the pipeline too.

About the Book: Panchatantra Tales are famous among stories for kids in English. This book is a collection of Panchatantra stories that go very well with both littles and grown-up ones. It covers many important stories from the original Panchatantra and is a go-to destination for anyone who wants to give a taste of Panchatantra stories to their kids.

Suited for: 8+ aged children for reading and little kids need narration.

Language: Simple and easy.

Illustrations: Catchy and kids can color them.

Book Details: Publisher: Young Learner Publications; 1st edition (25 April 2019); 

Language: English

Paperback: 160 pages

ISBN-10: 8189852485

Exam Warriors, by Shri Narendra Modi

About the Author: Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, pens his thoughts for children through this book. He explains how to prepare for exams without feeling the stress and many secrets children should know to lead a happy childhood.

About the book: Though this is not exactly a great fit into the Story Books for Kids in English genre, this book is a must have for every child. It teaches many life skills that kids and youth need to know, not only to win in exams but also to survive victoriously in life.

Suited for: 8+ aged children for reading.

Language: Suited for youth and children aged 8+ years for understanding.

Illustrations: Lively and colorful.

Book Details: Publisher: Penguin; Illustrated edition (15 January 2019)

Language:: English

Paperback: 208 pages

ISBN-10: 0143441507

How the Sea became salty, by Sudha Murthy

About the Author: Sudha Murthy is a great philanthropist and a renowned author, as we have seen just a little while ago.

About the book: This book How the Sea Became salty is another famous and not to miss storybooks for kids from Mrs. Sudha Murthy’s children’s books collection. The story is about a greedy brother and his wife, who keeps torturing his younger brother. When they come to know that he earned a lot of money and settled happily due to some secret, they try to steal it and end up at the bed of the ocean due to their greed.

Suited for: 8+ aged children for reading, and little kids need narration.

Language: Simple and easy to read and understand.

Illustrations: Catchy and narrative.

Book Details: Publisher: Puffin; Illustrated edition (3 July 2019)

Language:: English

Paperback: 40 pages

ISBN-10: 0143447041

365 Adventure Stories for Kids, by Om Books Team

About the Author: The team at Om books collected 365 adventure stories and made this compilation that serves its purpose very well. The stories are well-crafted and create a fascination for little minds.

About the book: This book is a compilation of stories, mainly of the adventure genre. The stories like The Dream Catcher and Catching the thief, and many more are really good. They tell many aspects of life to kids in a simple way.

Suited for: 8+ aged children for reading while little kids need narration.

Language: Simple and easy to read and understand.

Illustrations: Cute and colorful.

Book Details: Publisher: Om Books International New Delhi

Language: English

Hardcover: 236 pages

ISBN-10: 9384225320

The Blue Umbrella, by Ruskin Bond

About the Author: An Indian author of British descent, Ruskin Bond’s name is familiar to all those who read books. His services to the field of children’s storybooks in English are even recognized by the Government of India. He is a recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award and Padma Shri awardee too.

About the Book: The book Blue Umbrella is a story about a little girl Binya who falls in the charm of a beautiful blue umbrella that she sees at a stranger. How her life changed after she gained hold of the beautiful umbrella is what this book explains. 

Suited for: 8+ aged children for reading, and little kids need narration.

Language: It’s a novella; Simple, easy to read, and understand.

Illustrations: Cute and colorful.

Book Details: ASIN: 8171673406

Publisher: Rupa Publications; Latest Edition (7 January 1992)

Language: English

Paperback: 90 pages

Malgudi Adventures, by R. K Narayan

About the Author: Late Shri R. K Narayan’s Malgudi town tales are evergreen for all those who are in love with children’s stories in English. He has done an immense contribution to the field of English literature in stories for kids and lives forever in the Indian stories’ history.

About the Book: Malgudi is a fictional town created by RK Narayan and set in South India. This book is like a sequel to his first and blockbuster book Malgudi SchoolDays. The main characters in both books are Swami and his friends. They are children of school-going age and the books talk about various incidents of their lives in a lively manner. The books are so much hit that readers always yearned that the fictional town Malgudi should have existed for real! Both the books are not to be missed and form a must-read for every child of the next generation.

 Suited for: 10+ aged children for reading, and little kids need narration.

Language: It’s a novella; Simple, easy to read, and understand.

Illustrations: Cute and colorful.

Book Details: ASIN: 8171673406

Publisher: Rupa Publications; Latest Edition (7 January 1992)

Language: English

Paperback: 90 pages

Stay tuned to this page to know more interesting storybooks for kids in English. We will keep enriching our list every while!