Top Interesting Facts About Boys Every Boy Should Know

Having a boy child is a lovely feeling in every household, and justifiably so. The general perception of boys is that they are polite and well-behaved. However, there are also many thoughts that are supported by research and by science. This article will outline facts about boys and why they make absolute sense.

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Fact #1: Don’t tell them what to do, but show them

Scientific research suggests that boys do not do well when parents show them what to do. Instead, boys like to learn from their own experiences. There is pride in learning on their own, and the sense of accomplishment that comes after is undeniable. 

Parents have a tough time dealing with this particular trait. As parents, protecting a child comes first and foremost. However, this becomes increasingly difficult as boys seek their own experiences. 

Fact #2: Boys get sick — a lot

This thought isn’t just another fact, but science supports this trait. Boys, when they are still in the womb, undergo specific changes that are different from girls. This trait leads them to have a fundamentally different genetic makeup. This behavior increases their tendency to get sick more often, develop low immunity to allergies and other diseases. Parents who have boys thus take care of them with extra care and delicacy. 

Fact #3: Boys are unquestionably better drivers 

We have all heard the saying that boys are better drivers and girls are better cooks. Thus, car crashes are more in women drivers, and kitchen mishaps occur when boys are cooking. Science says that boys have better motor skills since a young age and they are better drivers. These facts about boys are not very surprising when you consider the science behind them. Boys usually drive responsibly and cause fewer accidents. 


Fact #4: Boys may drop from school more than girls

We only need to look at the millionaire’s list to qualify these facts about boys. There are more men than women who drop off from school to pursue their passions. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are only a handful of them. It is not an understatement to say that their decisions to leave their studies and start their own companies changed the world. On the other hand, girls are far less likely to leave their current studies and make the jump to pursuing their dreams. They get there, but with the conventional path. 

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Fact #5: They age, mature, and change differently

According to science, girls mature quicker than boys. These facts about boys suggest that boys mature much differently than girls, and both do not have the same timeline of growth. Boys mature slower than girls, but they are not as indecisive as some girls might be. 

Fact #6: It is not hard to make boys angry

Boys have a short temper by nature. Those who have unlimited amounts of patience are rare to find and are outliers. These facts about boys are fundamentally different from everything else. When boys are angry, they do not look inward to deal with the problem with patience. 

Instead, they are angry and shout at whoever is with them to release that anger. In psychology, this behavior is called secondary emotions because the first emotion is to look inward and deal with it, and the second is to place the blame outside.

Fact #7: Boys are more loyal

Science and the history of humankind tell that boys are usually more loyal than girls. In movies and in real life, girls are more likely to dump their partners frequently than boys. 

These facts about boys are interesting yet surprising. When a researcher conducted a survey to explore why boys are more loyal, they found that most boys are happy with their current relationship. This contentment leads them to be more loyal. 

Fact #8: Boys fight more, but also apologize easily

Remember that quick temper? That mindset and behavior lead boys to fight more. Science says that this is why when push comes to shove, boys are more likely to get into a fight than girls. In fact, there are very few cases when the girls fought publicly on the streets. It is usually the boys.

There is also a positive side to these facts about boys. Boys fight easily but also apologize quickly. They are not the ones to hold any sort of grudge toward their fighting partner. This behavior is not common in girls because research says friendship is more likely to break in such cases.

Fact #9: Boys are not great cooks

These facts about boys go back to the old ages when women used to take care of the house and men used to step outside every day to earn a living. Even today, there are very few men who know how to cook. 

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There are few others who know it theoretically and have seen cooking videos. But when they actually enter a kitchen to cook, they are not great cooks. Only a handful of men are good cooks today. These facts about boys are surprising and yet interesting. Even in the modern era, humans think of cooking to be a feminine job. 

This reason leads many men to not enter the kitchen to even learn how to cook. Even during emergencies, boys would prefer ordering food from outside than cooking in their own home. 

Fact #10: When boys love, they love endlessly

This fact is similar to the above one about girls dumping boys more frequently than vice versa. Boys are more loyal and tend to stick to the end of their relationship than vice versa. It is usually more hard for them to fall in love, but when they do fall in love, they stick to it as long as possible.

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They go to all kinds of lengths to make sure their partner is happy and safe. However, sometimes they also go to great lengths that girls may sometimes see as stalking. 

Science says this is why there are more boys who are stalkers than who are girls. Some say that boys cannot take no for an answer and thus persist more than normal. 

Fact #11: Boys don’t go by face value

The first feature that boys look at may be the face of a girl, but when they fall in love, boys definitely go beyond the physical features. This is different from what girls do. Research suggests that boys tend to look at the girl’s mindset and maturity. More often than not, boys are impressed with a girl’s humor. Boys really do prefer girls who have more mind and maturity than fashion sense. This behavior suggests that boys look at more than girl’s looks and laughter. When they fall in love, they fall in love with the complete personality and nature of the girls

Fact #12: Boys are on their best behavior when they court their future partners

The definition of courting is that two future partners understand how vibe, whether their mindsets match and what the future prospects are. For the courting to be effective in the long term, both partners need to be honest with each other during the entire courtship. However, research suggests that boys are always on their best behavior when they are courting girls. This behavior often leads to false impressions and expectations, harming the long-term productivity of the relationship.

Fact #13: Boys do love sports

Boys love and thoroughly enjoy playing and coding video games such as counterstrike, call of duty, and others. Their natural liking toward these games comes from their nature as outgoing personalities who love to play rough games. Sometimes, there are also a few couples where both couples spend their time playing video games. So, this was a common activity for individuals in a relationship and a time to bond and relax. 

Fact #14: Boys want their partners to get along well with their parents

There is no doubt that feuds in the family strain a couple’s relationship. Boys want their partners to like and enjoy spending time with their family. They believe this leads to a happy and lasting relationship where both individuals are happy and content. Science suggests that boys do not like it if girls fight with their family because that often suggests the troubled nature that might lead to problems later on.

Fact #15: Boys are stubborn, more than they realize

Reaching out for help is not one of the boys’ strongest suits. They truly believe that they can tackle any problem head-on and they don’t need the help of others. This behavior prevents them from reaching out for help when they need it. It causes the problem to grow bigger and worse, and past the preventable stage. Boys are stubborn in handling things on their own but when they seek help, they realize that they needed it all along. 

These interesting facts about boys will surprise anyone, but they will surprise boys more because these are not the things that they think about every day. Science supports these facts, and the various traits of boys are funny, insightful, and interesting.