Snake and Crow Story in English for Kids

The Snake and the Crow story is one of the most popular children stories in English among the Panchatantra series. In this Panchatantra moral story, we can learn how a wise idea can help in a tough situation.


A long time ago, there was one big tree in the outskirts of a kingdom. There lived a crow family in that tree happily. 

One day, a snake saw the crows living in that tree. He wanted to eat the crows’ eggs. So, he went near the tree and searched for a place where he could live. He found a hole at the bottom of the tree and started living there. 

The crows were not happy at the arrival of the snake. But they could do nothing as they have already built their nest on that tree. Ever since the snake crawled to the nest every day for eggs after the crows left in search of their food.

One day, one female crow laid eggs. Both the male and the female crows were happy as very soon a young crow would be joining their family.

After a while, both the crows went out in search of food. Watching the crows leave, the snake crawled up the tree and found the eggs in the nest. He immediately ate the crow’s eggs.

snake and eggs

After some time, the crow started back to their nest happily with their food. When the crows came back, they could not locate the eggs. They were deeply grieved as they lost their eggs. They could not realize how the eggs were gone.

After a few days, the female crows laid eggs again. But this time both the crows were afraid to go out leaving the eggs alone in the nest. So, they stayed there as long as they could to check if anyone was coming to their nest.

The snake noticed the crows were still in their nest and stayed in the hole waiting for the crows to leave. 

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After waiting for some time, the crows saw no one coming to their nest. So, they decided to go in search of food and come back to the nest early. As the crows left, the snake crawled up the tree and ate the crow’s eggs again. 

The crows were very upset as they did not find their eggs again. This time they realized that it would be the work of the big snake. But the crows couldn’t do anything as the snake was very big and stronger than them. 

The crows decided to meet their friend, a wise fox, for help. They started at the place of the wise fox. 

The fox welcomed his friends and said “Hello friends! I am very happy to see you both after a long time. But it seems like you both are very upset. What happened?”

The crows replied, “A big snake ate all our eggs while we were away from the nest. Please

help us to teach that snake a lesson”. The female crow narrated the whole story to the fox. 

After thinking for a while, the wise fox told the crows a brilliant plan. “The queen and other royal women go to the river every morning for a bath. They usually put their ornaments in a box before they go into the river. Two guards watch over those ornaments from a distance. So, you both go to the riverbank tomorrow morning and take those ornaments while the guards are watching and put them in the snake’s hole.”. Both the crows agreed to the plan.

The next morning, as per the plan, the crows flew to the river bank. The female crow slowly took the necklace which was in the box and flew off. While the male crow shrieked loudly to attract the guard’s attention. 

Noticing the crows taking away the necklace, the guards ran after them. Soon they reached the big tree. The female crow immediately dropped the necklace into the snake’s hole. 

As the guards were trying to take the necklace out from the hole with the stick, the big snake came out of the hole and hissed at the guards. The guards killed the snake with sticks thinking that the snake might bite them.

 They took the necklace and went away. The crows were happy as the snake got killed. They thanked the wise fox for his help. Thereafter the crow lived happily with their young ones in that big tree. 

Moral of the Snake and the Crow story

Intelligence is greater than strength. In this story, after the crows realized that the snake ate their eggs, they thought they were not strong enough to punish the snake as the snake was much stronger than them. 

But in the end, the crows were able to punish the snake with the help of the wise fox idea. Hence, Intelligence is always greater than strength.

We hope you enjoyed this crow and snake story. Please explore our other moral stories for children too. Happy reading!

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