30+ Trendy Names of Ganesha For Baby in Hindi

Ganesha is one cute little one of Maa Parvati. Being heralded as the Pratham Pujya (the One whom even Gods should worship before starting anything), Ganesha surely beats when it comes to ranking amongst Gods.

Ganesha is also bestowed with many fabulous features. With His little eyes, he teaches us to observe everything acutely. His big ears tell us that we should be patient listeners. He walks slowly yet confidently. He has the logic and the learned essence of the whole Vedas. He was so patient and respecting Gurus that he was chosen to write The Longest Epic Mahabharata as Guru Veda Vyasa narrated it. 

No wonder Ganesha has many unique qualities. If you have been looking to name your baby from the name of Ganesha, you made the right choice. We are sure he will have his blessings from the Ganesha himself.

Here we have a compilation of Ganesha names for babies in Hindi for your easier convenience. We hope this list of Ganesha names will help you in choosing that dream name for your newborn.

Aaradhya: आराध्या

Meaning: One who is loved by all. Doesn’t this Ganesha name sound like the perfect one for your little one whom you wish to be loved by all?

Achyut: अच्यूथ

Meaning: The one whom no one can defeat. This name indicates that the person with this name gains victory in everything and remains undefeatable.

Advaith: अद्वैत

Meaning: The ultimately real one. This word indicates that the person will be conscious of the ultimate reality of the world, which of course is everyone’s ultimate desire.

Amit: अमित

Meaning: Endless, boundless, immeasurable. This Ganesha name for baby looks stylish, evergreen, easy to call, and sound.

Ameya: अमेय

Meaning: Purest, not touched by any dirt. This name is simple, stylish, and has a very deep meaning too.

Anav: अनव

Meaning: Ocean, King, Rich, Generous, Kind, Humane, Starting, Beginning, Advancing. 

Simple name yet has so high values hidden in it. Suits perfectly for parents who love crisp yet powerful names for their babies.

Atharv: अथर्व

Meaning: The name of Atharva Veda; also means a person with good foresight and capable of taking up responsibility.

This name goes with the kids whose parents need these both qualities, don’t you think? 

Aneek: अनीक

Meaning: Fighter and knowledgeable. Short and stylish name of Ganesha for a baby with hidden power, isn’t it?

Avaneesh: अवनीश

Meaning: The ruler of the world. As Ganesha is the Pratham pujya, this name is apt for Ganesha.

Ayaan: अयान

Meaning: The gift of the God. 

Can any other name gel well with a gifted baby?

Benak: बेनाक

Meaning: Creative and responsible. 

This is one of the popular names of Ganesha that you can choose for your baby.

Ayaan: अयान

Meaning: Person who shows the right way. 

Ganesh leads us to success in everything if we pray to him before starting anything. This name comes with that meaning.

Devvrat: देवव्रत

Meaning: One who takes acceptances from Gods. 

Even Gods have to pray to Ganesha for their ventures to be successful. This Ganesha name signifies this importance.

Nandan: नंदन

Meaning: The word Nandan has many meanings. 

The first one being -the Son of our heart. The name Nandan also means celebrating, heartfully, enjoying person, etc.

Taksh: तक्ष 

Meaning: Raksha means “ a great champion.” Do you know this is one of the most trending names of Ganesha for a baby? Also, this is the name of the son of King Bharat.

Shuban : शुबन 

Meaning: One who brings all Good. 

Your baby is your fruit of dreams and a bringer of good luck into your lives, doesn’t this name sound apt for him?

Yogadip: योगदीप

Meaning: The God of Meditation

This name indicates the one with focus, concentration, and positive thoughts.

Kshipra: क्षिप्रा

Meaning: The word means a river. It is a popular name from among the names of Ganesha. Trendy, powerful, and a short name for your cute one.

Yashasvin: यशस्विन

Meaning: The one with glorious reputation and fame.

One of its kinds of names that you can give to your baby whom you want to grow into a famous and reputed person.

Havya: हव्य

Meaning: Son of Athri, Son of Manu, the great person who needs to be invoked (Ganesha)

This name originates from the sense that we invoke Ganesha during every prayer first for success.

Kshanay: क्षणाय

Meaning: Kshanany means one who is gifted without any flaw. A person with no flaws.

We all want our babies to be with no flaws. So why not start with this name that resonates the same?

Manomay: मनोमय

Meaning: One who pleases heart and fills with happiness and joy.

Your baby is lovely and fills your home and heart with joy. Manomay just sounds the same!

Kapil: कपिल

Meaning: The Supreme.

This is a name that comes from many Gods – Vishnu, Ganesha, and a great Sage.

Sumukh: सुमुख

Meaning: One with a beautiful face.

Parvati maa loves her son’s face very much. Hence the name Sumukh. Every mother loves her son’s face and finds it beautiful, any doubt?

Shriniketh: श्रीनिकेत

Meaning: Shri means Lakshmi (money, Shubh). Niketh means Abode (residence, home). Thus Shriniketh means a person with wealth and happiness.

Tarun: तरूण

Meaning: Tarun means young, ageless, youth.

A popular name for Boy from among Ganesha names. Easy to call, easy to spell, and a popular choice too.

Sajith: सजित

Meaning: One who wins truth.

This name reflects that the person will be the winner over truth and that good always stands with him.

Gunina: गुणीना

Meaning: A person with all good virtues.

This name comes from the fact that Ganesha is a holder of all good virtues – discipline, humility, respect towards elders, knowledge, success, etc.

Nimish: निमिष

Meaning: A person with pleasant and loving nature

Studies say that this name indicates the person has a pleasant nature and a calm mind.

Riddhesh: रिधेश

Meaning: Ganesha

A popular name for Hindus and Jains alike. Trendy and catchy one.